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19 Weird Things You Can Only See On Public Transit

Public transit is like a weird dimension where anything goes!

You might see people dressed in strange costumes, weird food being eaten, and disgusting things like people clipping their toenails.

And does anything get done about it? Nope. We all just suffer in silence because, well, that's public transit for ya!

Here are 19 examples of this exact craziness.

The headwarmer

Who needs hats when you have cats to warm your head from the cold?

This bus should've given a cat to each passenger who forgot their hat that day! This would be a great way to increase adoptions.

The ticket to heaven

This person was on a train when the ticket collector came around and asked for a woman's ticket.

But instead of giving it to him, she said, "This is my ticket, my ticket to heaven." He replied, "Well I’ve got bad news for you, madam, this train’s going to Hastings."

The "daughter"

When Natalie was told she couldn't take her dog on the bus with her anymore, she came up with a solution.

While some people bypass the rules by putting their dogs in a Costco bag, she decided to create a third daughter!

The baked potato

"I once sat next to a man who pulled a baked potato out of a briefcase and ate it like an apple," this man tweeted.

This is just like in Sex and the City when the man Carrie encountered at jury duty kept pulling out random fruits from his briefcase.

The eyebrows

Eugene Levy is shaking in his boots! There's another man who has longer eyebrows than him. Although, we're not so sure this is a good thing. How will this man see where he's going?

The hat

After a man's hat got pulled off during his commute, he pulled out another hat without missing a beat.

This is the work of a man who has been through this situation one too many times.

The phone case

When you want to use your cellphone, but you also want to clean on the go, too.

Mark was tired of seeing stains on the bus window, so he came u[ with the perfect solution with his phone case!

The awkward conversation

"Listened to 2 middle aged women on the bus talk about their prolapsed vaginas," this man tweeted. "No one got off until they did. I missed my stop and was late for work."

Personally, we'd get off as soon as they started talking.


It's another glitch in the matrix! These girls all look the same, down to their jeans and sneakers. What's even more odd is how two of these guys next to them also look identical.

The hardboiled eggs

Everything was going so well at first! The woman had a cute dog. But then it all went downhill when she brought out the eggs that smell like farts to feed said cute dog.

The morning rush

[Instagram | @humansoftrulai](https://www.instagram.com/p/BLs0DVnFLoc/

Mornings aren't for everyone. You may forget to brush your teeth or forget to take out your comb, like this older man did! That, or this was the result of his grandson playing a prank on him.

The a-peel-ing man

What, you don't carry your bananas on your head? Jokes on you!

What have you been doing all your life? Carrying bananas on your head frees up your hands to do other things, like eat a banana.

The black death

Oh, the people you'll encounter on buses!

You didn't expect to see someone dressed as the doctors during the plague. But on the bright side, you won't be catching COVID-19 from this fella!

The garbage bag

"My husband once forgot to drop the bin bag at the bins at the end of the garden and got on the train with it instead, had to sit next to it for his commute," this woman tweeted.

The weiner dog

We'd like to think this is cute because, duh, it's a wiener dog!

But once it sinks in that this bus driver has a fake dog upfront with him, food bowl and all, you start to fear for your safety.

The salmon

"I sat opposite a bloke who was singing a lullaby to something wrapped in smelly newspaper which he was holding like a baby," this woman tweeted. "Turned out to be a salmon."

He was just singing it to sleep!

The tattoos

This is more unexpected than any of the other weirdos people we've encountered here!

Just imagine you're her grandchild and you tell her that you're not hungry. She's one tough grandma you don't want to anger.

The potato salad

"My wife watched a man on a bus eat potato salad using a credit card as some kind of rudimentary mouth shovel," this man tweeted.

We shudder to think of all the germs on there.

The wallet

Unsplash | Emil Kalibradov

"Once on the bus home there was a guy talking loudly on his phone, but instead of a phone it was his wallet," this man tweeted. We tried this before too, but the service was absolutely terrible.