Show Your Furbaby Some Love With A Cookie Cutter In The Shape Of Their Face

Are you a pet parent who loves baking? Are you a little obsessed with your furry friend? Same. That's why I was delighted to find BakersStreetCutters, an Etsy shop dedicated to making custom, unique cookie cutters!

From dogs, to cats, to David Bowie, BakersStreetCutters has a cookie cutter for you!

Though they have pop culture offerings, it's clear animals are the hit at BakersStreetCutters.

You can see why! The detail the shop's owner, Ivan, puts into the cookie cutters is immense. From the expressive eyes to the cute nose, these cookie cutters are a dog lover's dream.

They have cats, too!

Look at those sweet little sphinx cookies!

Ivan takes custom orders on his Etsy, so you can design a cookie cutter that looks exactly like your pet.

Reviewers love the cookie cutters!

"I love my cookie cutters so much! They look exactly like my dogs!" One review wrote.

Those dogs legitimately look too cute to eat! Is it me, or would those be so fun to ice with icing sugar?

Pet owners love Ivan, too.

"Ivan responded quickly to my messages and gave me some great tips to keep the details when baking."

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get you a cookie cutter shaped like your pet, and get baking!