30 Pics That Left Us Laughing So Hard That Our Coffee Came Out Our Nose

There's no better mood lifter than a good bout of laughter. No matter what kind of day you're having, it can be made better with a few giggles, maybe even a belly laugh if the moment strikes you.

To aid in bringing you the content that'll get those laughs out, I've compiled this list of pics so funny they'll have you busting a gut. Or just blowing some air out of your nose.

"I would like to share with you all the time I was politely dissed by R.L. Stine. I was in 4th Grade and mailed my book to him to autograph."

The R.L. Stine lover in me wants to believe this was an accident, that he would never purposely upset a child like this when he loves to write for them so much, but I can also admit that it'd be a lot funnier if this was on purpose.

"Penalty box. Too many fouls on counter."

He looks pissed about it too. When he gets let out, you can bet there will be hell to pay, he wont' show any mercy on or off the field. You better get those veggies out of the way, or else they're going to go flying.

"Dropped my bottle of Frank's hot sauce from the fridge and the spillage looks like the golden ratio. The universe is trying to tell me something."

This feels like some sort of case of divine intervention, but they couldn't figure out what exactly to tell you or how to say it, they just wanted to let you know that they're there and they're watching. They're messing with you just a little.

"Our teacher was missing so we decided to do this."

Was this teacher for your art class? Because as terrifying as this is, it's also pretty impressive for some students to just whip up in the few minutes they have before their teacher arrives late. It has a smile and everything!

"My friend showed up to his favorite Ramen restaurant to find this list of policies that used images of him from his last visit."

They either did this because they truly secretly hate this guy, or they love him so much as a frequent customer that they thought it'd make him laugh. Though, if this ever happened to me, I would be on my knees begging for forgiveness. I'll never loiter again, I promise!

"I had to point out the humor displayed by CVS by selling this dog toy in their own store, poking fun at themselves and their legendary long receipts."

The sheer amount of puns this one toy has on it is astronomically high, it'll throw the pun data way off if we don't count it as an outlier! Really, though, it's pretty dang funny and I'm sure dogs would love it.

"My time has come."

At least they're being honest? Sure, it isn't the nicest approach, but if they're upfront about how they consider their staff and applicants are upfront about how little they bring to the table, no one can be disappointed later on.

"Cat comes every so often to the back of the house to let us know it’s meal time."

I get it. This is exactly how I look into both my oven and my microwave whenever I'm making, well, anything. There is no time more decadent than mealtime, no matter what it is you're cooking up for yourself or local cats.

"The circle is complete."

I wasn't around to see the rise of the home phone, but I do remember when everyone started switching from home phones to smartphones. This seems like the next logical step. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

"I won’t name names but looks like SOMEONE ate their mom’s lipstick."

I don't know, she seems innocent to me. What evidence do you even have that she ate lipstick? Maybe she just had a particularly messy pomegranate, or was cooking with paprika and had the bag pop open. It's not nice to accuse people so quickly.

"My birthday cake this year."

I love the fact that this person could've done anything they wanted for their 35th birthday, and they chose to make the cake SpongeBob themed. And yet, it's still very adult. The different fruit slices on the top really make it.

"In the bathroom at my parents house."

That bottom clause seems a little strange to me. Why press both at all if there's a chance you'll have to do it yourself anyway, just get up and do it! Wait, is that button even connected to anything? I've been caught in a ruse!

"Good thing I was wearing my winter coat last night. It was a little brisk."

Good thing this is just a typo, because this would be an inhumanly cold temperature. I don't think a regular winter coat would be enough to keep you warm at -196 degrees, though. You might need at least 4 extra coats.

"This perfectly in-tact pretzel has been here for a year now <3 me and my s/o check to make sure it’s still there every time we go on a walk, and it always is."

People were theorizing that this was a toy seeing as no wild animals, birds, or insects have eaten at it over the past year, but regardless of its edible status, it's still impressive that it's stayed put for so long!

"No dents for this guy. The cones are a nice touch."

You can tell that someone is proud of their car. It may look absolutely ridiculous, but it probably works wonders. And honestly, would you rather your car look silly sometimes but be scratch-free, or would you rather it get dented in every parking garage?

"A fun game I like to play at work. I call it chip roulette."

Do you inform your coworkers when you play chip roulette? Or do you toss away the bags and watch the chaos unfold before you, hearing people curse out your name as they fell for another one of your evil little tricks.

"I, for one, like the new name better."

They said no more games. No more tactics, no more fluff, they're cutting right to the chase. They're Italian AF. If you don't like that, go find another Italian restaurant, but know that you're missing out on the most Italian cuisine in the city.

"Bobblehead uses #17."

I'm going to go ahead and state the obvious here: this probably won't work that well. If you knock your desk, that bobble head is going to go wild. And... you can probably feel an earthquake happening. I do appreciate the thought here, though.


Oh, that makes me feel so much better. I was really hoping to find all Matthews without any Gregs. I'm a little concerned about the chance of getting a Janine, though. It's Matthews or bust for me!

"We too have family traditions."

There's nothing quite like royally messing up the same thing year after year with family. Never learning, never growing, just knowing in advance something will fail in a spectacular way and planning for backups in order to recover from it.

"Dr. Pepper I think you went too far this time."

If you're obsessed with Dr. Pepper, then you may love Dr. Pepper-flavored baked beans. I can honestly say that I don't want to know what they taste like, but I'm sure they'll appeal to someone out there. They're for sale, after all.

"Someone posted their dog to a group I’m in and it looks like a statue made of a dog by a person who forgot what dogs look like halfway through and just winged it."

Yeah, it looks like they started from the bottom and worked their way up, as the body looks great, but that head is something else. I can't even pinpoint what exactly looks so off about it, but it's something for sure.


I feel like Google knew exactly what they were doing here. "Oh, you're afraid of the dark? How about a nice dark theme to stare at all day and night." I guess something can be said for facing your fears.

"This balloon Olaf turning into a... HAPPY SNOWMAN!"

Poor Olaf. He can't be around during summer because he's made of snow. His balloon version can't stay inflated forever. The guy just can't win. But at least he always keeps a smile on his face, even while he's literally dying.

"These displays turned off make it look like a crime scene."

Either some store employee just didn't care enough about this display to make it look good, or these display decorations have really been through it. The fact that they're deflated is one thing, but the mess of boxes all over the place makes it look like an actual fight happened here.

"I turned 30 on Thursday and this is how my best friend showed up to my house."

It's nice to see the grim reaper is expressing themself through fashion a little now too. The Celtic knot patterned trim, the white-lined hood, it's all very chic and really make them stand out! Sure they may be collecting the dead, but they deserve to feel fabulous too!

"I like to walk on opposite footsteps, to make it look like someone has been jumping."

I like to imagine the person who stumbles across these and actually notices how they're positioned, is completely baffled, then they spend the rest of their night imagining the person who was jumping down the street. It's so many layers of people imagining other people.

"Knights lining up to receive their meal from the king."

After a day chock full of combat victories and more claimed the land for the kingdom's front, the king decides to treat his strong and reliable knights to the royal delicacy of a burger. Few outside the king's own family knows such decadence, but they've earned it.

"Saw this in traffic today."

The vibe here reads very much like they weren't necessarily planning on having kids, but now that they do have them, they're going to rock it out as best they can and raise some cool kids anyway. When life gives you lemons, I mean, children.

"A lady who walked by me today in full crochet with purse included."

She even made sure her shoes matched, that level of detail is simply unparalleled. Good for her, she clearly put in a lot of work to finish her grand creation, and she deserves to show it off. What an icon!

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