20 Roommates Nobody Should Ever Have To Share A Lease With

Everyone has an experience of living with a nightmare roommate at some point in their lives, and we've been scouring the internet for examples of the very worst.

So, from people who do the truly unthinkable with food stuffs to individuals who take being inconsiderate to whole new levels, here are 20 roommates nobody should ever have to share a lease with.

"My cousin's roommate makes her check marks backwards..."

Maybe their cousin's roommate is left handed? Although, I don't think that I have ever seen a left handed person write a check mark like this before. My whole world has been rocked by the discovery of this backwards symbol.

"Caught my roommate making a 'cheese-wrapped pickle.'"

I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that this roommate was not exactly sober when he came up with this monstrous creation. Also, I am quite curious as to what it tastes like...bad, I imagine.

"My roommate..."

One of the main things that I do not understand about this is, if they live together why did they not just head back inside and leave the keys in the flat? There are so many better ways to deal with this situation!

"Love having roommates..."

One person did point out, "They're hardly roommates. I would say they’re barely more than a single-celled organism at this point. I'd probably give them a couple more weeks." Although, they already look like pretty fun guys at this point.

"My flatmate gets a new teaspoon every time he makes a cup of tea."

It also looks like your flatmate is incapable of taking a few small steps to the bin to put his old teabags in the rubbish. I also never got why people put teabags in the sink...just put them in the damn bin!

"My flatmate can't read.'

Amazingly, someone in the comments who faced a similar situation in the past added:

"My girlfriend and I let my good friend be roommates with us for six months. It ended with him starting to throw OUR dishes he dirtied off of our third story balcony into the woods because he's a lazy [expletive]. I called him out on it and he cut ties and moved out."

"I live with two grown men. Just tell me why."

There is not even the tiniest shred of an order to this drawer, there's a whisk and a vegetable peeler just cast in there amongst the cutlery. Why would you ever subject yourself to such unnecessary anarchy every time you wanted a spoon?

"Flatmate forgot the pizza in the oven overnight. Came in for a decently smokey kitchen this morning."

I would probably be slightly alarmed at the fact that the smoke alarms had not gone off, if they have smoke alarms. Also, I think you could probably salvage that pizza, just scrape some of the burnt bits off with a knife!

"So my roommate used my tin foil."

Well, when the police inevitably find a dead body wrapped up in tattered pieces of tin foil, we know who was behind it. I mean, just look at the state of that, what kind of animal tears at tin foil like that?

"Do I just throw out the whole roommate?"

We all have moments where we have a bit of a brain fart in our day-to-day life, but I cannot imagine ever doing something so sacrilegious to a jar of peanut butter. Time to start looking for a new place to live.

No More Ink...

"Props to the new roommate for cleaning the whole kitchen, but she scrubbed the [toaster] oven so hard, all the ink came off the dials..." wrote the person who posted this. I would still be very happy that I had a roommate who cleaned if I were them though.

"Less than 2 days after moving in, one of my roommates scratched my new, nonstick pan with metal utensils."

Someone with a similar story replied, "I had a roommate once who told me to change out the light bulb on her lamp because I 'used it last' so I was responsible. I also came home multiple times to her friends sleeping in my bed, using my laptop, eating my food, etc."

"Came home from a double shift to find my roommate left the sink on for 7+ hours."

There is nothing quite like being able to relax after an extra long shift by dealing with water pouring through your ceiling! Just to make matters even worse, the person who posted this went on to write that the water, "Smells like dead rats."

"My new roommate takes eggs out at random."

I simply could not live my life with this much chaotic abandon. They are placed in there in an order, so why not take them out in an order...and then you can cut off parts of the box you're no longer using! Wow, I didn't think that this would trigger me as much as it did.

The War Of Attrition...

I think that this whiteboard note will just inspire the person who left that pan there to leave it even longer. This note just turns the whole damn situation into a sort of horrific game, a game in which no one is the winner.

"My roommate using the incorrect size screen protector."

I do not really know why this one annoys me so much. How would you not get sick of looking at that monstrosity every single day? It is not even like they're that expensive to just buy one that fits!

"My roommate puts the empty milk containers back into the fridge."

Why would anyone do this? This just looks like their roommate is going out of their way to try and annoy them. Looks like the person who posted this will have to have Mountain Dew in their morning coffee instead of milk, delicious.

"My roommate's toothpaste..."

The single, abandoned hair that is stuck to this abysmal mess is the cherry on the top of the cake. In all seriousness though, there is no way that I would be able to look at this every single morning.

"I live with the worst kind of person."

I kind of admire the gall that it took to look at that communal pie and think, "Yeah, I'm gonna bloody do it, just take a piece straight out of the middle!" Although, the crust is one of the best bits, so why do it anyway?!

"Tried to save money by having my roommate cut my hair. She forgot that she took the guard off."

It looks to me like she was cutting for a fair while before she noticed what she had done, which suggests that she may have done this in purpose. I cannot really see any way of styling this out without just shaving your head completely or going for a mullet.

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