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20 Times Our Pets Were Unintentionally, Adorably Funny

In theory, the pets that we love are majestic, resplendent creatures. But, more often than not, they're deeply derpy creatures.

Now, let's not judge them for this, because without said derpyness, life would be a lot less entertaining. Let's celebrate our derpy pets.

"The Committee Against Vaccuum Cleaners."

Reddit | 9999monkeys

You'd think that cats and dogs would just, like, get over vacuum cleaners eventually. After the first few times, they ought to know that the vacuum may be big and loud, but is no threat.

"A very happy girl!"

Reddit | ocyane

Aww, this pic just makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy. Knowing that this greyhound is a rescue dog and looking into her sweet, soulful eyes, the feelings of love and protectiveness are almost enough to distract from her hilarious expression.

"Your package of derp will arrive on Caturday."

Reddit | JohnNova85

Cats are known to fit into boxes in all sorts of awkward ways, so in some ways, this photo isn't remarkable at all. What really makes it is the 'What have I gotten myself into?' facial expression.

"Cat activated the video doorbell after being locked outside."

Reddit | ChaseSTi

On one hand, this cat did well in utilizing technology to get let back into the house. On the other hand, it sure managed to look like a dummy in the process.

"I hope my disguise works!"

Reddit | TheNewPlum

There are two ways to look at this photo: one way, in which a cat is looking through a hole in an unrelated picture. The other way, where the cat's eyes are just part of a weird face, is kind of disturbing.

"This guy sure knows how to take a photo!"

Reddit | diverareyouok

Can someone check on this dog? I mean, I really appreciate the adorable, funny photo and all, but I'd like to know that his head and neck still work as intended.

"This dog thinks he's a cat."

Reddit | AWU_Hades

It's always interesting to see how animals will imitate different species depending on who their housemates are. It's an admirable effort by this dog, but I don't think his cat impression is really fooling anybody.

"Goat seeking trampoline."

Reddit | harboringgrace

I didn't even know that goats cared about trampolines in the first place, but judging by this guy's expressions, they get downright ornery when they no longer have trampoline access. Better get him a new one, stat.

"This photo of Sophie fits here perfectly."

Reddit | Jackied96

I'm sure Sophie is a very sweet, very loving girl who is in turn loved by her humans. But all I have to go on is this pic, where she looks like a goblin.

"I think this is derp enough."

Reddit | alamperwira89

I agree: this is, in fact, derp enough. Did someone give this cat tranquilizers or something, or does he just look like this naturally? That would be a distracting face to see around the house.

"Guess which is the weird one."

Reddit | jix333

Every family has that one weird sibling, the one who goes out of their way to get noticed and attract attention. Perhaps you're that sibling! This phenomenon clearly extends to cat families as well.

"So I bought this vase specifically for her yesterday and she approved."

Reddit | derpinu-

Let's extend our reach and include aquatic pets in this list as well. They may be a little less dynamic, but they have a lot of potential for hilarity under the right circumstances.

"This last second photo I just took of my cat stretching her arms and sneezing. I’ve been uncontrollably laughing for the past 5 minutes now."

Modern cameras and their 'burst' functionality are an incredible gift when it comes to capturing split-second instances of pet derpyness.

"My cousin's hamster after eating a ton of popcorn."

I knew that squirrels would stuff their cheeks hilariously full of food, but didn't know that hamsters did this as well. This guy needs to chill. There's more popcorn where that came from.

"My dad bought a cactus to discourage Mingus from getting on the counter. Here's Mingus with the cactus. (Photo by my dad)."

Reddit | mristre

This is kind of like buying a scarecrow to scare the crows, then winding up with more crows than you'd ever seen before.

"My dog really loves bubbles."

Reddit | MarvelousFizz

Does this dog really like bubbles? I'm asking that sincerely, because I'm looking at the facial expression, and I'm not too sure what it means. This dog either loves bubbles or is deeply afraid of them.

"Got my cat a tent, I think he likes it."

Reddit | YeetLePotato

I think this photo would be plenty funny even if it wasn't for the big cartoon eyes, but things are definitely brought to a hilarious new level by their inclusion.

"My derps."

Reddit | FONTINA

There's an old stereotype that cats and dogs don't get along, but plenty of pet owners will tell you otherwise. In fact, sometimes they grow to love each other, and provide many moments of shared derp over their lives.

"I see your muddy pupper, and I raise you mine."

Reddit | RadioaktivJ

Dogs have a way of seeking out, and then covering themselves in, mud. Sometimes it seems like they're barely aware of the fact that they're transformed themselves into mud monsters.

"My indoor cat’s first time experiencing heights and he instantly regretted it."

Reddit | supercj926

Cats are great at climbing. It's the coming back down that they struggle with. At least it's easier to rescue a cat from a stepladder than it is to rescue one from a tree.