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15 Awkward Conversations Parents Had With Their Kids

Kids say the darndest things sometimes. Conversations with kids can be kind of silly and other times, downright stupid. While we gave birth to our kids, and we love them, sometimes they can be dumb as doorknobs. But, the thing about parenthood is that no matter what, we have to love them because they are part of us and we who are.

How is this his answer?

You would think that by the time they are three years old, kids know the difference between letters and numbers, but sometimes they just don't. Hangman is definitely hard to play with kids, little kids especially.


Why is it that when you have kids, they love to throw everything in your face. Sure, I have three college degrees, but that doesn't mean I discussed whether or not dragons fart in my English Lit class. Can't help you there kid.

Thanks for the support.

Quitting school means that mom and dad could go to jail because that's truancy. But, this daughter seems to not even care if she has to go to prison to visit her mom, instead of having to go to school every day.

Divorce is a blessing to some kids.

Some kids get to see their friends have divorced parents at home and they know that they have two homes and two holiday celebrations. So, this kid is way ahead of the game, knowing that if their parents split, they are a two-gift family now.

This took a turn.

I mean, at first, this sounded like it was going to be a much different conversation. But, instead, this was a simple misunderstanding about where babies come from —LOL!

Yes, son, they are.

This mom is has to take a trip to the zoo pretty soon because her son is under the assumption that bats are mythical creatures, like ghosts. Time to show him the reality of how ugly and scary bats really are.

It's magic!

Kids are so silly sometimes. Imagine if a bottle of bleach or medicine had a sensor to know whether a kid or an adult was opening it? Instead, it's just because kids don't know how to open caps.

Lesson learned.

Kids who refuse sunscreen and other necessities have to be put in their place. So, this mom knew the deal—a little fear never hurt anyone. So, she told the sun to 'get her'," but she probably traumatized her kid.

Teach this kid to read.

When kids try to use their phonic skills to sound things out and read words they don't understand, it can be alarming. Eucalyptus is definitely one word that can go the wrong way. Not the best thing to hear from your kid.

Tricks are the best.

Kids love snacks, kids hate lunch and dinner. If you tell a kid that you're making them some big snacks, they'll eat it all day, every day. But, if you tell a kid it's a lunch or dinner, you may not get them to eat.

The kids will change their tone eventually.

Salary does sound like celery, but let's be honest, we hope they don't want it because it's more money for us. Eventually they're going to want us to pay for everything so we might as well bask in this now.

Yes, it's just all garbage.

Someone teach these children to throw out their garbage, but don't throw out my stuff because it's not all garbage. Mommy can clean her own glasses, I don't need you to throw everything out.

Kids cry over the darnedest things.

Why is it that kids cry over everything that rolls into their minds and imaginations? Why does this happen to me when I'm exhausted and really over the entire day? Why is it before coffee? Why?

Siblings are trifling.

Siblings will always fight with each other over crazy stuff. One will pick on the other and vice versa. Tell these kids it's time for Cocomelon and go sit in front of the TV for an hour. Momma needs a break.

Oh no, no, no.

Step one of being a vegetarian is understanding that the animals you feed at the petting zoo every weekend and love to chase around are actually on your dinner plate once or twice a week. Looks like this kid is in for some rude awakenings.