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15 People Share What Pointless Skills They Have

Our society idolizes talent. Our favorite celebrities are comprised of some of the greatest artists, actors, and athletes the world has ever known.

There are, however, tons of everyday people just like you and me, who possess special talents — the likes of which the world has never known. Have a look and check out these 15 people as they share the truly pointless skills they have.

I bet he cleans up at the midway when the fair comes to town.


"My ex could always guess the time within 10 minutes and the temperature within 5 degrees. It was eerie. He also had a great body clock and never needed an alarm clock, no matter when he needed to get up." - Reddit u/Coconut-bird

It's a handheld water cannon.

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Reddit user erik316wttn's claim to fame is that they can squirt water from an incredible distance — using only one hand! How would you even do something like that; wouldn't the water just spill out?

You make me sick.

When Redditor SepticMonke was in school, one of their classmates used to have problem with the muscles that controlled the opening of the stomach. Because of this, they used to be able to vomit on command.

Turn around and don't look at me!

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Reddit user Devonai said that they have an incredibly accurate arm when it comes to throwing trash into the bin. They never ever miss, so long as no one is watching them do it.

I always hated those things.

"I can solve a Rubik's Cube in about a minute. This is very slow compared to people good at doing it. And pretty fast to people that I wouldn't tell about it because they'd think I'm nerdy as [expletive]." - Reddit u/manawasteman

In the right hands, anything can be a weapon — even a wet towel

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Reddit user IrmgardNava said that they're incredibly adept at the fine art of towel-whipping. One time, they snapped a towel so hard that it caused their friend to bleed.

Are we sleepwalking through our waking life or wake-walking through our dreams?

Redditor kawaljee has the rare talent of being able to have lucid dreams. When they've been having a particularly good dream, they can even sometimes go back into it after they've already awakened from it.

Trust me, you're not the only one.

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This Redditor who goes by the handle haidachief95 said that they have the uncanny ability of always picking the cart with one broken wheel at the grocery store.

That's funny, I have the same talent!

I think you are underestimating the sneakiness.

Reddit user Competitive_Ant_465 claims to be inexplicably quiet. All throughout their life, they've been able to sneak up behind friends and family and scare them — apparently no one ever sees it coming.

Open your mouth for me, would you?

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Do you know how sometimes you'll see people toss a kernel of popcorn up in the air and catch it with their mouth? Well, Reddit user deglazethefond claims to be the very best at this "sport."

This makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

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"I can rearrange almost any word alphabetically forwards and backwards[sic] and do so throughout the day. The only person that knows this weird thing is my wife and she routinely asks me to do it because it makes her laugh at my oddness." - Reddit u/GeauxFarva

Take me to your leader.

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Reddit user PresidentGSO said that they have mastered the art of humming and whistling at the same time. I guess this is a pretty pointless skill — unless you needed to convince someone that a UFO was in the vicinity.


I have a near-photographic memory when it comes to old episodes of The Simpsons. I can literally quote entire chunks of dialogue with ease. Never once did this ever help me to study or take a test better while I was in school.

Sneezing in bunches.

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Redditor uehormones says that it's impossible for them to sneeze just once. Rather, every time they do so, it's always in three distinct burst-sneezes. Never any more and never any less.

I'm not sure if that's a talent or a medical condition?

Have you ever heard of "Spit Juggling"?

"I can Spit Juggle grapes. I put two grapes in my mouth, spit one above my head, then the other, catch the first, relaunch it, catch the second, relaunch it. I can keep this up indefinitely. " - Reddit u/LiterallyOuttoLunch

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