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20 Wholesome Pics That Are Soothing Our Stressed Out Souls Right Now

Is there more good than evil in the world? It often doesn't feel like it. That said, there's still a whole ton of good, wholesome stuff going on if you're willing to look for it. The following pics should put an optimistic spring in your step.

"Chad moment."

Reddit | Lizard_Licker123

Back in the days when fathers-to-be were expected to just hang out in the waiting room and smoke cigarettes with each other, the moment when they finally saw their baby could clearly be overwhelming. Case in point: this pic.

"When technology is used for good."

Reddit | funlover007

It seems that we can't do anything about poachers and their incessant thirst for rhino horns, so this is how you fight fire with fire. This is technology that would have been unheard of just a few years ago.

"The people we actually need."

Reddit | kimeysia

Bartenders do more than just dispense drinks and (hopefully) prevent folks from being over-served. Some of them, like this dude, go above and beyond to ensure that their customers feel like they're in a safe environment.

"Just be kind."

This is a helpful analogy. Life can be tough, and we all exist under different circumstances. It's easier for some than others, so all we can do is try to be empathetic and understanding of these differences.

"Surprise flight."

Reddit | Tekashi6969

This is cute because the kid was discovered long before they reached the airport. But if the kid had stayed quiet until this luggage went through the whole airport process, things would have ended quite a bit differently.

"So cute."

Reddit | [deleted]

This is maybe the most adorable thing I've ever seen that's simultaneously sad. That fox is looking for love from an inanimate object. It's like the plot of a Pixar movie, one of the sad ones that makes you ugly cry.

" What peace looks like!"

Reddit | ex-v

Sometimes in life, you'll find yourself in a situation you didn't expect or plan for. All you can really do is roll with it, especially when fighting it would ruin some an adorable scene.

"The real know real."

Reddit | gashadokuro9

I have a few questions here: why suspend someone for wearing a banana suit? Did the TV station have that grape suit in storage, or did the reporter have to go out and buy it? Either way, I appreciate the solidarity.

"I DON’T NEED THIS ANYMORE!! After 16 surgeries to fix a birth defect and years in a wheelchair I’ve finally been cleared to start walking!"

Reddit | PadmeASkywalker

"I’m not very good at it yet, it’s painful, and can’t go far distances but I CAN WALK! Thank you for reading - I’m very excited :)"

There isn't much we can add to this but, 'bravo!'

"That's adorable!"

Kiss cams at sporting events are a weird phenomenon that lead to awkward, embarrassing situations more often than not. The world would probably be a better place if the camera operators focused on stuff like this more often.

"John Krasinski fought for a deaf actress to be cast in 'A Quiet Place', and made sure the entire cast learned sign language on set."

Reddit | tandyman234

It's important to see representation in Hollywood, and we've seen great strides in just the last few years.

"Ok. This made me smile."

Reddit | PretentiousLover

This was a nice move from the vet. Hopefully it went over well. I could see the kid seeing the x-ray and freaking out about the t-rex's complete lack of bones, but maybe that's just me.

"I went for a walk and ended up coming back home with a stray puppy. Name suggestions are appreciated!"

This is a lovely story, of course, but there's something about the pupper's wary expression that absolutely melts my heart.


Reddit | laceuniversal

Here's another great adoption story. While it's nice to pick and choose from specific breeds with specific traits, there's a whole world of other dogs who need proper homes. Sometimes, going for the runt of the litter is the way to go.

"A gift from my son. As a carpenter this will sit on my wall as long as I live."

When I look through my childhood school projects, I cringe. But then I realize there's a reason why my parents valued them so much.

"New friend."

Reddit | Dankmemesmexican

Yes, doggo, it's very nice that you play so well with others, and your new friends looks lovely, but you absolutely cannot bring them home. You'll just have to wait until we come back here next time.

"Robin Williams - In every movie he filmed he asked the production company to hire at least 10 homeless people. During his entire career, he helped approximately 1520 homeless."

Reddit | tandyman234

I didn't need another reason to feel sad that Robin Williams is gone, but here we are.

"I'm just gonna leave this here. Very wholesome."

Reddit | xoxloudy

Normally I'm not a fan of people asking pizza delivery drivers to draw a picture or do a dance or whatever, but in this instance, I'll give it a pass. It's super cute.

"Little brother went to get his vaccine, ran into himself from the future."

We can thank vaccines for increasing our chances of growing older. I don't know what, exactly, we're supposed to thank when it comes to meeting older versions of ourselves, though.

"This is so sweet..."

If you can live to be 92, and still have enough of your faculties to make a birthday card for your 93-year-old spouse, I'd say that constitutes a life well lived. I'd love to see the finished card.

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