Unsplash | Kostiantyn Li

19 Photoshop Fails I Personally Can't Stop Laughing At

Oh, photoshop.

In the right hand, it can sculpt bodies faster than any surgery can and smooth out wrinkles like the fastest Botox known to man.

But in the wrong hands? Well, let's just say that major fails have been made. We're talking missing arms, bent doorframes, and so much more.

Here are 19 fails I can't stop laughing at!

The smooth foot

While most people smooth out their face or stomach on photoshop, this girl chose her foot of all places! Whoever this girl is, we just want her to know that it's okay if feet look like, well, feet.

The hovering peas

In case you're wondering what's going on, those are photoshopped peas on top of the rice. The end result is hovering peas that defy the very laws of psychics! Definitely a masterpiece.

This failed celeb endorsement

"This picture was on my pasta box. What did they do to her?!" this Redditor wrote. In case you don't know who that is, it's chef Giada De Laurentiis in bobble-head form.

The demon child

Yeah, it's a no from us, dawg. If we saw this in the store, we'd clutch our crucifix and start speaking in tongues! It's hard to get the creepy stare of the photoshopped mirror girl out of the head!

The "relaxing" shower

We can hear the infomercial for this showerhead now:

"Tired of a neck that's similar to everyone else's? Try our relaxing dual-powered showerhead and never stand normally again! Also great for waterboarding your guests!"

The video game character

Don't lie: You thought she was a video game character, too. From a video game with really poor graphics. We say this only because the food looks more real than her photoshopped face and chest.

The frightening family

Believe it or not, this was from a professional photoshoot! Yep, this meant that the photographer edited the crap out of these photos, said to herself, "that looks nice" and actually SHIPPED IT OFF TO HER CLIENT.

The photoshopped family

"I guess the original family just wasn't attractive enough," this Redditor wrote. Guess not, or else we wouldn't see these frightening images. It's not just the faces that are different; check out the hands, too!

The long arm

This gives a whole new meaning to "pool noodle." Her arm looks like one long piece of spaghetti. Couldn't the photoshop design team cut off her arm once it went into the sign? They really had to add it above?

The celeb fail

Yep, even celebs have photoshop fails!

She's been caught photoshopping her thighs more than once in pictures.

Just take a look at the wonky wine glass in front of her and the bent iPhone.

The celeb fail part II

The Kardashian-Jenner family are no stranger to photoshop!

In this photo, Kris edited the crap out of her and Gordon Ramsay's face. It maybe would've gone unnoticed, had he not posted one of the original pics!

The dog fail

"Photoshop fail for October puppy. How does he poo?!" this Redditor wrote. Another answered that for her: "More and more unrealistic expectations being pressed on beautiful little pugs every day." Justice for pugs!!

Where's Waldo

This is kind of like Where's Waldo where you have to find the identical pairs all throughout the photo. For a job that has 148,000 reasons to join them, they couldn't spring for 20 different people for a photo?

The curvy model

This gives a whole new meaning to pear shape! If there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Kim Kardashian has been real quiet since this shapewear advertisement came out! Maybe Kim should hire her for SKIMS?

The ghost family

Let's hope they didn't use this image to try and sell their home! No one wants to be haunted by this couple and their little dog. If they're not ghosts, they do realize that we can see through banisters, right?

The bobblehead

This Redditor knew exactly how the photoshop team's conversation went. "'how should we advertise our underwear?' 'I dunno, make the model's head super big.'" Is there any other way to sell underwear these days?! Didn't think so.

The fall-out boy

Those are some mighty long arms you've got there! But since the pants are fall-out shelter-themed, it makes sense. After all, the guy clearly got hit with some radiation that turned his arms into noodles.

The doggy triplets

"This book uses the same dog copy and pasted 3 times," this Redditor wrote. Not that we're complaining at all. But it's just funny that a dog about dog breeds uses the same dog three times on its cover.

The bent bottle

"Arzaylea posted this on Insta & then deleted it because people started noticing her photoshop fail," this Twitter user shared. "The bent bottle." Sorry, boo! You can't get anything past eagle-eyed fans these days.