20 Unexpected Ideas That Needed A Second Glance To Seem Real

There's a good chunk of the global population that have some pretty interesting minds. If it's not you, there's surely someone you know who's full of quirky ideas and concepts.

Some are lucky enough to bring those ideas to life. Though they may need a second glance to seem real, these are some truly unexpected ideas brought into reality.

"My dog knocked over a bottle of bleach cleaner near my laundry pile and I got a sick new shirt out of it."

Okay, this one's only unexpected because even the owner didn't see it coming, but it worked out incredibly well.

"Imagine the interior."

This is just a front. On the inside, they're a Gucci household.

"My lawn mower that appears to give directions on how to correctly run over a small person."

Saves you the Google search, I guess.

(Actually, though, it's probably telling drivers to watch for children while behind the wheel. Probably.)

"Inhabitants of an old synagogue in PHX showcasing their recent quarantine project."

I can't quite tell if it's a car or not. If it is, was their goal to blind everyone else on the road? Not to mention the tongue.

"'The Visitor' in downtown Vancouver Washington."

A visitor? Well, I hope he has a pleasant stay then!

"A knit shifter bag cover."

This is actually kind of cute. A nice little pop of color and customization! As long as you can keep it clean, there's no issue here.

"Business in the front, Optimus in the back."

There's no business in the front here. It's all Optimus, all the time, all around.

"This gravestone in London's Highgate Cemetery."

Given the location, I could have guessed they were dead. No need to spell it out for me.

"My brother has a window in his gate for dogs."

"Look at that human walking by! They have a dog too!"

"Looks like a brute to me, too rough."

"I bet he's nice!"

"Shrimp lantern holder."

A surefire way to make sure no visitor, taxi, or food delivery person ever misses your house.

"This urinal with ACTUAL walls next to it!"

I'm certainly not against it. Nothing wrong with more privacy!

"This door in London."

Designed specifically to annoy and infuriate all the surrounding neighbors who have to see it every day.

"A park with figures made of scrap metal (Ukraine)."

No playgrounds around, I'm guessing? I can understand why they might not want kids around here.

"A cool usage of black light in street art."

Just because it's dark out, that doesn't mean their art should go unnoticed!

"Skittles packages designed to hide on an egg hunt. The white ones are for carpet and tile floors."

Are pastel eggs becoming too easy for your kids to find? Step it up a notch with these camouflaged packets, make them really work for it.

"This tree I found suspended from a lamp post."

I...can't figure out what the purpose of this was. Whatever it's trying to do, it's failing.

"My mother in law made this flower arrangement for Easter."

Unconventional, sure, but still thematic and cute. She gets a pass.

"This personalized truck for dogs."

The gate window, but upgraded. Though, again, one looks significantly grouchier about it.

"Skateboard toilet paper holder."

Keeps you from having to change the roll as often, and I'm all about being lazy.

"This subway train has clouds on the ceiling to look like the sky."

So you'll mention that but not the grass floor or the cow seats? The ceiling is only part of the whole work here!

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