Have Fun In The Sun All Summer Long With Help From 9+ Easy Hacks

Can you believe it's almost summer? Oh my goodness, I'm so giddy. I can't wait to dip my toes in the sand and enjoy some beach time, relaxing time in the backyard, and BBQs.

Summer is definitely my favorite time of the year. If you're a summer lover like me, you might appreciate these tips so you can make the best of the season.

1. This Beach Hack

I love going to the beach, but I hate getting sand everywhere. How do you prevent this problem? Well, some people have resorted to bringing a fitted sheet for this very purpose. It may look weird, but it works.

2. This Camping Trick


Fasten a couple of emergency blankets to the top of your tent this summer. It reflects the sun and keeps you cooler! Did you know about this neat camping trick? I wish I've known about it sooner.

3. This Chaffing Tip

Unsplash | Ana Essentiels

Do you get uncomfortable chafing when wearing shorts in the summer? Eliminate this problem by rubbing deodorant on your inner thighs which acts as a lubricant and reduces chafing. Wow, isn't this such a cool tip?

4. This Beach Pillow

Who here dreams of lazying on the beach while laying on the comfiest of chairs? I do, I do. But to fully enjoy this experience, you need a detachable pillow. This is definitely more like it.

5. Freeze Some Grapes

How do you chill your drink without adding more water? Forget ice cubes, just freeze some grapes instead. You can use them to chill all your drinks, including wine. And they're a tasty cool snack too.

6. Use Foam Noodles

I bet your outdoor trampoline gets a lot of use in the summer. So make sure it's totally safe for the kiddos. You can use foam pool noodles to cover all the metal. Do you feel more at ease now?

7. This Popsicle Hack

Did you know that muffin/cupcake liners make for the best guards for your popsicle? Oh, yes. No more dripping on the floor when the ice cream is melting faster than you can eat it, hee-hee!

8. When Your Home Has No AC

Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say. So, when your home has no AC, and you need to chillax, you can do this. Ha, ha, I have to say it looks fun, too.

9. This Cell Phone Trick

So, you're at the pool, and you forgot to buy a waterproof phone case. No problem. As long as you have a Ziploc bag laying around, you're good to go. Yay, I always forget to pack a phone case.

10. Use Dryer Sheets

How do you get rid of stink fast? Well, stock up on some dryer sheets. Put some in your shoes to keep them smelling fresh. You can also pack them alongside your clothes in your travel bag.

11. This Sun Hack

How do you protect yourself from the sun while on the beach? Well, you should always use a sunblock that goes without saying. But if you're too lazy to apply it, you can just do this instead. BTW, I don't condone this behavior!

12. This Drink Float

I love spending time in the pool, but sometimes I need a refreshment. So, what is one to do when they don't want to hold a drink the whole time? You can use a scrunchie so your drink can float with you.

13. This Security System

Nobody likes to watch their stuff like a hawk when they're swimming in the water. So, you can deter any beach or pool thieves with this simple diaper security system. Ain't nobody gonna touch that, ha, ha!

14. DIY Kiddie Pool

Bring a cheap shower curtain with you to the beach. Then, dig a hole in the sand, line it with the shower curtain, and fill it with water for a quick kiddie pool. Don't forget the toys!

I hope you'll find all these tips helpful.

We all want to have a fun and safe summer. Am I right? Do you have any other tricks up your sleeve? I would love to know. Come on, share them in the comments below for all of us.