Reddit | chris-card

20 Unusual Pics That Left Us Weirded Out, But Smiling

Do you ever see something that raises your eyebrows, then look back at it and lower your eyebrows back down again?

Sometimes it takes that second glance for your brain to confirm that things are fine. Let's experience some of these weird sights.

"These sunglasses make the TV screens look like they’re not on."

Reddit | starfight89

I have no idea how the polarization or tint or whatever contributes to this effect, but it's still a sight to behold. If you're sick of constantly seeing TV and phone screens, look for shades like these.

"My colleague just bought a the biggest SD card that she could find for her switch and we did a comparison to a standard PS2 memory card."

Reddit | TommyK1993

I remember spending my hard-earned allowance money on a PS2 memory card. I think I paid $5 per megabyte.

"Frog world in 1950s TV set."

Reddit | notimportant000

A quick glance at this unique terrarium would make it look like some kind of fantastical 3D nature show. A second glance would reveal that not much is going on, but it's still pretty to look at.

"This unopened coke can left on top of a roof has lost its color due to the sun."

Reddit | netohh323

It's kind of disappointing to find that this is just a bleached can of regular Coke. I was hoping it was a whole new type.

"This fallen leaf I found with an L pattern on it."

Reddit | hellfiremichi

The aesthetic of having a simple design replicated over and over to form a larger pattern is commonly seen in high fashion. I'm not saying that this leaf is high fashion, but I'm also not saying that it isn't.

"This no name brand beer at my local liquor store."

Reddit | holdsworth

Sometimes, when you know exactly what you want at the store, it's exhausting to cut through the names and descriptions and graphics. This brand of beer totally understands the issue, and wants to simplify things.

"An old barn near me got converted into a McDonald's."

Reddit | tom_cruisesteeth

We're used to McDonald's locations looking pretty similar from coast to coast, but this shows us that at least some of their restaurants are unique. I wonder if this one has an upper level.

"The way the sky reflected off the glass at sunset made the balconies look as though they're floating."

This looks a bit alarming, as those balconies have no apparent entrance or exit and are seemingly untethered. Turns out they're just awesome corner balconies.

"I haul the windmill blades for electric wind turbines."

Reddit | FinzClortho

Is this truck hauling a really big windmill blade or a really big elephant tusk? Fortunately for the environmentalists among us, it's just a windmill blade getting taken to a site for installation.

"My Mum made a Christmas tree from covid vaccine bottles."

Reddit | snoshwobbl

What better holiday decoration for 2021 (or 2020 for that matter) could there be than covid vaccine bottles? Someday, we'll hopefully have a holiday season where the pandemic is a distant memory.

"1996 Xmas classified ads for Tickle Me Elmo scalpers."

Reddit | t25torx

Here's a potent reminder that the hot items of today are the laughingstock of tomorrow. Also, shame on the person who thought they could get $1,000 and up for a freakin' Tickle Me Elmo.

"I have a pear shaped pupil!"

Reddit | GoblinQueen93

I'll bet this woman has gotten used to people looking at her eyes, then glancing back for a second look. If you just take a quick glance, it's hard to know exactly what you're looking at.

"Bridge troll."

Reddit | Eightbiter

I don't know about you, but I tend to conceptualize bridge trolls as small, Gollum-like entities. It's not like I'd want to meet one, but at least they're small. Here's a different take on a bridge troll that I definitely wouldn't want to meet.

"These antique cookie cutters that feature an axe and what appears to be a burning cottage."

Reddit | kvnhntn

It's weird when you see a bunch of familiar Christmas staples getting interrupted by an axe and a flaming home. I guess the holiday season was different in decades past.

"This Taco man."

Reddit | chenzo17

Has Chevy released a new truck aimed at the taco-loving demographic? As of right now, no. But if we follow the lead of the brave Taco Man who drives this truck, we can dare to dream about it.

"Cement patches from recent repairs of my home kind of look like a lion on the edge of a cliff."

Reddit | Aditya060804

This doesn't look good enough to come off like art, but it's still interesting enough that I'd think twice before painting it over.

"Pay phones are still a thing."

Reddit | noticeablyturgid

Seeing a pay phone reminds me of calling my parents for a ride when I was a kid. This will either be a familiar memory or a totally alien one, depending on when you were born.

"A Ritz cracker taco."

Reddit | staceys__mom

Some junk food, most noticeably pizza, is almost designed to be folded. Most other junk food, particularly crispy snacks like Ritz crackers, are not meant to be folded. But sometimes the universe works in weird ways.

"The reflection of the fireplace makes it look like this car is on fire."

Reddit | m1chgo

If this was your car, seeing this would be distinctly unsettling. If it wasn't your car, you can simply sit back and relax as you enjoy the cozy sight of a car going up in flames.

"High five zone."

Reddit | chris-card

When you high five a person, it usually makes you feel at least a little bit better. I'm not sure if the same thing applies when you high five an inanimate hand, but it can't hurt to try.