11+ Pics That Prove Life Sucks Sometimes

No matter how hard you try, sometimes life just sucks. Whether it's spilling your morning coffee on that brand new, clean, white shirt, or running into your ex when you look less than presentable, we all get those days when life just isn't what it's cracked up to be.

But when that happens just know that most of us can relate.

1. New Way To Transport Things

Reddit | StroopsAndWhiskey

Wow, this is an interesting way to transport things. Don't you think? I wonder how they came up with this idea? Oh man!

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2. When Your Day Doesn't Start Off Right

Reddit | Ostrantula

Just imagine going to your car in the morning when you're already late for work and this happens. What do you do?

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3. A Misfire

Reddit | SleepytheWoke

I always wonder how do people manage to pee all over the toilet seat and not get any of the pee inside the actual toilet bowl?

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4. That Sums It Up

Reddit | Osixotin1

Monday: Urgent Care for ear infection; Tuesday: Doctor for a human bite; Friday: ER for dog bites... screw this week. Someone's had enough.

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5. Doggy Treats

Reddit | veeone

This is one time I'm happy that I don't have a dog because if I spilled 30 pounds of dog food I would be so pissed.

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6. All Burned Up

Reddit | Khn90

Seriously, if your car got this burned up why are you still driving it? How is she not getting pulled over? Where is this photo from?

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7. Getting Stuck

Reddit | mugbee0

I once got a plate stuck inside of a pan and couldn't get it out for the life of me, so I totally get their pain.

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8. Out Of Control

Reddit | devongumke

It royally sucks when the fire gets a little out of control and your fire pit literally goes up in flames.

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9. Sticky Situation

Reddit | CEOofH2O

OMG, I dunno what exactly happened here and how this guy ended up in this mess but looks like they have it under control. Wowza.

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10. Just Driving By

Reddit | Shoot_Bald_Bryan

"Just stopping by my buddies liquor store for my Saturday night usual but I might have to go somewhere else," said the Reddit user who posted this photo. At least nobody was injured though.

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11. Don't Trust The Weather People

Reddit | wontiddie

Don't you just hate it when they say there is absolutely no chance of rain only to be surprised by this? LOL! All the time.

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13. Bad Day For The Top Down

Reddit | Rt2096

That one day out of the week you decide to drive with the top down and you get caught in torrential rain.

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12. They Didn't Have My Name

Reddit | Dr_Spice_

This mug is just perfect for someone with that unusual name you will never find on any mug or basically anything. Yay or nay?

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Okay, so now that I think of it, my usual bad days don't look all that bad anymore in comparison to these royal blunders.


I'll take comfort in that.

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