Unsplash | Lidya Nada

15 Times The Universe Knew How To Troll People

Answers to the big questions surrounding human existence have been debated for centuries. I honestly don't know what I believe, but I do know one thing — the universe has an incredible sense of humor.

Call it "Murphy's Law" or chalk it all up to sheer coincidence. The fact of the matter is that when you look at these 15 people, it's impossible to argue anything other than the universe knows how to troll people.

It's wet-willy time, Moe!

How would you feel if, on your first foray into active combat, some joker lifts your visor and pokes you in the eye, Three Stooges style?! You block the attack by putting your hand to the tip of your nose, soldier!

Those Buckeyes aren't going to like this one bit.

I myself have never been to Ohio so I really can't weigh in on the matter. The Buckeye State has my sympathies, but I can't help but laugh at what is a rather clever joke.

I'm guessing that the person who lives here must be Swedish.

Damn Daniel, what did the Danish ever do to you? I've never seen a sign that was comprised of so much love yet so much hate at the same time!

That Croatian coastline is something to behold.

I hate to say it but it looks like Bosnia and Herzegovina traded the best coastal real estate on the planet for a handful of magic beans. This gives all new meaning to the phrase, "so close, yet so far."

Karma never smelled so sweet.

So apparently Australia is a horrible country to be openly vegan — good to know! I'm not saying that this woman didn't ask for it, but isn't this just a tad overkill? No pun intended.

Clearly, Jim isn't very well liked.

What's most funny about this photo is it's precisely what I could see my best friends doing to me, had they the means to afford themselves a farm. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure they'd even pay a farmer to do this for them.

Well, this kid clearly wasn't paying attention.

You just know that the last words out of this poor Coast Guard's mouth were "the water gun is not a toy!" Clearly, that thing packs a powerful punch because he's literally sailing through the air.

Take that! You stupid fish.

The more I learn about octopuses, the more I like them! I know it sounds immature, and maybe even a little mean, but I derive great humor and satisfaction from thinking about octopi randomly punching fish for no reason whatsoever.

The best kind of revenge always involves poop.

It took me a while to clue into what's actually going on in the photo. Apparently, for a small price, this animal shelter will write the name of whomever you so choose on the inside of the cats' litter box.

Those are some seriously badass wasps.

I seriously wouldn't want to mess with these wasps. Clearly, nothing scares them — not even the threat of death. You can't reason with wasps like that and if it were me, I'd have chucked that cooler.

What does the fox say?

Please let this be real; please let this be real! My heartfelt sympathy goes out to this poor man, but what must he have done to be systematically targetted and continually assaulted by a skulk of foxes?

This is just plain cruel.

You know those days when you stop and think to yourself "Man, I just should've stayed in bed." Well, having your car randomly sink into a giant hole in the earth is the ultimate testament to that statement.

That's what happens when you don't change the water in your bird bath, Karen.

Do you think that they didn't like the patio furniture? Clearly, something this woman did has pissed these buzzards off to no avail! This sounds like something straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Talk about an electric personality!

What did you do, man? Honestly, I want to know — because it's almost mathematically impossible for a human being to be struck by lightning three times in their lifetime, and once again after death.

Somebody cue the Alanis Morissette.

It's a little bit ironic, don't you think? I mean sure, you might worry about having your car dinged or keyed while it's left in a parking lot, but for a plane to come falling out of the sky; how do you anticipate that?