25 Times A Font Change Could Have Made All The Difference

For as long as I remember, I've been a fan of pretty calligraphy. I was even taught it in elementary school. So I always rejoice when I see beautifully written out and spaced-out text.

However, it doesn't seem that everybody understands this art form. And it's very evident in these blatant kerning fails here. Take a look at them and let me know which one you think is the worst.

1. This Ominous Message

Oh no, say it isn't so. Did somebody say, "Absolutely NOINK in this area?" What does that even mean? I think this is something that only pigs can understand. Oink you think so, too?

2. This Thanksgiving Message

Let me ask you: would you hang this on your door to welcome your Thanksgiving guests? Um, heck no! I don't think so. Why did this person even buy this? I'm baffled.

3. This Restaurant Menu

I always admire when a restaurant menu looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It gives me some confidence that what I'm about to order is going to taste great. I can't really say the same about this awfully spaced menu here.

4. This Candle Burning Safety Instructions

Honestly, I just took a wild guess here. I think these are some kind of candle-burning instructions. It's too bad though, that they're written in gibberish. So use them at your own risk if you have to.

5. This 'Antioxd Ant'

So I've definitely heard of antioxidants, but never antioxd ant. This isn't the way to get people who have no clue about it to understand it either. Nice marketing fail, eh? I'm laughing so hard at this.

6. This Head Scratcher

Okay, so of course I know what this pillow was supposed to say, but this obvious spacing fail just made my entire day. I hope it brings a smile to your face as well. Don't you love it?

7. This Odd Font Choice

Who is the genius who thought this font choice here was a winner? I have no clue what this message even says? Can anybody explain it to me? This isn't a good way to advertise your upcoming sale.

8. This Fun Sign

The only thing that comes to mind when I see this is the song "Genie in a Bottle," ha, ha! And now thanks to this I can't stop singing it. Did they get you, too? I want to know.

9. This Store Sign

Ha, ha, I love this font here ya'll. If only they could get the spacing right so it wouldn't look like "starw arst o re." Am I right? I wonder how many people made fun of it.

10. This Plea

I don't know about you, but I feel like this person had enough of people littering. From the looks of it, it seems like they're shouting at anybody willing to hear it. Okay, okay, we get it, alright?

11. This Microsoft Gaffe

Oh no, Microsoft. Why would you even include this absolutely horrid font? It makes zero sense to me at all. Who in their right mind would write anything using it? Is this for real, or are they making a joke?

12. This Beach Warning

Whoever happens to visit this beach, good luck reading this message here. I guess they simply ran out of space and decided to print it like this anyway. I say, good going, genius. On to the next project, you go.

13. This Bag Writing

It's really awesome to see a warning label on this bag. However, I'm not sure who they mean when they refer to "Kidsor kidults." That is probably the funniest writing error I have ever seen.

14. This Book

So you would think that whoever proofread this book before it went to print would have picked this up, huh? It's pretty obvious to me that this book editor must've fallen asleep on the job and then rushed it to print. Oh, no!

15. This Odd Signage

Um, I don't know about you, but a meat merlot doesn't sound all that good to me. I think they meant to say, "You had me at Merlot". Why didn't anybody spot this crappy mistake here?

16. This Directionally Challenged Message

If you were a student reading this, don't feel too bad if you got lost. I have no idea what they thought when they posted this campus launch pamphlet here. Somebody obviously didn't think this through.

This Uniform

For the record, this is supposed to say "click. pick. delivered." But it doesn't look like it, does it? It sure does look like it says something else, doesn't it? Oops.

17. I Have No Idea What This Says

This is supposed to be a last-minute ad for holiday shopping, but damn if I know what for. I think the owl is the object for sale? But beyond that, it's all Greek to me.

18. Well, That's A Weird Carpet

Bootlegger 1974...ALSNER. No. HLSNER. Wait! It's Pilsner, or so I'm guessing.

My other favorite part of this carpet has to be the way the quote around it is formatted. "If you can't don't be good be bad."

19. Candle Instructions Slightly Unclear

Well those are interesting instructions, aren't they? We all know step one when burning any candle is to bum within sight. It's very important to know where your bum is at all times

20. This Embroidery Needs Some Work

You had meat coffee! Isn't that neat? You didn't know you had meat coffee, but this hat is here to inform you that you did. If I saw this hat in the wild, I would assume it was a meme hat, tbh.

21. Whale, Whale, Whale

What do we have here? It's a failure to place the dot of an i high up enough to make "inhale" legible! Then again, I would kind of like a picture in my home that says "whale exhale." I like the vibe of that.

22. A Case of Too Much Space

Tenants only? No, ten ants only. Limit 10 per gathering. They're being limited by COVID restrictions, you see. We gotta stop the spread of COVID in the ant population, you see.

23. Can I Get Some Mad Poultry?

Chicken fingers are out, chicken angers are in. Instead of chicken strips, a chicken comes out of the kitchen and chases you around the restaurant! Dinner and a show.

24. This Wheelchair Sign

Um, come again? What is this wheelchair sign trying to convey here? "Federallaw requires thatthisarea bevacated whenneeded bywheelchair users." I don't know about you but I give up. Would it kill them to get this right?

25. This Tea Kettle

Ah, I love this pink tea kettle here. I'm just not sure what kind of message they're trying to convey. What's with the odd spacing, eh? They had to mess with a good thing, and that's a shame.

I don't know about you, but I can't stop laughing at these ridiculous messages here.

For somebody who values aesthetics a lot, these are cringe-worthy AF. Have you ever stumbled upon any stupidity as bad as these examples here? I would love to see more of these, hee-hee.