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19 People Who Are Definitely Having Some Bad Days

If you thought you were having a bad day, you haven't seen the nightmares other people have gone through.

We're talking about accidentally bringing cat litter to work for lunch and having your picture plastered on a bus advertisement as the face behind sex trafficking.

So get ready to cheer up a bit knowing that other people have it worse than you!

This person who should probably look for a new psychiatrist

These two are sure going to have a lot to talk about in tomorrow's session.

Therapist: So, Justin pushes glasses down to bridge of nose Where did the words 'peepee poopoo' stem from in your childhood."

This guy whose food got catnapped

"My dad left his window down in his truck while he stepped away for a few minutes and a feral cat got in and ate all of his tacos," this Redditor wrote. Must've been one hungry cat!

This person who forgot her house has security cameras

Must all of our life's embarrassing moments be caught on camera?! Can't we go to get cereal at 3 a.m., fall down the stairs, and question our life choices in PEACE?!

This person who's going to be late for work

"My commute is 45 minutes. Just pulled up to the office, reached for my bags and," this Redditor wrote. On the bright side, he lives in a very safe neighborhood!

This person who got off at the wrong stop

This has happened to pretty much everyone before. But never as bad as this Redditor who had to wait seven hours for the next train in the middle of nowhere!

This man who regrets his job in stock photography

"My friend works as an extra in movies and does stock photography.... just saw him pictured as a sex offender on a bus in Florida," this Redditor wrote. Time to join the witness protection program!

This son who made this unfortunate discovery

"I'm 49 ..... Just found this in my mum's bookcase..." this Redditor wrote. We can only imagine what prompted this mother to buy this. Was it one too many crayons up the nose?

This man who's wedding took place at the same time as a furry convention

Two birds one stone, eh? The hotel had every chance to not double-book these two events, but where would the fun in that be?

This person who has incompetent co-workers

"It's always a pleasure to realize that your coworkers don't know how to close a box properly," this Redditor wrote. "Right when you're ready to go home." Hopefully he gets overtime?

This person whose food got catnapped part II

"DoorDashed food and in the 5 minutes it took me to get to the door, the neighbors cat ate through the box and stole some chicken," this Redditor wrote.

This grandma who's having a hard time with her new mixer

All she wanted to do was show her favorite grandson how she uses her mixer to make bread and now look! She'll have to change into her all-pink outfit next.

This person who was their boss's afterthought

"Walked to work in a thunderstorm, but my boss forgot to tell me we all have today off," this Redditor wrote.

That's when you use this time to set pranks in the office!

This person who just wanted a peaceful bike ride

Unfortunately, his bike ride was too close to a nesting magpie. Those things can be vicious! It's not like he can really get away from the animal that flies through the air.

These bakers who seriously miscalculated

"When the bakers make the mix wrong and don’t realize yeast doesn’t just stop working because it’s in a dumpster," this Redditor wrote.

Looks like The Blob Part III. We'd totally see that movie.

This person who might want to order take-out for lunch

And you thought the person who microwaves fish for lunch in the office was bad?!

This person brought a bag of used cat litter to throw away on the way to work and their lunch. Guess which one made it to work?

This person whose drill played a game of hide and seek

"Whipped myself into a frustrated rage trying to find my drill for half an hour," this Redditor wrote. Forget Where's Waldo. Where's the drill?!

This dog owner whose regrets buying their dog a new bed

Judging by that smile, this dog regrets nothing! He doesn't know that dog beds cost an arm and a leg. He just wanted to ensure he can keep sleeping in bed with his mom.

This dog owner who just wants control again

LOL, we're not sure why this girl is making such a big deal over this. All she has to do is take her dog to the DMV and have him get his driver's license. Easy.

This woman who needs a new license plate

We're not sure what the problem is here. This woman DOESN'T want duck 24/7?! We'll take that any day.

Those little furry creatures are so adorable. And let's be honest, they're delicious, too! Tastes just like chicken.