20 Creepy Pics That Are Sending Shivers Down Our Spines

It's kind of strange how much creepiness exists in the world. Like, not just things that are meant to be creepy, but mundane things that end up looking creepy, too.

This list might creep you out, too. After all, it's just a bunch of pics that are giving us some serious shivers down our spines right about now.

"Cleaning out my grandmother's house, she was a teacher in the '70s..."

I have to commend the kid (now adult) who drew this for their talent. Even if the picture itself is really creeping me out right now. I bet they got excused from class pretty quickly.

"A destroyed and emaciated home leftover from Hurricane Katrina."

There's something incredibly unsettling about this house that's been sitting abandoned and broken for years and years. It looks like something straight out of a horror movie. For real.

"Just a cat casually summoning demons."

As if black cats don't already have a bad rep for being unlucky, this one just had to go and start acting all demonic. Way to not dispel any of the rumors, kitty!

"This Telephone booth cemetery on the outskirts of London."

I always wondered what happened to decommissioned phone booths, and now I have an answer (at least, for the ones in London).

Why does it feel like each one of the booths has its own ghost?

"Proud mother of 100,000. My girlfriend won’t let me kill them, she says they help keep flies away."

Yeah, I think I'd rather have flies in my house than tens of thousands of baby spiders crawling around everywhere. But to each their own, I guess.

"Sweet dreams."

It looks like someone made a real life plush toy based on the character Huggy Wuggy, from the video game Poppy Playtime. It's bad enough seeing this horrifying blue monster chase you in game, but owning one in real life? No thanks.

"Box o' baby dolls for a Sunday school lesson on baptism."

On the plus side, it's just a box of toy babies, and not a box of actual babies. But I guess from a distance, this could really freak someone out. Especially at church.

"Footprints in the middle of my new house's deck, no tracks."

Ah yes, nothing like a pair of ghost footprints to welcome you to your new home. I'm sure there's a perfectly normal explanation for what's happening here, but let's face it. It's ghosts.

"This warning sticker at my laundromat."

This sign is absolutely terrifying, and the laundromat was right to use it. Dryer drums are literal death traps and not a fun place to hang around in, after all.

"My dog looks like a demon when he sleeps."

Why do dogs always do the thing? Why do they always sleep with their eyes partially closed (third eyelid, I know), and look demonic like that? They probably don't even know how much it creeps their humans out.

"Found out one of the outlets I never use shorted out while I was sleeping a few days ago. Now my bedroom, hallway and smoke detector don't have any power..."

Sure, ghosts and demons are spooky, but there's nothing more terrifying than finding out your house almost caught fire while you were sleeping. As scary as this is, at least a fire didn't actually start in this person's house.

"On an old unmanned platform in the Gulf of Mexico."

Yeah, the danger sign and all the rust on there that looks suspiciously like blood really make me want to stay at least 20 miles away from this thing. They should just push it into the ocean and be done with it.

"Barbie head decimated by my dog."

The way this Barbie's head was torn apart by a dog was bad enough, but then OP had to go and take a picture with this lighting. It's horrifying in the best way.

"Strange hut found in the San Bernardino Mountains."

See, if it weren't for the random triangle and square made of twigs at the base of the hut, this wouldn't look so creepy. But those shapes make this thing feel like it's part of some kind of Satanic ritual.

"My partner made a pie and didn't warn me. It was waiting for me in the fridge this morning."

There are some things I'll never understand. Certain slang terms the kids are saying these days. NFTs. And why people make pies that look like human heads, of course.

"Fallen trees in this bog."

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks trees that get stuck underwater look super creepy. No wonder people are always talking about lake monsters and stuff. Those trees might as well be monsters if you ask me.

"Macro closeup of some lichen."

This looks like monster skin. I know that lichen is a pretty normal part of nature, but it looks like monster skin, and that just isn't okay with me. Guess that's another thing to watch out for.

"My daughter was stand [*sic*] at the bathroom door and it looks like a movie poster."

Yeah, like a horror movie poster.

The Reddit comments under this post thought this pic looked a lot like the poster for The Human Centipede... and that just made me shudder.

"This 550 foot building with no windows in lower Manhattan, New York City."

There's something really intense and foreboding about this building. Probably the fact that it doesn't have any windows. Seriously, what's the point of a building with now windows at all!?

Apparently, it's a giant server building, but at least put fake windows.

"A normal chair."

Because there's nothing weirder than dressing up like a chair, just so you can blend in with it. The makeup artist who did this is pretty talented, but this is a very strange way to use that talent.

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