15 Times Talented Artists Gave Old Tattoos A Second Chance

If you have tattoos, you know how insane a bad one can drive you.

No matter how hard you try, sometimes bad tattoos happen to good people. Luckily, cover-ups, makeovers, and re-dos are an option for almost all botched tattoos. This collection will restore your faith in tattoo art and have you booking your cover-up, guaranteed.

(Unless you have perfect tattoos, you lucky dog.)

From cartoon to masterpiece.

So, we're all thinking that first tattoo looks like a kid did it, right? The vague tribal shapes and the Simpons-looking bear character did not make for a great tattoo. However, that cover up? GORGEOUS.

The vibrancy in the cover-up is next-level.

I've never seen vibrancy like this in a tattoo! The flames look almost neon, and the bell actually looks metal.

I think it's safe to say was a successful makeover, huh?

Y'all will NOT believe this one.

Um. Wow. Not only did they cover up that old tattoo, they created an entire cityscape inside Batman's wings in its place. This has to be one of the best Batman tattoos I've ever seen, and I'm a nerd — I've seen a lot of Batman tattoos.

This transformation is nothing short of a masterpiece.

The colors, the line work, the detail! I can't get over this incredible cover-up by artist @becca.lerner on Instagram. That first design is neatly hidden in the top of her hair and under the flower crown. I'm floored.

Goodbye, tiny snake.

Hello, twisty octopus! This cover up was badly needed, because that snake's head looked... um, bad. There's no way around it. The new tattoo is beautifully done and perfectly covers up that little mistake!

Finn here looks MUCH better.

That first tattoo went through something traumatic, I swear. The updated tattoo looks great, and all the white shading really makes the colors pop! Hand tattoos can be tricky, so this one will probably need to be redone every few years. Worth it, though!

This memorial tattoo was saved thanks to a clever artist.

Reddit | u/stlkersally

"Had gotten a “Kiwi” tattoo with my chihuahua footprint in it, great concept but horrible work. Recently got it covered by a wonderful artist who saved the paw print and gave me a great piece of my soul pup."

Sometimes, all it takes is some shading.

"Posted my tattoo about a month ago desperately seeking advice on how to fix this eyesore. I couldn’t be more stoked with the results! Wonky lines cleaned up, added some dimension and a sun to cover the multiple blow outs! Corrected by Thomas Yosenick at Fine Line Tattoo (Garland, TX)."

Thank god for this coverup.

I'm not one to trash someone else's tattoo, but since this one was covered up...WOW is that tattoo bad. Possibly one of the worst I've ever seen. Luckily, the new one is one of the best I've ever seen. Lara Croft vibes for sure.

This is a fascinating update.

The lines in the first tattoo were uneven and patchy, so they had to be redone. However, the artist opted to make the tattoo look like it was embroidered into the skin, which is SO COOL.

Farewell, Winnie the Pooh.

This one is almost unbelievable! Poor Winnie had definitely seen better days, and it was past time for an update. Those roses are awe-inspiring, especially when it comes to the highlights and shading.

From creepy to adorable.

That first tattoo was not fading nicely, and the details were definitely lacking. The updated version is so cute! You can see the dimension in the fur and the whiskers much better now, and the reflection on the bowl looks so great.

I love updates of previous tattoos.

It's so cool to see the initial concept stay the same, but improved upon greatly!

"My hula girl got a bit of a facelift today thanks to Julie Card at New Moon Tattoo in Ottawa."

This tattoo is CRAZY.

I can't believe this is a cover up, to be honest. The light in her eyes and the shading in her skin is STUNNING. I've never seen a more realistic tattoo!

White Rabbit in Wonderland.

Holy. Crap. This piece had new life breathed into it in a big way. The colors are vibrant, the lines are crisp, and the shading and blending are immaculate. This is the work of a true artist.

"Fantastic White Rabbit rework by Ali Burke at Highwater Gallery, Swansea UK."

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