15+ Feel-Good Pics That Are Just Here To Spread Smiles

I don't know about you, but I'm in serious need of a smile right about now. The world often seems like an uncaring, cruel place. But despite this, humanity still finds a way to shine through.

These pics aren't going to fix the world's problems, but they certainly can't hurt. At the very least, you'll probably crack a few smiles.


Reddit | badashley

This kid knows what it's like to look different. But he's all smiles after finding the perfect cat to adopt: one with the exact same heterochromia in the eyes and cleft lip.

They did their best.

Reddit | Hellhound0nMyTrail

"My parents just stayed with me for a week," writes the original poster. "They attempted to stay up until 11 pm to welcome me home after a long shift."

He did his best, too.

Reddit | radowanhabib

I'm not sure whether this pic makes me want to laugh or cry. Either way, it's the perfect encapsulation of a parent's love. However the cake looked, dad made it with the best of intentions.

Friends forever.

Reddit | Tib3t

These progression pics are always awesome. Yes, they deserve top marks for always having the same bottle of lemon-lime soda in the pics. But the big takeaway is how friendship endures through the years.

At least someone knows how to do it.

Reddit | pigspinkbehind

These two strangers came up to help someone who had a flat tire. If you've ever had a flat, you know how stressful it is to figure out how to change it. Helping hands like this make all the difference.

A little thanks.

Reddit | SubzeroMK

This pic was originally posted by a sanitation worker. When he was out for his rounds one day, he noted that someone along his route decided to show him thanks for his hard work.


Reddit | nesquikfresa

The restaurant industry can be a cutthroat world to make a living in, but these two restaurants don't want to duke it out and compete. They each know the other one is awesome, and they want to advertise the fact.

Specialized menu.

Reddit | angelaazhao

I don't think I've ever seen a restaurant menu that's available in braille. Then again, I've never had to ask for one. It's awesome to see that this restaurant is willing to go the extra mile.

Think local.

Reddit | Daniel_Toben

Filling up a garbage bag with litter isn't a big act in and of itself. But it isn't that hard to do, and if enough people do it, it can take a serious bite out of littering.

A reasonable solution.

Reddit | lizzlenizzlemizzle

Freedom of speech means a few things. It means that people have the right to express their views and, happily, it also means that people can cover up those thoughts with cute kitties.

That smile!

Reddit | [deleted]

This sequence shows a dude hanging out with an otter. When the otter allowed belly rubs, it was almost too much cuteness. I can't say I wouldn't react the exact same way.

A long journey.

Reddit | andrewg06

This guy was dealing with an eating disorder a while back. You can see how malnourished he is in the pic on the left. But after finding help, he's on the road to recovery.

Started from the bottom.

Reddit | peacelovehap

Faye Lewis has saved every name tag from every job she's ever had. It's pretty incredible to see somebody's hard work, and their career progression, shown in this way.


Reddit | MemeLord0009

Americans are used to their president being whisked around in motorcades and surrounded by a phalanx of Secret Service officers. But the president of Ireland, Michael Higgins, is a different kind of president.

Practice makes perfect.

Reddit | diveonfire

The bottom pic shows Bindi Irwin's proposal. It went well! It may have gone well in part because Bindi's brother helped her fiancé practice the proposal.

A wedding to remember.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

This groom literally left his wedding photoshoot to save a kid from drowning. Yes, his suit got messed up...but the stories (and the pics!) are absolutely legendary.

Welcome, y'all.

Reddit | paone22

This is a really nice sentiment. Immigration can become such a charged topic, but this guy really boils things down to their essence: If you're a friendly, hospitable person, why not just be welcoming?


Reddit | catm1078

Cats have a way of finding the comfiest places to lounge. Sometimes it's a person's lap. Sometimes it's an inanimate statue's lap. Doesn't matter, so long as kitty is comfy.

Kindness pays off.

Reddit | WhySoT0XIC

The waitress' name is Melina Salazar, and the man was Walter "Buck" Swords, which has to be the coolest name I've ever heard. She tended to his every need when he'd visit the restaurant, evidently to good ends.

Like a girl.

Reddit | alfaguara27

As someone who grew up with many gym teachers and coaches who were the opposite of fit, there's not a doubt in my mind that this girl would leave her coach behind in a trail of smoke.

Only time will tell.

Reddit | alfaguara27

When meeting her new doctor coworker, this nurse realized the last time she saw him was when she cared for him as a premature baby. It's incredible watching life come full-circle.

Just to show off.

Reddit | Another_Autumn

This kind of thing makes me smile so, so wide. It's just cute! I love to see people in love, and these two certainly are.

Always your father's son.

Reddit | AegonTargeryen

Not an exact photo recreation, but the activity and the overall vibe remain the same. So does the concentration on the father's face. He wants to get this just right!

Paying it forward, forward, forward.

Reddit | ErichPhillips327

The uploader added a caption telling the story behind this photo: "Went to Allie’s Donuts this morning and after an hour of waiting in line and getting ready to pay, Sam (pictured below) jumped ahead of me and paid for the next 150 donuts for people waiting in line. Thank you Sam, I owe you a beer."

The moment it all pays off.

Reddit | chocolat_ice_cream

Stories like this are always so interesting to me because there's no way that kid remembers the adversity they faced just to be where they are. They're so much stronger than they know.

For the love of music and the community.

Reddit | GuiltyUpstairs

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making money from your art, but it is nice to see someone who's just there to perform and using the money he does earn to try and help others.

The best and final moments.

Reddit | Prapshum

This dog had terminal cancer and was living in a shelter. With a predicted 40 days left, the man on the right adopted him so he could spend those 40 days happily in a home surrounded by love. Now excuse me while I go cry for a little while.

From play time to real life.

Reddit | felielliott69

Are you sure that isn't just Spider-man? Looks like Spider-man to me, and he's pulling some sick moves, too.

Love at any age.

Reddit | lateralus1075

This user's father got married the day before he turned 80. Love doesn't always come young, and judging by the look on his wife's face, these two are so elated to have found it for themselves.

Small gestures that mean a lot.

Reddit OhhYeahOkay

This user owns an eBay shop and said, "Some buyers like to take advantage of smaller sellers on eBay. Today I winced as I opened an eBay message, thinking a buyer might try to scam me, but then..."

People who truly care for small businesses like this have the kindest hearts.

When talents come in handy.

Reddit | My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

Not only is this sweet, but the phrase "absolutely starching" is one I think I'll be using more often.

Nothing can get her down.

Reddit | Pow67

A young Muslim woman takes a selfie in front of anti-Muslim protests in Belgium, and it's a super badass moment. You can tell by the look on her face that she knows she's more strong-willed than every person there combined.

A reminder to always follow your dreams!

Reddit | itschaima

He just started and his cakes already look that incredible? This man is going to become a masterful baker, he's so incredibly talented!

He can't wait.

Reddit | Thanos_13

I did a double take when I looked at this guy's bag, but it's just a doll he bought as a gift for a special someone. You can just see the excitement on his face.

"Time flies".

Reddit | IDontBeleiveImOnFIre

This is an almost ridiculously wholesome pic. Not every kid follows in their parents' footsteps. But those who do are able to trace their careers back to their earliest days.