20 Funny Kitchen Mishaps That Have Us Feeling A Lot Better About Ourselves

To become a master in the kitchen, you need to train for years and years, pouring endless hours into your craft to conquer a great variety of recipes. Truth be told, many of us just don't have that kind of time, so we all end up making mistakes at some point!

Though these mistakes can have us feeling down on ourselves, it's worth remembering there are always people who have managed to do worse, like those in this list!

"My pork ribs dinner. Unsure if stress causes short term memory loss but I put ribs on, logged into work and here we are two hours later with grill at full blast."

These ribs are so charred and stone-like, you could probably show them to a child and tell them it's a fossil of a dinosaur ribcage and they'd believe you. There's not a speck of meat left here, just bones and ash.

"Made nachos and the baking dish exploded. (It was a Pyrex that I'd had for years. I'm really at a loss for what happened)."

The way it broke really does make it look like the sheer force of the nachos' power made it explode outwards. You cooked yourself a mighty strong plate of chips there, which bodes well for your tastebuds, but not for that dish.

"I ordered chicken wings for dinner and got a box of only veggies and sauce."

Okay, so this mishap didn't happen in this person's kitchen, but it's still very funny. One chef at this wing place is a secret infiltrator that's pushing out orders of just veggies in some scheme to get people to eat healthier.

"When you are only half awake, and pack raw bacon in your lunch instead of the left over pizza you bagged up."

You have two options here. You either buy something to replace your homemade lunch of raw bacon, or you tap into the spirits of your distant, distant ancestors, from before the discovery of fire, and stomach your way through feasting on raw meat. Your milage may vary.

"The first cake I’ve baked this year and forgot baking powder makes it rise. Now I have an oven to clean."

I'm confused by how it manages to look both goopy and cooked at the same time. The longer I look at it, the more convinced I am that it's actually some form of alien goop that infiltrated your oven and you cooked it by accident.

"My boyfriend put salt instead of rice in the rice cooker, been wondering for an hour why it was taking so long to cook."

Just...salt? He just straight up poured half a jar of salt into a rice cooker? Has he ever seen what rice looks like before? Does he need glasses, maybe? I'm just so baffled at the situation, I have so many questions and none will get an answer.

"3 hours of prep and baking."

Luckily, a solution to this might just be to stick it right back into the oven, this can be saved! You may have lost some juices, but the chicken can still come out edible, which really is the most important part now.

"Baking my first bread."

Looking at that second pic, I can just hear the 'thunk' noise it makes when you hit it against the countertop, rock solid. That's okay, bread-making can be tough, you'll get it next time. For now, you have a cool artisan doorstop!

"I feel asleep while I was cooking bread."

Another bread attempt that came out a lot harder than its baker was anticipating. They were on the right track here, though, you can see the existence of a normal loaf of bread inside its charred outer shell.

Added nutrients.

Reddit | jenprad

As explained by the uploader, "I made some bomb-ass cookies today and then wondered what the 'film' was over them. Upon closer inspection realized I forgot to take off the PLASTIC wrap that was covering them before I mindlessly popped them into the oven."

"Baking dish had to rest for 16 minutes instead of 15 after making dinner, whoops."

At least you had the foresight to set it down in the sink, making for a much easier cleanup and no meal contamination! As far as dish breaking goes, this is about as lucky as you can get, so congratulations!

"Making salad for dinner. Grabbed the oregano instead of the parsley. The parsley has a sprinkle cover...the oregano does not."

What does one even do after this? Get a spoon and start shoveling out as much oregano as they can, maybe reaching for the vacuum hose, or simply staring at it in awe before giving up and walking away?

"Used the wrong hotplate to cook coffee."

As the comments pointed out, this means the uploader doesn't have to worry about scrubbing the hell out of that dish anymore. Really, the oven did them a favor, that mess looks pretty baked on! The moka pot could use a wash too, but that's another problem for another day.

"New pot of dried coriander shattered when I unscrewed it."

Another lucky break right in the sink, but this one has the added bonus of being in the perfect spot to wash all your recently gained wounds of any coriander that might have stuck to them.

"Tried making rice since WFH is usually slow. Got pulled into a meeting and 3 conversations before I could add water."

Okay, I get where you're coming from, but what sort of order is turning the heat on and then adding the rice and water? Especially if you're washing your rice first, which you should be doing, by the way.

"I wondered why dinner tasted odd. Guess I’m never letting my mother cook dinner ever again."

Whoa! That's not just expired, that super expired, ultra expired, even. Pro-tip, if you have something in your cupboard and you can't remember when you bought it, you should do yourself a favor and check the expiry date before attempting to make anything with it.

"I dropped a whole pack of taco shells and broke every single one."

Break 'em up, and now you have nachos. Stack those taco toppings on top and bake for a few minutes, and you'll recover just fine! Or go even fancier, make some rice and go for taco bowls instead, it'll feel so trendy.

"Cooking eggs for breakfast. The first one made it, the other did not."

How did this even manage to happen? It looks like it was dropped into the pan for just a second before it jumped out like a fish jumping out of a tank. It'd seen its future and decided it wasn't worth it.

"Roast the pumpkin seeds with cinnamon and sugar in the air fryer, they said. It will be fun, they said."

A little dark, sure, but you could bite into this like one giant pumpkin seed cracker and it'd probably still be kind of okay. Maybe, anyway. I'm trying to find an upside for you here, I promise.

"I’d planned on cooking breakfast for dinner…"

Well, you still can. You'll have to adjust your bake time, but your biscuits being stuck together doesn't prevent you from making them, it just means you'll end up with one giant one for all to feast upon. It will be so luxurious and indulgent.

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