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People Are Sharing Scary Things That Happened To Them That They Can't Quite Explain

Paranormal activity isn't just in the movies.

Millions of people around the world have frightening stories that will shake you to your core.

Ghosts visiting their bed at night, menacing creatures haunting their dreams, and bizarre coincidences that simply can't be explained.

Here, people are sharing scary things that happened to them that they can't quite explain.

See how far you can get...

1. The bedmate

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After this Redditor's grandfather passed away, their grandmother could feel someone getting into bed with her every night.

No one believed her until the Redditor was at her house and heard footsteps leading into their grandmother's bedroom.

2. The sore wrist

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"Woke up from an unsettling dream because my wrists were really sore. Turns out my boyfriend-at-the-time had his hands clamped tightly around my wrists, because I had full on tried to strangle him in his sleep, and he was trying to get me off his throat." -u/starrymirth

3. The haunted house

"Pretty sure I lived in a haunted house for awhile. Strange things. For one I always felt like I was being watched in my room, and if I had the door open to the hallway I would SWEAR I'd see someone walk by out of the corner of my eye." - u/UCMCoyote

4. The winter night

When this Redditor was walking home one winter night, they saw a homeless man sleeping on the ground.

They didn't think to call the police and the guy sadly died that night. They felt really guilty but eventually forgot about him.

Afew months later, they got a letter in the mail from a local hospital ADDRESSED TO HIM.

"It turns out that he used MY address when he was at the hospital for some reason. I turned white."

5. "I love you"

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"I was once sitting on the couch with my boyfriend, and heard the words "I love you." And then my boyfriend goes: 'I love you too.' I was so utterly confused, I wasn't the one who said 'I love you.' My mouth was shut." - u/TenderNippleBender

6. "WAKE UP"

"I was driving home from vacation, and it was late. I was tired, but I didn't feel like I was going to fall asleep. All of a sudden I heard a voice say 'WAKE UP' and instantly I snapped awake, with a feeling like I just had a good rest, I was wide awake. Turns out, I was falling asleep at the wheel." - u/SmallTownJerseyBoy

7. The deep cut

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"Sometimes when I go to bed, I wake up with deep line cuts on my body. Each time on different spots: on my neck, leg, arm. See dried blood around the wound and on my sheets. Still don't know what the hell happened." - u/acctstud

8. The guardian cat

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This Redditor was once called to babysit for a family who lived in a not-so-great neighborhood.

When she got there late at night, she met a cat that was super sweet and affectionate. Suddenly, a white painter's van pulled up to ask for directions.

As one of the guys asked if she could hop in and show him where to go, the stray cat shrieked and clawed the heck out of the guys.

They dove for cover in the van and took off with the doors open. A week later, another girl in the same neighborhood went missing in that van.

9. Scissor happy

"When me and my sister were 10 and 12 respectively, we shared a room. A stranger came at night and put his arm through the window and cut my hair. In our country, people use hair to bewitch other people." - u/deleted

10. The angels

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"When my mom was younger, her grandmother was staring out the window and the gates to the house were swinging back and forth (it was a hot summer day with no breeze). My mom asked her what she was looking at, and she replied that it was angels moving the gate, and that they had come for her. She (grandmother) died that night." - u/deleted

11. The nightmare trick

When this Redditor was young, they figured out a trick to stop nightmares. This was to start screaming as loud as possible. But one night they were being chased by a humanoid monster.

They started screaming to wake themselves up.

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They almost immediately fell back asleep and saw the creature in their bedroom, staring at them. He said, "That won't work this time."

They were even more terrified and woke themselves up for real.

12. The blue ball

"I was driving home from dropping my girlfriend off at work last April. It was 5am and storming. Down the road I see this brilliant blue light, I get up to the source of it and it's just this big ball of electricity floating in the middle of the intersection with tendrils of energy radiating into the air. It slowly floated up after a minute and sort of evaporated." - u/Moxxuren

13. Sleep paralysis

"I've had experiences where it felt like my soul was being sucked out either from my chest or my face. Kind of like being attacked by dementor. I can't yell, or move, so it really sucks." - u/Blackout_14

14. The nightmare twins

One night, this Redditor had a terrible nightmare that two creatures were pulling her down and taking her somewhere horrible.

Right as she started screaming and probably woke the neighbors, her boyfriend called her.

She started explaining her dream only to learn that he had the exact same one.

Unsplash | Melanie Wasser

In his, he saw two creatures pulling her away, which is why he wanted to call and make sure she was okay.

15. The mind trick

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

"I hit a car in my company van and saw her baby splatter against the window. I got out and ran as fast as I could. The car was wrapped around the car seat like it was unbreakable. The rest of the car was trash. The baby was fine. I'm 100% certain that baby was a bloody mess all over the car." - u/gtfomylawnplease

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