30 Strangely Intriguing Pics Of The World Bragging, "Check Out What I Can Do!"

Planet Earth can be a right cocky bugger from time to time. You can just be going about your everyday business when suddenly the world just goes, "Here you are, a floor made entirely out of nuts, how do you like that, eh?"

With this idea in mind, please enjoy these 30 strangely intriguing pics of the world bragging, "Check out what I can do!"

"These large pumpkins I saw on the freeway."

I mean, what are you really going to be able to do with these? Maybe make a hundred bowls of pumpkin soup or just one giant creepy jack-o-lantern? Think of how long that would take to carve though.

Give Us A Thumbs Up!

I think that I would be a little less calm about being eaten if I were an ice-cream. I think that I would be flicking the v's, not giving my devourer a nice little thumbs up!

"This is a handful of 5-day-old hedgehogs!"

At a first glance I had no idea what these were. I thought that they may have been some sort of new cereal. You'd have to be pretty cruel to eat them though!

"My friend works in mines and found a mummified mountain lion

The person who posted this went on to add:

"The mineshaft goes straight down. The mountain lion is suspended on the beam. He took more pictures of it from some other angles and you can see him repelling down the shaft to take the photo. There's also tons of snakes at the bottom that have fallen in. Some alive, most of them also mummified."

"This pepper looks like it is challenging me to fisticuffs in 1820."

If you start badmouthing planet Earth then it is this little guy who comes around and sets you straight. Essentially this pepper is planet Earth's enforcer, and if you don't believe me then just try talking smack about Earth!

"My brother caught a fishing pole with a fishing pole."

It's like the old adage says, "Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day. Give a man a rod, he will fish out another fishing rod and then be stuck eating a fishing rod."

"Chain link icicles..."

The fact that they are slightly off-set makes for a pretty trippy visual effect. I would be desperately trying to get them off in one big piece, despite the fact that it would be pretty much impossible.

"Old cars becoming the river bank."

This is a much better way to dispose of old cars than just letting them gather rust at a scrapyard. I wonder if they're full of little woodland creatures who are just trying to get them going again?

"We caught a shiny lobster!"

"Got her in Oslo, Norway. We ended up throwing her out after taking a few pictures. She was 36cm or 37cm long, so a bit over the maximum legal size," they went on to add.

"My shoelace broke open to reveal a MUCH more colorful shoelace."

"In embroidery, black thread is the most brittle because they take all the thread that doesn't meet the dye specs and dye it black. I'm willing to bet this is a similar scenario. All the laces that didn't meet standards are wrapped in black," added one person.

"My neighbor decided to buy a lot of walnuts."

Maybe this person just knows a lot of people who are allergic to nuts and doesn't want to be disturbed in his new house? That will certainly keep them from turning up unannounced!

"Shadow coming out of other side of mason jar looks like an undead pirate or something."

Yep, that is 100% an undead pirate. Although, if you saw anything else then I guess that is okay, a lot of people said that they saw a dog...but I really can't see that.

"This happened 5 km away from home..."

This is essentially just planet Earth looking us dead in the eye and going, "Oh, what? You think that you've seen enough weird stuff, well what about this! Boom, car on the roof, how'd that get there eh?!"

"This dog's ear is another dog's face."

I feel as though this dog has been possessed by an evil dog spirit which whispers such things in its ear as: "Go on, chew the TV remote, you know you want to!"

"It took me a day to find my Apple Pencil..."

Jesus wept, that is pretty well camouflaged! I think that I would have resorted to smashing things before I actually managed to find it. I was never good at Where's Waldo books.

"This jack-o'-lantern with mold growing from inside."

It looks as though it is pulling tongues with its weird, furry, black tongue. It is pretty cool and all, but I don't think that I would be able to have it on my front porch.

"The wear and scuff-marks on this boat look like an island in the sea."

Great, so not only am I terrible at art, but now the world mocks me by showing me that it is a better artist with a boat and the tide.

"I snapped a photo of my dog through a window screen that looks like an old painting."

I just assumed that this was a painting of a dog and not a real dog at first. In fact, I'm still not convinced that it isn't!

"This Leopard Shark at the Aquarium says 'I AM.'"

This shark is clearly a fan of René Descartes. I have often found leopard sharks to be the most philosophical of all the aquatic creatures. That is just a straight-up fact, you can Google it!

"I found a pile of snail shells in my car engine."

One thing that no one expects to find when they lift their car's bonnet is a massive pile of empty snail shells! What happened here, was there some sort of snail orgy?

"This baby squirrel I am raising has only grown fur on her paws, head and tail. At her age she should be fully furred but for some reason had stayed 'naked.'"

Someone with a similar experience added: "Had a baby bunny like this, mostly naked except for fur on its head. Runt of the litter. Grew up fine after some extra care, like you seem to be doing."

"Restaurant toilets forces you to sanitise your hands on the way out."

And if you somehow manage to get out without having your hands sanitised then there is a guy waiting behind this door with a super-soaker filled wit sanitiser!

"Bird made a nest behind the bird spikes on a pipe."

This is such a power move on behalf of this little bird! It has managed to turn this deterrent into its own safety feature. This little bird's eggs are now safer than any other eggs out there!

"The world's most dangerous plant!"

My immediate instinct is to think, "Well that is just ridiculous! There is no way that it can really be that painful!" And that it why I am glad that I have never encountered this plant in person.

"I bought some of the world's blackest paint, and it makes this ping pong ball look almost flat."

I feel as though this is just some sort of moveable hole that this person has bought. I would be worried that I would get sucked into it.

"There was a small hole in the side of a trailer I was loading today, resulting in an image of the street outside being projected upside down on the opposite wall."

Someone with a similar background amazingly added: "The coolest thing I saw when I used to load trucks was a rat with a yogurt cup stuck on his head. This is definitely better."

"The world's roundest object, at the Deutsche museum in Munich, Germany."

Yep, apparently this is a real thing. One person translated:

"This shiny sphere is an almost perfect crystal made of silicon atoms. If the sphere was as big as the earth, the deepest canyon would only be two meters deep and there highest mountain only two meters high. This masterpiece of precision primarily has a scientific purpose: it creates a basis for the internationally valid redefinition of the kilogram, which came into force on 20 May 2019."

"I saw a cloud formation that looks kind of like a map of the world."

I guess that North America and a handful of other places never gave their consent for their image to be used in this rendering of the planet.

"My cat's mittens perfectly line up with the top of the fridge."

And yes, in case anyone out there happened to notice, there is a Mayday Parade setlist on the front of this fridge. What a blast from the past that is!

"Ow, my back!"

At first I thought that she had somehow managed to turn her shoulder into a wi-fi router, which would have been pretty trippy. Although, it would be pretty useful, so long as you could still use your shoulder properly that is.

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