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20 Hilarious Pics Showing How Kids Are Kind Of The Worst

If you can't laugh at kids, you'll inevitably cry. Heck, sometimes you'll find yourself doing both things at once.

We share these pics not to give kids a bad rap, but to demonstrate why parents are correct when they tell their kids that they know best.

"My kid got her fingers stuck in a bench at school and the bench rode with her to the ER. Yes, she is alright. Yes, we kept the bench seat."

Reddit | 1Wineodino

I'm sure her family will never forget this day. After all, they have the big yellow bench to remember it by.

"My 3-year-old [is] angry because the beavers keep chomping on the tree."

Reddit | Juan911411

Some kids would see this and get jazzed about seeing nature in action. Other kids will have a tantrum because...beavers exist, I guess. It could really go either way.

"Drawing on the walls."

Reddit | datman167

You can give a kid all of the art supplies and all of the paper in the world and they'll still decide to draw on walls and other inappropriate places. Then they'll sign their name and wonder how their parents pinned it on them.

"I used to turtle up when I was really mad."

Reddit | Seealpp

I think most kids have a comparable response to getting angry and stressed. It's just hilarious that this one was captured for posterity. Credit to OP for sharing this part of their past.

"Me at 3-years-old, having a meltdown, because my parents sold our car, Little Blue."

Reddit | kayasannes

I don't know what it is, but there's something about family cars that kids get weirdly attached to. I remember mourning our old woodie station wagon like it was a part of the family.

"My brother and I met our favorite super hero (The Hulk) when we were 4. We were pissed off because Lou Ferrigno wasn’t green."

Reddit | DustyPlumper180

I guess some of the blame could be put on these kids' parents for not telling them beforehand that the Incredible Hulk wasn't real.

"Undertaker photos."

Reddit | goblin_welder

If you were a wrestling fan in the '90s, there was nobody cooler than the Undertaker. Somehow, though, the coolness didn't translate when kids tried to emulate 'Taker rolling his eyes way back into his head. Good attempt, though.

"That time I figured out how to take the lid off of the vent, and proceeded to get stuck in it."

Reddit | yatenate

This is the classic one-two punch of childhood misadventure: discover something, then find a way to get hopelessly stuck in it.

"Life is tough."

Reddit | TooHigh2Die420

Toddlers have a way of working themselves up into a tantrum that's so overwhelming they can't be reasoned with. Like, the book is under your butt, kid. Just follow my instructions and you'll totally be able to find it.

"When I turned 4, my mom gave me the decision to either be normal and go to the zoo for my birthday, or to a fan store. Guess what 4 year old me wanted?"

Reddit | Shanaman23

My favorite part of this is how the scrapbook page celebrates the fan store just as it would the zoo.

"If you look closely, you can see my son hiding from me."

Reddit | tardis15

Here's something that toddlers and cats have in common: if they 'hide' in such a way that they can't see you, they just assume that you also can't see them.

"What was she going to do after that? Try and start the car?"

Reddit | godofimagination

Take a kid to a petting zoo and they're bound to fall in love with (or develop a lifelong phobia of) at least one of the animals, but this attempted heist is especially audacious.

"My son was so excited to show me the art he drew on my car with a rock."

This kid was probably so stoked to find out that combining a rock and the car's paintjob results in scratches. I doubt his parents felt the same way.

"Look out, he might bite."

This sign is probably communicating what all the neighbors want to. Just who is that kid, and what is he doing with the telescope? Sometimes kids are hilariously dumb, and other times they're hilariously weird.

"From a book I wrote in 1st grade."

Reddit | ItzSampson

When you ask a kid to write something, they'll often repeat the same information. The same information is often repeated several times when a kid tries to write something. Sampson looks cute, even if he could use a set of ears.

"Yes, drywall."

Reddit | kittiekat1018

I can remember doing some incredibly dumb stuff as a kid, but somehow I managed to avoid eating drywall. I should confess that I tried eating construction paper once because I thought the different colors represented different flavors.

"Best place to put the Switch to charge?"

Reddit | future_lard

You know, putting the Switch on the floor to charge might not be the best idea, but it would be a far better place than the precarious ledge this kid's put it on.

"Neighbor's kid is destined for either an electrifying early demise or a future career in electrical engineering."

Reddit | CMDR_Chris_Lane

To any parents of young kids reading this, just remember: if you think your kids are dumb now, just wait. They'll be teenagers soon enough.

"This kid at Lowes."

Reddit | AwaitingCombat

I always wanted to climb those big shelves when I was a kid. Fortunately for my parents I was too much of a coward to follow through. I guess this kid proves that it's doable, though.

"She thought this was 'white water.'"

Reddit | AyrtonTV

Yeah, kids don't always show the best judgment. I don't know why they feel the urge to immerse themselves in certain things, but what can you do.

Share your most hilarious stories of childhood mishaps in the comments below!

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