18 Pics That Prove Living With Roommates Is Truly The Worst

If you ever lived with a roommate, you probably already know how challenging it could be. Am I right? I, however, never had the pleasure or the displeasure of sharing quarters with somebody like that.

But I have heard horror stories from friends, haha. I truly hope they were not as bad as these examples below because that would really suck.

1. This Trashy Behaviour

Oh wait, why are all our dishes in the trash? That's right. My roommate was too lazy to wash them so she just threw them out. That's nice, especially since I was the one who bought them all.


2. These Leftovers

Ah, how considerate of your roommates to bring leftovers from mom. But why in the heck did they let them go to waste like that? If they didn't want to eat them, they could at least have offered them to you, no?

Now, it's just a science experiment, haha.

3. This Lovely State Of Affairs

If you were gone for only one week would you expect to come back to this. Apparently so in this home. This is the mess one roommate left while the other one was away. Yikes.

4. This Absolute Gem

"Roommate turns off heating in the morning as it ‘wakes her up.’ So it’s super cold where I am in the mornings and I have to get up early for work. It’s so hard getting up when it’s freezing."

Wow, what a nice person to live with.

5. This Laundry Accident

You'd think that if your roommate spills laundry detergent all over the floor, they would actually clean it. But not this person's roommate. Oh, no! It looks like they had something better to do after all.

6. This Fridge Bandit

Is your roommate as considerate as this one? Not only did they finish whatever was leftover in this dish, but they had the gall to leave the dish in the fridge empty. What a dingbat, huh?

7. This Unforgettable Incident

First of all, who does that? And second of all, WTF? If I found that book one day, I would throw those contents on top of that roommate's head. That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard.

8. This Amateur Cook

Here's what you need to know about cast irons. They are not to be soaked. It's the one carnal sin that you do not commit. I guess this thoughtful roommate didn't know that. Well, they do now.

9. This Living Room/Bedroom

This is what happens when your housemate starts to confuse the common living room for his bedroom. Imagine if that was the state of affairs in your home right now? I would have none of it.

10. This Ironing Situation

Correct me if I'm wrong but are you supposed to use an ironing board when you iron your clothes? Well, somebody needs to tell this person's roommate because clearly, this is a novel idea to them.

11. This Last Straw

Holy moly. I'm so glad I never lived with people when I was in college. I mean, I hope this person is that young. I can't imagine a grown woman still doing that? What do you think of that?

12. This Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Check this out. Has your roommate ever done that? Well, that's the first I've ever seen, haha. Why would anybody install a lock on their dishwasher? That's what I would like to know. Passive-aggressive much, huh?

13. And This One Too

Wow, again, I'm so glad I've never had to deal with roommates. If anybody messed with my home heating situation, I would have something to say about it. And it would include at least a few expletives, lol.

14. This Obvious Cat Hater

Seriously, guys, I know cats can be a handful, but please don't do that. If you're not going to help somebody take care of their cat just let them know, alright. I feel so bad for this terrified little guy.

15. This Inconsiderate A******

If your favorite turtleneck suddenly goes missing, you may want to suspect your roommate. This person did, and they sadly found out the fate of their beloved garment. Oh, yeah, the roommate used it to clean their BBQ. How nice, huh?

16. This Source Of Foul Smell

If there's a foul smell coming out of your roommate's place, you may want to take a peak in there. I hope it isn't this kind of hoarding situation that we clearly see here.

17. This Gross Encounter

OMG, what? Who in the heck does that and thinks that it isn't totally gross? I can't even understand that. If I were this person, I would move out and fast. Nobody needs to deal with that.

18. This Crazy A** Behaviour

So this person accidentally locked out their roommate out of the bathroom for about two minutes. This prompted the roommate to remove all the doorknobs from the doors in their entire house. Um, like that isn't crazy or anything.

Wow, just wow!

I don't think I have to say this again — I'm so thankful I've never had roommates.

Who knew that there were so many insane people out there? I mean, they should just all bunk together and drive each other crazy, no? That could be a reality show, haha. Would you watch that trainwreck? Heck, yeah!