20 Terrible Roommates That Make Me Glad I Live Alone

I'm probably not alone in thinking that roommates can be the absolute worst. Not all of them, of course. But some are so bad, they make you seriously wonder if they were raised in a barn.

These roommates make me so glad I don't have any of my own. Sometimes, living on your own is worth the extra money in rent.

"Burn hole I discovered hidden underneath my roommates bed after I kicked her out. Pineapple for scale."

Yeah, who knows what this person's ex roommate was doing underneath her bed to get a giant burn in the ground. But I guess that's why she's the ex roommate, and not a current one.

"Don't wanna seem dramatic but it's small stuff like this that builds up resentment, Why not just fill it up and put it back after using all the ice?"

You know, a little bit of consideration can go a long way. It's nice to have ice and not have to wait for it. Just saying.

"Left my apartment for about a month because of covid. Came back to find this, the AC set to 40 * F, the sink running, the back door wide open, and the roommate moved out."

I guess the roommate decided that saying anything about their own departure was unnecessary. But they could've at least cleaned up before taking off like that. Like, who does that?

"Gone for a week, just came home to this."

I'm trying to understand the thought process behind this, but I just don't know. I mean, sure, tissue can work as toilet paper in a pinch. But this? Nope it's just bad.

"Pulled the foil off of this to see what was in it and it’s empty!! And still in the fridge!"

The fact that the roommate finished off whatever was in this dish is one thing, but they then proceeded to put the empty dish back into the fridge. Anything to get out of washing dishes, I guess.

"Asked my former flatmates not to use metalware in MY nonstick pot, was told I was being unreasonable and that they wouldn't scratch it. My sister's identical pot of the same age pictured for comparison."

You'd think some people just can't follow simple instructions. Either that, or they really don't care.

Yeah, they definitely don't care.

"Guess you can’t expect people to know about dryer lint."

Fun fact: dryers collect lint from clothes. If you didn't know this... well, you should. You don't want to be the roommate that causes a lint fire because you don't know how to clean a dryer properly.

"My Housemate still hasn’t got rid of his pumpkin from Halloween..."

Okay, that's just nasty. But at this point, I get why OP wouldn't get rid of it themselves. It's the principle of the matter! Don't keep cleaning your roomies' messes, or they'll just keep making them.

"My roommate thinks these spatulas are clean and still uses them to cook."

Sometimes, I feel like people don't know dishwashers exist. You know what also exists? A kitchen sink. And soap. Who would've thought?

There's really no excuse to leave utensils dirty like this.

"When your housemate uses the living room as his bedroom."

How anyone can live like this is beyond me. You can't even step on that floor without your foot touching something potentially food-related, and who knows how long any of that has been there.

Yeah, I could not live with someone like this.

"I come home to this fairly often."

I'm not sure what's worse: a dryer lint fire, or a stove fire. I mean, either one will result in thousands of dollars in property damage, but which one is more careless than the other?

Somehow, still the dryer lint.

"After 9 hours at work I come home to see my roommate had smashed my 250 dollar monitor with my air duster."

I have to admit, this one has my eye twitching. Why can't roommates just, you know, not touch other people's stuff? The world would be such a better place if they did.

"My sibling was messing with it and I turned around for 10 seconds."

Since siblings are basically roommates until you move out, I'm sure most of us can relate to something like this. How do they end up breaking your stuff so quickly? It's, like, some kind of superpower.

"I guess I’m the designated trash guy because if I don’t ever take out the trash my roommates just do this."

If I were this person, I'd just get my own secret garbage and throw that away. See how long the other roommates can go before one of them breaks.

Then again, people are disgusting, and I could totally see this trash pile continuously getting larger until it fills the whole room.

"Roommate's fiancée will leave partially melted or hardly eaten ice cream in the freezer and they will stay there for months if we don't throw it out. But only if she isn't visiting so she doesn't freak out."

I think someone's got to keep this woman away from ice cream. She clearly doesn't like it that much if she never actually eats it.

"Roommate throws away dishes so he won’t have to do them (I bought all our dishes and silverware)."

The real question here is: did the roommate replace the dishes he threw out? I'm guessing by the fact that he'd go this far not to clean them that no, he did not.

"RIP my trash can. I don’t even know how this happened."

I've never filed a lawsuit before, but I swear if I ever have to live with a roommate who causes weird, gross messes like this, then I'd be pretty tempted to lawyer up and sue for mental anguish.

"Leaning Tower of Dishes."

Just like taking out the trash, waiting for your roommate to clean the dishes is like waiting for pigs to fly. It just ain't gonna happen. Apparently some people just don't know how to clean up after themselves.

"Roommate used my favorite turtleneck as a BBQ rag last night."

See, if someone did this to one of my shirts, I'd be very tempted to accidentally spill an entire bottle of wine on their wardrobe in retaliation. But hey, someone has to be the bigger person in this situation. Right?

"Roommate loves the wasp nests."

Imagine not being able to get rid of a whole nest full of wasps because your roommate thinks they're neat. I'd hire an exterminator anyway. And while I was at it, I'd probably set the roommate's stuff on the curb.

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