30 Weird Times A Mess Was Also Kind Of Astonishing

As much as we try to avoid it, we're going to run into some messes over the course of our lives. And honestly? That kind of sucks.

But at least some messes can also be a little fascinating. Sure, they may take you off guard, but if the messes in your life are anything like the ones in this list, then you won't be able to look away.

"My sister spilt wax all on the floor while making candles because she poured it into a smoothie cup. I'm left here cleaning it up because 'she's too tired.'"

OP has dogs, so they can't just leave this mess. And as pretty as it looks, it's probably also a nightmare to scrape off the ground.

"I ordered a salad from a Italian restaurant…"

This 'salad' is a complete mess. It's hard to believe that somebody paid money for it. I could do better than this, and I don't even like salad that much!

"Before my wife borrowed my car there wasn’t a milkshake curdling in the cup holder, my eq balance wasn’t super trashy, my tank was 3/4 full, and my passenger side floor didn’t have a bunch of dirty tissues and a bottle of juice rolling around."

There are a few places where you don't want to see a mess. One of them is in your nice, clean car that you lent to someone else. Sigh...

When you think that dish soap is dish detergent...

Welp, lesson learned. You can't use dish soap as dish detergent. Well, you can, but you'll end up with a soapy mess on the floor.

On the plus side, it's a clean mess.

"Customer ran the display over and ran out the store."

Imagine doing this. Imagine being the kind of person who thinks this is cool, or funny. I just don't understand why you'd make a mess and not even offer to clean it up.

Don't take a sip!

Aw, man. That's just gross. Sure, it may not be a mess per se, but it's still so hard to look away from it. It's like an incredibly tiny, incredibly concentrated train wreck that you can't help but stare at.

"Just found these guys who had been missing for a month. Found them in the dryer."

Not only are those headphones a tangled mess, but they're completely ruined. If they were in the dryer, then chances are they were in the washing machine, too. Yikes.

"No coaster at restaurant."

I don't get restaurants that do this. Do they love cleaning up drink rings from customers all the time? Did they give up on coasters for whatever reason? Whatever the case, that tables is going to be messy by the end of the night.

"This brand new can of hominy."

That just looks sad. Like a sad little mess of a dozen corn kernels that you can't really do much with. Like, how does that even happen?

Oh well, better luck next time, I guess.

"When your Christmas Tree just can’t make it until Christmas."

That mess of pine needles on the floor is both upsetting and astonishing. On one hand, it makes the Christmas tree look so sad. But on the other hand, it's, like, weirdly mesmerising to look at?

"How my daughter uses tooth paste..."

Just out of curiosity, is it really that hard to keep the toothpaste tube clean? Because... it really shouldn't be. This is probably more carelessness than anything else. And yet, I can't stop staring...

"When people organize their files on their desktop…"

Maybe I'm the weird one, but I like having a nice, neat desktop screen. Other people just thrive off the chaos of having all their icons crowding the screen, I guess. It's honestly a little stressful to look at.

"Removing old Masonite from our fixer upper. Found an old power socket, live and without caps. The mold is just a bonus."

When you buy a fixer upper, you kind of have to expect to find all sorts of messes behind the walls. Still, it's never fun once you do uncover that mess.

But on the plus side, any mess can be cleaned up.

"The condition my sister frequently leaves the shower in."

I'm gonna go ahead and assume this person's sister has blue hair. Or else... what could be making the bottom of the tub blue? A science experiment!?

Unsurprising that she didn't clean it up, though, as siblings never do.

"My gouache palette that turned a year old. It probably has a million shades on here, if not more."

Who ever said that a mess can't be beautiful. I don't think any painter sets out to make their palette look look like a work of art, but hey. Who am I to complain?

"10 years of driving."

It's amazing how much dirt and wear the pads on the floors of our cars can accumulate over the years. In a way, though, they kind of tell a story. The story of your car and all the trips you've taken.

"Touched my hot glass stovetop with a microfibre towel. It won’t come off."

All I can say is that I'm glad it wasn't me. Cleaning microfiber off a stovetop seems like an impossible job. In a way, though, this is kind of mesmerizing. Why can't I look away?

"I guess it was windy last night. A 6'x10', 1200lb. Granite slab."

I guess even a 1200 pound granite slab isn't immune to strong winds. This could've been a lot worse, though. Like, at least that one part didn't shatter into a million pieces.

"Amazon decided that putting a fragile ornament in the same box as 17 pounds of cat litter was a good idea."

It's kind of funny how, with Amazon, you either get a single, small item packaged in the world's largest box, or two mismatched things in the same package. Either way, you're bound for a messy delivery.

"Brushed my cat."

I once watched a whole video of a person collecting the hair they brushed off their cat, turning it into yarn, and then knitting with it. So at least you can do something with all the cat hair you find on your clothes.

"How my husband opens the foil on the peanut butter."

The worst part about this messy situation is that it could've been avoided pretty easily. The husband just needed to take the foil seal off properly. Insert joke about how spouses never listen here.

"My pizza got mutilated during delivery."

Those pizzas look incredibly sad, but at least they're still edible. I'd be eating a slice through tears, probably. No pizza deserves a fate this cruel (yes, not even ones with pineapple on them).

"These PLASTIC SEALED playing cards came with ripped up cards."

It's almost like the world's stealthiest rat snuck into the plastic, took a bite out of a couple of cards, and then dipped.

Or, they were ripped before packaging and quality assurance didn't catch it.

"My pen decided to explode."

As much as this must be a nightmare to try and clean up, it also looks kind of neat. A total waste of a pen, of course, but also neat. It's kind of hard to explain why.

"Went back to office today since I started teleworking from pandemic."

Any time I think of all the offices left empty by the pandemic, I shudder a little. I'm sure most, if not all of them, are just sun-bleached messes at this point.

"'Carbonara' I got from a local Italian place. It's horrifying."

This just looks... upsetting. It's a whole mess of noodles, a weird egg, and some kind of pork (probably not even pancetta). You'd think an Italian restaurant could make Italian food that doesn't look like... this.

"Neighbors have been pouring bleach, dog pee, and dirty mop water on my balcony. Today’s treat was dog puke."

Talk about being inconsiderate. If you have things to dump, don't do it out of your apartment balcony. I hope they find this person and get them in trouble.

"Down comforter mysteriously explodes in kennel with historically destructive dog."

Look at the look on that dog's face. He knows exactly what he's done, and has zero regrets. In a way, I kind of respect this dog. He may be a bad boy, but he's also a very good boy.

"A machine came thru my local John Deere for repairs from the tornado in Kentucky."

This is... an interesting repair request, that's for sure. A crack in a windshield is pretty bad, but when you realize it was caused by corn... well. I don't even know how to feel about that.

"Housemate's dog got into my 6 hour Butter Chicken. No dinner for me tonight."

This picture is both upsetting and confusing. Upsetting because all that waiting for the butter chicken amounted to nothing. But confusing because... did the dog eat it all? And not get sick?