30 Optical Illusions That Life Created To Impress Us...Just So It'd Get Our Number

While we can pretty much rely on our senses most of the time, there are some times when they can betray us...particularly our eyes. However, this is often down to the pesky world around us trying to play some tricks on us.

To show off some of the best examples of this, here are 30 optical illusions that life created to impress us...just so it'd get our number.

"My sister's hand passing through my cat's body."

And no, this is remarkably not edited. The explanation was, "her arm is in the cats armpit from a skeletally perspective. BUT there is a whole lot of cat bunched up in the cats right arm from a . . . meat perspective."

He Has Gone And Got Himself A Foot-Hand Again!

The angle that this was taken at is just perfect. It is nice to see that this poor foot-handed guy has managed to find himself someone who can overlook his foot-hand.

"A man with no feet, yet has shoes..."

This guy has managed to perfect the art of urban camouflage. Well, it is either that or this guy is actually Rayman, by which I mean that he doesn't have any limbs attaching his hands and feet to his body!

"That is a really small shower that they have had installed!"

Now, this is not actually some sort of small shower for washing only half of your body, rather it is a cupboard with a mirror on the front reflecting the shower head.

"Great legs…"

There was a lot of discussion in the comments from people who were unsure if that is actually how you are meant to sit on a barstool when wearing a skirt. The general consensus was that this is not how it should be done.

"Dog on a beach..."

This dog looks like some sort of possessed puppet careering towards its handler to devour their soul. If I saw this running towards me then I would scarper and never stop scarpering as long as I lived!

"I found this on Tinder. Is she some sort of muppet woman?"

How did she look at this picture and think that it was a good one for a Tinder profile? You can't see her face at all except for some sort of illusion created by the guy next to her's hand.

"I swear my friend was in the boat but he somehow appears to be in the water!"

This is pretty impressive. It is only once you realise that the white in front of him is the front of the boat and not the side that it all falls into place.

"They look as though they are bumping their heads."

There is actually a mirror in between the two of them sat on this bike. However, it took me getting a magnifying glass to work out where the hell it was.

"This is a photo of a car."

This looks more like an edited scene from the end of 2001 A Space Odyssey than a picture of someone's car. I don't know how they got this car that clean, but it is damn impressive!

"I spent five minutes trying to work out why this guy was staring at me..."

He is clearly trying to build up the courage to ask you if you have been involved in an accident at work that was not your fault?

It Looks As Though She Is Inflating This Cat!

Someone did point out that this kind of looks like some horrifically cruel, futuristic set of bagpipes and now I cannot see anything else. Whoever suggested that has a pretty sick mind.

"This mantis stealing a Domino's sign."

This little guy is lugging that sign around as though it is nothing! You don't want to mess with this little fella, just look how he's staring right down the camera lens with not an ounce of fear!

"This woman's beach hat!"

This is indeed a large beach hat and not a weird flesh ball. One person explained:

"It's a beach hat lying on its side. The right [flesh ball] is the part of the hat that fits around your head (the crown). The left [flesh ball] is just part of the ring part of the hat (the brim) with a weird shadow."

"Drunk guy takes his pants off at a party."

Well, I thought for a moment that this guy was built like a Ken doll, or one of the angels from Dogma. However, it was a relief to see his little flowery shorts sticking out from the bottom of that other person's arm.

"Like a centaur, but a dog."

I cannot wait for the day when people who are half-dog do not have to be mocked. This is meant to be the 21st Century, are we not surely passed this level of prejudice as a society?!

"Tiny horses on a fence..."

This farm is raising these tiny horses to compete in the miniature Grand National which will go on tour around bars from inside of a briefcase. People will flock from miles around to see these tiny horses racing!

This School Of Fish Close To Surface Looks Like Some Ugly Alien Creature!

Wow, this is a dead ringer for the album artwork for Year Of The Snitch by Death Grips. I would probably make this my phone's wallpaper if it wasn't so quietly unsettling.

"Schrödinger's cat..."

I can imagine that this picture will have all of the science nerds gushing...not me though, I'm way to cool to ever gush over this image. Stop looking at me like that, it's true, okay?! Stop it seriously!

"This guy's bag looks like someone sleeping!"

The fact that the paper bag looks so much like a hand is what really sold me on this one. I was looking for his legs for a good while before realising the obvious fact that there was no one there.

"This arrow is not misaligned."

Well, this deceptively simple image has rocked my entire world view. I hate this so much, looking at it feels as though I am having a migraine in my eyes. Basically, I'm saying that this is witchcraft.

"Just a sleeping man dog..."

I love that this little dog man also looks like he is wearing a crop top! Just because he is half-man and half-dog doesn't mean that he doesn't want to be both fashionable and comfortable!

"My brother sent me a photo from the ski hill. It was my desktop background for week before I realized it was upside down."

When asked which version they prefer, this person wrote: "Upside down. It's still in my desktop slideshow, and fun to watch people figure out what's going on."

It Is Half-Cat And Half-Spider!

On person did decide that this little furry guy should now be called Octopussy, and I cannot think of a more perfect name myself. It must be weird living in the same house as a Lovecraftian creature though.

"This Eastern Redbud looks out of focus."

Maybe this is some form of defence mechanism to try and stop herbivores from eating it. Kind of like how butterflies try to make themselves look terrifying through the markings on their wings, but this bush just tries to trip other creatures out.

Just Two Guys Who Are Definitely Not Holding Hands...

I did think that this was a bit of a weird way to hold hands when I first looked at this picture. Although, they could still be holding hands behind her back! There's nothing wrong with holding hands guys!

"She's Just Chillin'!"

This person is the perfect opposite of the dog with a man's head on its body! The pair of them should exchange numbers and start a support group for people who are part dog and part human!

"Just a perfectly normal support rail on a tram..."

If there is one thing that I do not want from a handrail, it is to be needlessly confused by it when I am trying to grab a hold of it!

"I snapped a photo of my dog through a window screen that looks like an old painting."

Pfft, that is not a real dog looking through a window, that is clearly a lost painting by Caravaggio, just look at the use of black space.

"Picasso-esque Cubism in photography form."

What a delightfully trippy picture! Also, let's save all of the "what technically is and isn't Cubism" debates for the street. Take your artistic debates outside, we won't have any art-related fights in this establishment!

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