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15 Things People Should Start Worrying About

In life, there are many things that are serious and important that not everyone takes into account or pays much attention to. Sometimes, we don't worry about it until it's way too late.

From health to finances, there are some things that we overlook because we're "young" or feel like "it can never happen to us" until it's far too late.


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Hypertension and high blood pressure are things many of us overlook because we're young or, we don't go to the doctor often.

However, some Reddit users say that they've been actually sent to the ER over how high their blood pressure was and how bad it can get.

Posting your whereabouts on social media often.

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Stargazer10108 shared that oftentimes, people post their whereabouts on social media too freely.

A lot of times, people will post when they're leaving town or going on vacation, which leaves the possibility that people know they won't be around for an extended period of time.


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PM_ME_UR_LAST_DREAM posted about the lack of people who worry about driving, as it can oftentimes impact everyone on the road.

Another Reddit user said, "driving is the biggest group project of them all" because if one person gives up, it hurts us all.

Teeth health.

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"I am 27 and have terrible teeth since I'm 14. I'm lacking 10 teeth. I never even once in the last 13 years smiled with my mouth open. I always instinctively hold my hand in front of my mouth when I laugh. I have absolutely no confidence nor self esteem because of this," said Wisewolf-Holo.

Antibiotic resistance.

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Some Reddit users pointed out that many take antibiotics regularly, whenever they are sick, without realizing they don't need it every single time they are sick.

k_mon2244 points out that as a pediatrician, she doesn't always give kids antibiotics so that their body doesn't "resist" it when they truly need it.

Credit card debt.

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scaryboilednoodles states that credit card debt is something not many people worry about, but it's something that can impact everyone and everything they want to do in their life.

Credit scores get you everywhere, from cars to homes, and you need it to survive.


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Realitycheck-4u raised the topic of retirement, and many chimed in to agree.

In this generation, it's so hard to save for life, let alone for your future. But, not saving puts you in a terrible position later on in your life, unable to stop working.

Sun exposure.

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"People don’t take sun exposure seriously. I know people that will buy 100 unnecessary skincare products and rarely ever put on some sunscreen. Like the stats are there, sun exposure will pretty much age your skin the most," said Reddit user ancheli.


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lrrkr pointed out that obesity is one of the leading causes of health problems and death in the U.S., but people don't notice because so many different people are overweight and they believe that because everyone else is, it's not that big of a deal.

Survival knowledge.

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"Learning practical survival skills like basic mechanical knowledge, how to preserve food without refrigeration, shelter building, etc.

If you can't fight, fix or feed by the time we hit year two of the worldwide freshwater wars in 2043 you're going to have a bad time," shared WeirdWest.

Taking care of your hearing.

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WhiteQueen612 said that not enough people worry about taking care of their hearing.

So many people listen to music at a very loud volume, especially in headphones, not realizing that they can be hurting their hearing long-term.


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xuwugirluwux shared that so many people forget that STDs are a very infectious and spreadable problem.

Sometimes, at the moment, people will go without protection and don't realize they can spread illness and diseases.

Brain aneurysms.

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"Brain aneurysm. Could happen for no reason at any time to someone who is completely healthy, one second ur sat there on your phone the next your vision goes and your in agony twitching out on the floor dying a horrible death," said Best-Refuse5435.

Online shopping.

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Harry-D-Hipster said that the more we shop online and give into billion-dollar digital shops, like Amazon, we make it harder for physical stores to exist.

Eventually, we'll have to buy everything online because stores cannot survive.

Kid's mental health.

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montananhooman shared that so often we think kids cannot feel specific ways or they're "just being kids" or just being dramatic. But, kids can go through mental health struggles just as much as adults and deserve the attention and help.

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