16+ Ideas That Look Strange But Actually Make a Lot Of Sense

To accept innovation, we have to be willing to accept non-conformity. Great ideas aren't always going to look the way you think they will, but that's no reason to be resistant!

This list has some examples that illustrate my point, ideas that look strange but actually make a lot of sense.

"This hotel I’m staying at has the shower shelf accessible from both inside as well as outside."

For a curtain shower, this seems senseless, but for a door shower, it's genius. So much time wasted and awkwardness gone in one snap.

"These built in flour sifters [...]."

I'm for anything that eliminates the lifting and lowering of kitchen equipment in and out of cabinets.

"A vertical chessboard."

How does this manage to confuse me more than regular chess already does.

"The way they stack the tables at this restaurant."

That's either some incredibly delicate balancing or some super strong glasses.

"This gas station has Arizona Teas in their soda machine."

Can this please become standard. I want to fill a giant, giant cup with Arizona green tea so bad.

"This WarAlarm Clock was made out of compressed paper to cut down on brass usage during WW2."

Why aren't we making more things with this paper technique? Biodegradable and strong enough to last, it seems!

"This store sells individual lids for all of those glass containers that I lose or break the lids for."

Where has this store been all my life? My lidless containers will have their match, true love at last.

"Thought I broke my screwdriver, turns out it's just reversible."

That's a nice utility, it's just a shame you had to 'break' it to find out.

"These adjustable measuring spoons I found."

I have these! Super handy, but also super annoying to clean sometimes.

"My dad's solution to his office being cold, a heat lamp."

He's right, though. It is a solution. Maybe not a smart or safe solution, but it probably works real well!

"Found this at Walmart today, it’s a KFC scented fire log."

These are kind of old news, but still incredibly baffling. Did anyone try one? Was it any good?

"The water glasses at our hotel had our room number etched in them."

Perfect for when you're ordering room service and completely blanking on the room number because that seems to happen every time.

"Honest advertising in Maui, Hawaii."

That's usually what estate sales are too. Nothing wrong with being right!

"The way this hotel arranged the firewood."

Do they actually take wood off the top and replace it? If so, that's some pretty impressive maintenance.

"This vending machine serves slices of cake."

If I could get slices of cake this conveniently, I would never even try to eat healthy again.

"Ingenious toilet overflow engineering as seen in a house I went to view."

Sometimes, simple is best! After all, who would want to replace that baby blue ceramic?

"Stereotypical [...] dad moment."

When you have a mug like that, you have to work hard to live up to it.

"Philadelphia airport has a fake fire hydrant with turf so service animals can do their business."

I can only imagine what used to happen before these became more popular. Or in airports that don't have them.

"A single serve cocktail in a CD case package."

Everyone needs a quick cocktail on the go sometimes. Well, everyone of legal drinking age, of course.

'This grocery store displays these nuts and other snacks upside down so you can see the contents more clearly."

I'd never considered this before, but the lid with the sticker really does stop you from being able to check the contents out without getting your grubby hands all over it. What a neat idea!

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