30 Amazing People Who Needed More Supervision Than A Toddler With Scissors

There are some people for whom the world is not a very straightforward place and so require a certain level of monitoring.

With this idea in mind, from people who did not understand what being vegetarian meant to people who accidentally ripped out a cat's heart, here are 30 amazing people who needed more supervision than a toddler with scissors!

"A meal for the hard-core vegetarians..."

I like how it is more expensive to add bacon than it is to order the entire veggie burger meal and drink. What kind of bacon are they using? Is it fried in gold?

"Please don't touch or annoy me."

That cat does not look like it is playing around, make fun of it at your own peril. Look at those cold, dead eyes. Those are the sorts of eyes that pierce the very depths of your soul.

"Student: You made it hard so I'm gonna make it hard to check."

I really admire the ballsiness of it, but I know for a fact that each and every one of my teachers would have just marked this as a zero. Still, I bet it felt good while they were writing it out at least!

"Why kids need to be supervised for science fair experiments."

"So Lilly, what was the outcome of your experiment?"

"The cat died."

"Oh... Well, that is a very interesting experiment. Maybe we should ask your parents to come in and tell us more."

"They didn't fare any better agains the electricity I'm afraid Miss..."

"Demolishing the house next door and we couldn't resist..."

If you want to plant a Terminator tree in your own back yard, then all you need is one limb of a previously time-travelled robot from the future. Simply plant this limb in your yard and pour oil onto it regularly.

I Hope That They Made A Bit Of A Mistake When Putting This Sign Up.

"Hi...can I get a kid's meal please."

"Look, you do realise that it is a typo on the side outside right? I just feel as though I need to tell you that."


"Still want the meal?"

"I actually don't think I'm that hungry."

"Quote where I work. Ghandi never said this."

Offices love to put up pictures of famous people with vacuous sentimental slogans posted over their faces. It doesn't matter if they didn't say the things, we can just make famous people from history say whatever we want!

"Told my mate he should write a 'w' on the box."

I love it so much. The person who posted this needs to hold on to this friend and cherish them for the rest of their life. This level of genius innocence is a very rare thing indeed.

"I came in to the office early and switched as many M and N keys on keyboards as I could. Some might say I'm a monster, but others will say nomster."

Having looked at this photo, I am now confident that I have stared into the face of the purest evil known to man.

You've Got To Admire His Dedication To Getting To Work!

This guy's work ethic is either really good or really bad, I just cannot work it out. I bet that the other drivers on the road really loved this guy.

"My coworker REEEEALLY doesn't want her lunch touched!"

I never understood how people could eat someone else's lunch. I mean, seriously, how entitled do you have to be to think that eating someone else's food is an okay thing to do?

The Oldest Trick In The Book!

"My buddy is a Dodgers fan. I'm a Giants fan. We had a friendly $20 bet on who would win the NLDS. Here is the $20 I will be giving him Monday," wrote the pesky individual who posted this.

"My sister's hand passing through my cat's body."

So this person's sister just goes around tearing the hearts out of cats then, yeah? One person did explain:

"Best guess it that her arm is in the cats armpit from a skeletally perspective. BUT there is a whole lot of cat bunched up in the cats right arm from a...meat perspective."

"Found at my local 'mall sword store.'"

This is a bit if a pissy message from someone who owns a replica sword store. You would think that, if you opened a replica sword store, you'd expect people to come in and do this sort of thing.

"An international student hospitalised in China and the nurse, who couldn't speak English, informed him about his surgery with this note."

So, if I am reading this correctly, then this guy is not allowed to eat after 22:00 due to the fact that he going to be chased around by Mike Myers at 8:00 the following morning.

"Dude takes off his shoes and starts wiggling his toes while almost crossing my side of the stall."

The idea of someone taking their shoes off in a public toilet is making me feel sick. Also, why would you wiggle your toes around? Were they getting off on this?

A Tattoo Of An Air Fryer, Because Why Not?

I have definitely seen more poorly executed tattoos. I just don't think that there has ever been a kitchen appliance that I have care about enough to get immortalised on my body.

A Little Bit Of Impromptu Landscaping To Brighten Up Your Day!

The poor person who posted this, explained:

"Some non-municipal company started digging up me and my neighbours lawn with no disclosure to put some internet service in, broke all the sprinkler systems..."

"This passenger..."

Many individuals were very quick to share their ideas of how to deal with this inconsiderate person. However, the most favored response was, "open tray table, close it, turn to lock." Something tells me that this person has experienced this a lot before now.

Finding Some Interesting Entries In Their Grandfather's Diary...

"My grandfather's diary from 1952, Jan 31st was my mum's birthday: 'Spent evening at Harpers (his favorite pub) while Phylis ( grandma ) had the baby," wrote this person.

And yes, it does indeed look as though the entry for February 1st was as follows: "Took the office out drinking. Saw Phyllis at the bar."

Keep A Close Watch On Your Dogs!

That dog looks as though it has just lost its closest friends to this restaurant. It is just staring off into the distance, wondering if this will be the time that it doesn't make it out alive.

"My cousin teaches kindergarten and found this in a piece of work..."

I would not be so quick to correct this kid's work if I were their teacher. Seems as though this kid might have some unresolved issues that should be dealt with rather sharpish!

"Some people are just so damned ignorant!"

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that charity shops are just free places to dump their trash. They either read the sign and just didn't care or they...actually, no, that's the only option here.

"He'll be waiting for a while…"

This guy should really have brought someone with him to talk to about Waiting For Godot endlessly, as well as a hat or two to farce around with perhaps. There is a play in this somewhere!

"The cat knows what's up..."

My nan used to have a cat that meowed as though it had been smoking seventy cigs a day since it was a kitten, so maybe it actually had been doing that without us realising!

"What in the actual hell...?"

There had better be a damn good reason as to why the person installing that chandelier thought that this was an appropriate thing to do. Although, even if there was a good excuse, I's still be furious.

"Take a wild guess as to what's not under this sign."

I can't believe it's not butter...

There it is folks, the joke you have all been waiting for, a legitimate organic emergence of an "I can't believe it's not butter joke." You're welcome!

"How my 22-year-old sister opens ice cream packets..."

I had never heard of this particular type of ice cream, but apparently they are pretty common in Australia. Regardless of what they are called though, this opening method is an absolute abomination!

"Saw this sign in a movie theatre restroom."

"Hi, can I get another popcorn please."

"Sir, this is your third popcorn, please tell me that you didn't put the last one under the hand dryer again."

"Can I just get the popcorn and a little less judgement please?"

"Wallet chain ankle crocs... Thank you small town malls."

This is a biblically good look. I reckon that Jesus would have been rocking this in his awkward years. Don't ask me how I know that, I just do.

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