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20 Funny Pets Who Are In Over Their Cute, Little Heads

Pets are our beloved companions, the little furbabies who we'll insist are brilliant despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.

I'm not here to say that cats and dogs are dumb. I'm just saying that they're not always the sharpest tools in the shed.

"Still fits!"

Reddit | sasa13m

This is one of the more adorable characteristics you'll see when you raise a kitten or puppy into adulthood. They'll keep occupying their old haunts, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they clearly outgrew the area months ago.

"Gave her a TP tube to play with, and she proceeded to breathe through it like this for over a minute...."

Reddit | livin4advntr

Sometimes you give a pet a certain object and it completely blows their mind. I think that's what's happened here.

"Heeeelp meeeee."

Reddit | osogood

This cat is either being overly dramatic or it's completely lost in its reverie. In any event, it's safe to say that this cat is most definitely being a derpy idiot, which is enough to include it on this list.

"If I lick it, no one else can have it."

Reddit | BoopBoop20

Some cats are dainty beasts who will only eat human food if it's held out for them. Others are gluttonous little gremlins who will grab whatever they can. I'll let you guess which category this one belongs in.

"Potatoes gonna potate."

Reddit | proygratoke

I forget what type of dog this is, but the golden brown coat often makes them look like little deep-fried shrimp. In this case, the potato vibes are more on point, especially since I can't make out any legs.

"Being sexy for ya."

Reddit | kvetagris

Cats just love to put on a sassy pose and give you the bedroom eyes. I have no idea why that is, considering they're hissing and clawing at us most of the time. I guess they all have their sensual side.

"The kitten will only stop crying if I hold him upside down…"

Reddit | violinfiddleman

Kittens have weird personalities that often don't carry over into adulthood. This guy will probably stop crying eventually, but for the time being, it's probably best to just keep him inverted.

"My dog's favorite toy. Watching the faces of people who are walking past when my dog is staring out the window with them in his mouth is brilliant."

Reddit | Hanfaz94

I wonder if this dog has any idea how this toy looks in its mouth.

"Don’t drop the catnip."

Reddit | HopeThisHelps90

Catnip is a wondrous thing: a cheap plant that grows like a weed and makes cats go absolutely bonkers for some reason. There's nothing like sprinkling some 'nip on the nearest cat and watching the chaos unfold.

"Appa being his typical majestic self."

Reddit | CactusCat42

This pic is so very close to being frame-worthy. It's just too bad this doggo had to ruin it all by, well, being himself. Ehh, maybe it's worth putting in a frame after all.

"During my morning commute I spotted this lovely derp."

Reddit | thetinycatt

I suppose the owner is being considerate to the other commuters by keeping the dog bagged up, but I'd rather they be considerate to the dog by allowing it to breathe.

"Nola on our morning walk. I thought I’d take one of those cute pics of a happy dog run but i got this instead."

Reddit | emlo4

This is derpy and cute because it was taken during daylight hours, but this pic would be pure nightmare fuel if it was taken at night.

"Pure derp."

My heart always goes out to the pets at a vet's office, because they're always in distress. Then I see a pet that's on serious meds from surgery and my concern morphs into a case of the giggles.

"Hello, Clarice."

Reddit | [deleted]

This cat isn't trying to look stupid or evil. It's just utilizing the conveniently-placed gap in this chair to its advantage. The stupid and evil look is purely a happy coincidence. No fava beans and no chianti here.

"Mistakes have been made."

Reddit | ___zach_b

Pics like this are the reason I've never committed to installing a pet door for the various cats and dogs I've had over the years. I know they'll keep growing while the door will stay the same size.

"Pickles likes tuna more than the raccoons apparently."

Reddit | xPlatypusVenom

If you've ever wondered if a raccoon trap was big enough and strong enough to catch a large, dumb dog, I think you have your answer. I have no idea how he's getting out of this jam.

"One of my puppies bit my finger then pulled back and made this face for a solid 10 seconds, he’s my favorite."

Reddit | thaiede

There's nothing like an extended derpface. I mean, derpfaces happen all the time, but they don't usually last long enough for you to bust out the camera.

"Gizmo's not the brightest tool in the shed."

Reddit | scissorbritches

I wonder what this cat's endgame is. I mean, if it wants water, it could just wait for it to drip down. Otherwise, it's just gnawing on the faucet, which is kind of dumb.

"Caught my cat just casually living in a different realm of gravity."

Reddit | ClashIdeas

How deep does that area go and how many dimensions are back there? I ask because it looks like that cat might be on a different plane for a while.

"I regret the thing I did."

Reddit | aspie-asexual

This is kind of the dog equivalent of a cat who climbs way up in a tree with no plan on how it's going to get back down. At least it would be easier to rescue this dog from its predicament.

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