20 Kids Giving Us Good Reason To Worry

Kids can be an unending font of adorable sayings, so much so that they produced a whole TV show about that very idea. However, being a parent is never easy as there are some kids who can be a little intense at times!

So, from kids who made terrifying "inventions" to toddlers who scared the whole neighborhood, here are 20 kids giving us good reasons to worry.

"I guess my son didn't like the jalapeño sausages we had for supper last night."

Well, I hope that their son simply did not like this sausage, as the alternative is that he has poisoned this sausage and this is a legitimate warning. Either way, I do not think that I would be rushing to eat this.

"My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts."

Well, when you find someone zapping into your living room in order to prevent the start of the war between robots and humans, you know why they are there! Is that still what the Terminator films are about? I've lost track.

"My son, the thief."

That look in his eyes, he will never be as alive as he is in this exact moment! It is also a really good idea to teach your children how to steal pizza for you from a very young age.

"Baby must feed..."

Jesus Christ, just give the toddler the blood, if you do not give them the blood that they require then they shall take it by force. All hail the blood thief! All hail the blood thief! All hail the blood thief!

"How my kid views me and my wife."

Well now I just really want to see an actual picture of the person who posted this, as I need to see how accurate this rendering is. One person claimed, "You look like an electric turd monster," but I think he looks more like a furious candy floss demon in a toupee.

Passive Aggressive Lego...

"My brother cleaned and organized our bathroom while I was away last week. Last night I accidentally left some things out, so he set this little scene up with his Legos," wrote the unforgivably messy person who took this image.

"My daughter had my wife's phone on a long car ride. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses from Amazon."

It looks like she may have bought three of the same dream house, but that does not seem to have dampened her mood to any great extent. I wonder if it might be time to tighten up security on Mom's phone?

"The neighbourhood kid loves my cat and insists that my cat loves her back. This picture accurately shows how much kitty loves her."

That is one hell of a tolerant cat, I dread to think how many times this poor cat has seen this little girl coming and just sighed. I cannot believe that there is a cat this patient out there, my cat would not have put up with this.

"My 4-year-old brought me a rubber band and asked me to do this to him."

There is a lot that I find unsettling about this. Firstly it is insane that kids are still doing stupid things with rubber bands! Also, I hate how his left eye looks as though he is wearing his own face as a mask.

"I found this with my 8yo's stuff. I think the second graders are forming gangs. I kind of want to join this one."

I did not realise that there was a gang called the Meatball Kingdom out there, and now my only life goal is to join this gang. I wonder if there is an initiation process, like eating two tonnes of meatballs.

"Now that the streets are safer to drive on my son is trying to cause accidents in front of my house."

I like the way this this person's kid thinks! Nothing like trying to terrify the people driving past your house. Someone also applauded this person's kid, writing, "I'm so glad your amazing child was able to eat one of these stupid humans before he melts."

"My friend's kid made this at school."

There were a few people who shared their own kids' answers to this question, with my favourite response of the lot being: "My daughter answered this one with 'Telling daddy to do stuff.'" That is one hell of a telling answer.

Terrifying Mother While She Works...

"My 1yo son likes to peek into my home office doors from time to time just to smile at me. Doesn't say anything, just stands there and smiles until I acknowledge him," wrote this beleaguered parent. I cannot help but feel that this kid is staring into my soul.

"Life with a toddler."

The bottom middle donut was clearly their favorite as that is the only one that has two bites out of it. Although, they probably couldn't finish it as they were so full up from taking bites out of all of the other donuts.

"Went to my friend's house and asked her kid where his mom was... He told me she was 'stuck in the attic.'"

Good to see that this person's kid was very ardently trying to help their mother! This person went on to add, "he knew I was swinging by around that time, her son is 4 and her phone was downstairs, and to add to matters she lost her voice so couldn't yell. She was trying to shout to him to bring her phone but gave up after a few failed attempts because she knew I was coming."

"Mom has had enough of my little bro."

Ah, but you can tell from the little heart at the end of the message that she meant it with love. Also, if I were this person's brother I would be getting myself a decoy toothbrush from this point on.

"I mean the kid isn't wrong."

They clearly knew that this was a bit of contentious answer as they added alternatives as well. I hope that their teacher still marked this right, even if it is not the answer that she expected it is still right!

"My son asked why there was a picture of a woman throwing a baby on the ground."

I wonder if this parent used this situation to their advantage, perhaps by saying that this is the place where parents dispose of their children who do not say please and thank you. You cannot give up an opportunity like this.

The Toilet Of Terror!

"I work at a kindergarten that’s in in a bush setting. I was going to the toilet (in our tent with a porta toilet). This was my view. The children were really creeping me out," explained this person — and it is easy to see why they were creeped out!

"Today my little brother came to me to show me what he has invented. Something is very wrong with this child."

I think that someone needs to ask this kid what the point of these things is and maybe take away his Nerf guns. Although, if he keeps a hold of them he will win every Nerf gun battle in the neighbourhood.

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