18 Solid Attempts That Fell Short Of Our Expectations

It's always great when you can make something yourself. Am I right? Or when you try to solve a problem and come up with a clever solution for it.

However, even when their intentions are good, sometimes folks come up short no matter how hard they try. These are the perfect examples of that so have a good laugh.

1. This Snack Thief

Okay, this is not something you see every day. This little guy thought it would be easy to steal some snacks and then got busted red-handed. Oh my! That is single-handedly the cutest and funniest thing I've seen all day.

2. This Drinking Cup

I think this would have been cool if it was made properly, no? But somehow, the person who came up with this concept didn't think it through all the way. You can say that again, lol.

3. This Ad Fail

I bet this photo studio was like, "Heck, why hire a marketing agency when we can do it ourselves?" Yeah, I can see how well it turned out for them here. I don't see anybody lining up to have their pictures taken.

4. This Anti-Drug Stance

So I get that this poster was supposed to be anti-drugs but whoever came up with this concept clearly failed on all fronts. No matter how you read it, it doesn't make any sense. It's hilarious, though, right?

5. This Resisting Arrest Idea

Oh yeah, if we could all wear shirts like that, I'm sure the cops would obey, ha, ha! How did this person think this was going to work out? Are they stupid or what? I don't get it.

6. This Family Photo

Quick, let's take a photo on the beach. But wait, we should get in the water to make it more spectacular. And let's drag grandma with us, too. Oops, where did she go? Ah, heck, take the picture anyway. OMG!

7. These Homemade Onion Rings

Who here loves onion rings? They're good, right? But wait a minute. I don't think this is how they're supposed to turn out. Something definitely went wrong with this homemade attempt here. But would you still eat them?

8. This Anarchy Attempt

You see, even anarchists don't want to be told what to do. I guess these days everybody wants to walk to a beat of their own drum. And I say, good for them. You do you.

9. This Face Swap Fail

First of all, I've never face-swapped with anyone. I don't know, I don't get the appeal, ha, ha! These two ladies tried it here, and let's just say it didn't go their way. But it does make for a cool Halloween photo, no?

10. This Vet Escape Attempt

Leave it to a clever cat to think he can outsmart the vet. Unfortunately for this little guy, we can still see him, hee-hee. Hey, if I were him, I wouldn't be all too happy to get spayed or neutered either.

11. This Milk Obsessed Kitty

Speaking of cats, what do you think of this? This kitty thought he could actually drink the milk by just licking the outside of the bowl. Aww, how silly and adorable is this? I love it.

12. This Warning To Dogs

If you're a dog and think you can mess with a cat, think again. If this picture here doesn't deter you from doing it, I don't know what will. I would love to see how this story ended, ha, ha!

13. This Halloween Decoration

So apparently, this guy took his Halloween decorations to the next level. So much so that somebody called the cops because they thought he had a real body on his porch. Ladies and gentlemen, he wins Halloween this year.

14. This World War II Memorial

I'm honestly quite disappointed that somebody didn't check on a fact that's this important. Or are they trying to foreshadow something we don't know about, huh? I, for one, hope for the former and not the latter.

15. This Christmas Wrapping Job

Don't you hate it when you're wrapping a big Christmas present and then you run out of paper? How do you salvage it? Well, you can clearly do what this person did. I bet nobody will even notice. Yeah, okay!

16. This Safety Attempt

If you're a construction worker, you know how important safety is on the job. Am I right? So even though this guy attempted, he should have known better. That hairdo isn't worth it, but your head is, man.

17. This Math Teaching Moment

I get it somebody here really wanted to teach the kids some measurements. However, they failed to do the most obvious thing. Instead of this, they should have put the markings on the door's hinges.

18. These Smiley Buns

I'm the first one to admit that I suck at baking. Never have I even attempted to make bread. So these smiling buns that look like they're throwing up are probably how my baking would turn out, ha, ha!

I hope these examples here don't deter you from trying something out yourself.

I only wanted you to be careful when you do it, okay? Let this be a lesson in what not to do. Get it? I hope we have an understanding here.