20 Funny Individuals Who Are Set To Make The Year Ahead Much More Exciting

With the prospect of a new year ahead, it is important to think about how you're going to approach this new year. However, for some people, the goal is simple…to make day-to-day life as weird and entertaining as possible.

So, bearing this in mind, please enjoy these 20 funny individuals who are set to make the year ahead more exciting…if that’s a good thing.

Dissed By Their Own Mother?

The person who posted this wrote:

"My mom got me Super Mario Sheets for Christmas. I'm 22 and have been living in my own apartment for 4 years, so I looked confused and disappointed. She said 'What? It's not like anyone else is going to see your sheets,' and now I don't know if that was ignorance, an insult or innocence..."

"Introducing, The Train Truck!"

Having this pull up next to you at a set of lights would certainly keep you on your toes. I kind of love this, but it must be a bit of a nightmare to park it!

"My dog got a little excited when I arrived home for the holidays."

It makes me laugh how he has just sat right in the centre of it as though this is a part of some kind of ritual sacrifice.

What On Earth Is That...?

"My dad never wanted to spend the money on a new toy after my Woody doll broke as a young child. I present this cursed creation that I spent an unholy amount of time with," explained the haunted person who posted this.

"A DIY shower I saw while house hunting."

The person who put together this tiling job was clearly a big fan of taking advantage of free samples. I cannot help but kind of respect how thrifty they were here!

"I found where my 3-year-old twins have been hiding my loose change."

I would have never thought to have hid things inside of a keyhole, but I will bear this in mind when I am trying to find a safe place to store my possessions in future.

"Forgot to bring my sunglasses to work. Only pair I had in my car were my toddler's."

I hope that this "mistake" has given this person enough confidence to wear whatever he damn well wants for the rest of the life!

"Wait... What?!"

I mean, they clearly wanted to say something nice and sweet about their love for thier dog here. But, by God, that sticker is really saying something very different. They must get some pretty weird looks.

"The ascension..."

I just cannot help but laugh at how helpless he appears while he is dangling there. It is as though he is a cat being lifted up and scolded for stealing some food that it should not have been eating.

"We adopted a bulldog yesterday the cat clearly was not excited about it."

"So, you are planning on keeping this thing?"

"I was thinking about it, yeah."

"I really think that you should reconsider, or else I'll have to destroy every soft furnishing in the building."

"No rope, no straps, no problem."

I am amazed that this guy felt confident enough in this position for his mate to drive off in the first place. It actually looks pretty damn comfy all things considered.

"Someone's had a bad day at work."

There is so much pain and anguish in this tiny frosting face. I would have to buy that packet thanks to the little face...and definitely not just because it has a higher ratio of frosting!

"What are harnesses? Snow and freezing temps are just an extra challenge."

The way that this person is standing makes them look kind of like bigfoot. Bigfoot would never be quite so disrespectful of OSHA practices though that is for sure.

"What an interesting item for them to have on the menu."

I do not want to know what that dish is for them to have gotten a translation to "eggs to urinate ma hair," but I do not want to eat it regardless.

It Is Going To Be A Very Interesting Christmas!

I wonder what was inside of this delightful-looking box? Perhaps it is a tiny demon that will follow you around and ruin every significant life moment that you experience.

"My sister decided to organize my bookshelf and then did this... Oh my eyes!"

That face on the bottom left perfectly reflects the face of the person who posted this when they saw what their sister had done.

"Reminder to always check the grammar before putting the tattoo on yourself."

Even if they did this intentionally, I cannot imagine why they would want to do this? How does something this obvious slip anyone by though?

"My wife chose some really exciting paint colors for the new house!"

Talk about 50 Shades Of Beige. It's kind of like the books except instead of them being filled with sex people just play a lot of bridge instead.

"Doing some moving and forgot my dog's first toy as a puppy was in the backseat. He was a bit excited about finding it."

I just love how content this dog looks with having its old favourite toy back! That is pure happiness right there.

"Bought these binoculars specifically to go to the Grand Canyon today."

Yes, but this means that they can look forward to coming back to the Grand Canyon later on in the year! So, you know, you have that to look forward to!

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