20 Pics That Really, Really Need More Context To Make Any Sense At All

As much as any good picture can stand on its own two feet, it's sometimes good to get a little bit more context. You know, just to make sure you really know what's going on.

These pictures could definitely use some context. They may have some, but that might not be enough to answer every single one of your questions.

"The way the logo from my Spyder underwear came off in the dryer. At least it would’ve been easy to burn the house down had it been real."

On the plus side, if you found a black widow in your dryer after you'd just used it, you probably wouldn't have to worry about it attacking you. Luckily, it was just a false alarm.

"This sign on a children’s playground looks like a calling card for Squid Game."

It's so funny how shapes existed long before Squid Game, but you can't look at them anymore without thinking of the iconic Netflix show. Good thing that isn't an actual phone number (probably).

"These titles have different spellings of aluminium."

Fun fact: both of these are right. Unless you live in North America, you might be used to the word being 4 syllables instead of just 3. How the same word can be such a different word is beyond me.

"My Son's Blanket Was Happy to Be Done Spinning."

No, this isn't some creepy, possessed washing machine. It's just a blanket that had a smiley face on it, that just so happened to be in the center of the machine during the spin cycle. So weird, though.

"My Mac and cheese flavor dust are 2 different colors, and they match the box discoloration."

I'm... not really sure if this is a good thing. Like, if the cheese dust is a different color, wouldn't that mean it isn't good anymore?

"Ordered Jimmy John’s delivery, and received an empty plastic container labeled 'free smells.' I know it’s a marketing slogan but weirded me out."

Yep, that sure is a thing that someone did. I'm not sure why anyone would think a plastic container full of "free smells" would be a great promotion, but I guess worse things have happened.

"According to this poster at my vet’s office, both dogs and cats can eat rice, but only cats are allowed to eat rice with chopsticks."

I guess we've cracked the code. Cats are way smarter than we've ever given them credit for. They even know how to use chopsticks! They probably only use them when we aren't looking.

"My sister's hoodie perfectly matched the color of the Hard Seltzer can in my fridge."

Well... one of them is going to have to go change. Don't you just hate it when you're wearing the same outfit as someone else, but that someone else happens to be a can of Hard Seltzer?

"Found two glasses pretzels in the same bag."

To be honest, they look more like pig snouts than pairs of glasses to me. Either way, though, it's weird that there were two of them in the same bag. Like, what are the odds?

"City workers in Mobile, AL use a Mardi Gras float to trim trees prior to parades."

I mean, you spend all that money on a float you only use once a year? No way, use them for other things, too. At the very least, it'll brighten up someone's day, even on a regular Tuesday.

"Someone left a grandfather clock in a Target parking lot."

You might be thinking, "why did someone leave a grandfather clock in the middle of a Target parking lot?" Well I'm here to tell you that I have no idea.

Free clock, anyone?

"The height of this underpass in my local town is 4ft 9in. It's under a bridge next to a river."

Considering the average adult is much to tall to clear that underpass, what's the point? Is it for kids only? Do they expect people to crawl to the other side?

"In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, people only bought the mint flavored tums- all the fruit remains."

The best part of Thanksgiving is all the food. The worst part is all the indigestion. It looks like all the households in the area had the same idea this year.

"Scanned three identical items at Ikea, third one came up with the item ID as the price and almost cost me $168 for a $3 carafe!"

Luckily, it looks like the cashier caught that mistake before this person was accidentally mischarged $168. How does such a huge mistake even happen?

"I've had this cat since 2013 and this is her reaction to us putting up a Christmas tree for the first time."

I think it's safe to say the cat likes the tree. So much so, that I think the tree belongs to the cat, now. Which means all the presents that go under it will belong to the cat, too.

"I caught a mouse by closing my air vent."

This is great and all, but there's one bigger problem that remains, now. How do you get the mouse out of the vent without it escaping? This job is far from over.

"When you clean out the table saw after a few jobs it looks straight up geological."

This looks like a lot of things. A weird stack of carpets. Some kind of strange, moldy cake. A diagram of the Earth's crust. What it doesn't look like, though, is different kinds of table saw dust.

"7'2" man in an economy seat."

This plane looks super tiny. It's a regular sized plane, though; it's just that the guy sitting there is so much bigger than the average person. I bet he makes everyone look like ants.

"My dad's salt and pepper shaker collection."

I think we all need to collect something. Some people might choose stamps, others might choose vintage records. And some people might choose salt and pepper shakers, for whatever reason.

At least he won't run out of salt or pepper anytime soon.

"My toilet roll has a link to entertain you while your do you business."

I looked at the link, and it's literally just a site that tells you what kind of random things you can do while on the toilet. I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of a genius way to advertise.

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