20 Projects Where The Talent Was There, But The Taste Was Missing

You have to admit, there are a lot of talented people in this world. The things the human mind can come up with is just amazing. So amazing, it's scary.

The people who made these... creations are definitely talented. The problem is, their taste levels aren't that great. These pictures may show some frighteningly bad things, but at least the execution is fire.

"Custom limousines by Jay Ohrberg."

These limos are somehow the coolest and the weirdest things I've ever seen. They kind of look like Barbie cars, just a lot bigger. I couldn't imagine trying to drive any of them, though.

This seat that's covered in bull horns.

Was there a reason to stick all these bull horns all over this chair and stool? I mean, other than because somebody could. This is somehow both hideously terrifying and surprisingly well made.

This chandelier/fan combo. The whole room, too.

I mean, who says you can't have a ceiling fan that's also fancy? This person didn't limit themselves to what's "socially" acceptable," and spruced up their room with a one-of-a-kind creation.

It really goes great with the plywood ceilings and the dozens of antlers on the walls.

"These salt & pepper shakers that my aunt keeps on her shelf."

And yet, she's always wondering why her food has a weird aftertaste. In all seriousness, though, these aren't the worst salt and pepper shakers in the world, but I wouldn't want to use them.

"Leather face purse I found at a antique store."

I mean, it does its job pretty well. That's assuming that its job is to unsettle us. It looks a little too much like a human face for my liking. Especially with those strands of hair. Hopefully no one decides to buy it.

"The Bathtub."

Those bathtub carriages combined with the toilet seat make this the ugliest thing I've seen in a long time. And yet, I'm somehow in love with it. It's, like, so stupid that it's actually a little endearing, you know?

And of course, foot slippers.

Love the aesthetic of being barefoot all the time, but hate pesky "no shirt, no shoes, no business" rules? Then this is the pair of shoes for you! Trick people into thinking you have disgusting green feet, only to reveal that they're just disgusting green shoes!

These colorful car nails.

I can say that I really appreciate the amount of time and effort it must've taken to make this nail art. That being said, they're ugly. There's no way around that. They look so uncomfortable, too.

"Van Artwork: A Maryland knight fighting a dragon with the 7 deadly sins on it."

I can't lie, this would be kind of awesome to see driving around town. Like, I would never want to own something this conspicuous, but I appreciate the fact that someone out there does.

"I'm not sure a finger is necessarily the best selling compliment for advertising cocktails (spotted in the United inflight magazine)."

I know it's just a stir stick that's shaped like a finger, but all I can think about is someone using their actual finger to stir a cocktail, and now I'm all grossed out. Excuse me while I go sit down for a minute.

So I guess this is what Christmas in Florida looks like?

All I can say is: an attempt was made. Did it work out? Oh, absolutely not. But I can't completely say it wasn't worth the effort.

Now I'm just imagining every house in Florida having Christmas palm trees.

The ultimate cowboy boots.

You know how denim and leather boots are, like, iconic cowboy attire? Well, these boots bring some of those concepts together, without any of the style! I think I better wash my eyes out with bleach after this.

"Nihilistic hot dog/nightmare fuel outside a takeaway in Weston-super-Mare, UK."

This hot dog mascot wouldn't be nearly as bad if he didn't look like he was about to eat himself. That's just... well, it just ain't right. But the real question is: would this still be considered cannibalism? Probably, yeah.


A pair of earrings made to look like a pair of ears with earrings on them made to look like a pair of ears? Yeah, that's totally not confusing at all!

I mean, at least they look pretty well-made, even if they are hanging off a random jawbone.

This phone that's also Ireland.

I imagine that Irish people (or people who are obsessed with Ireland for whatever reason) would get a hoot out of this phone. Still, I can't imagine a lot of them would actually want to own it. Who even uses landlines anymore, anyway?

The Tooth Fairy is taking over for Santa, it seems.

I'll give this a pass because it's in front of a dentist office, but wow. Just wow. This looks like it took a lot of time to pull off. I guess the Tooth Fairy is going to be coming down our chimneys this year.

"'What would you like Grandma to make you for Christmas?' Not this!"

This... doesn't look good. To be fair, it wouldn't look good even if it wasn't knitted/crocheted. But at least this way, you can marvel at the fact that someone spent dozens if not hundreds of hours making it.

But the real question is: why?

I'd be so tempted to close the zipper if that was on my head. Luckily, I have no desire to ever shave my hair and stick a zipper over my temple, so I won't ever have to deal with it.

This deli-tastic birthday cake.

Yup, this is a cake made out of meat. And by the looks of it, that meat is raw. I'm sure it'll taste good, though. You know, once it's completely cooked through.

Not the kind of birthday surprise I'd want, though.

Denim reindeer... otherwise known as a jeindeer.

To be honest, this almost looks nice. If the denim wasn't patched together as much, it could almost be a passable Christmas decoration. As it is, it just looks like taxidermy. And no one wants that.

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