30 Funny Individuals Who See The World As Just One Big Ol' Playground

Taking life seriously is kind of important every now and again. Although, it really isn't as important as most adults will make out when you are growing up.

To prove this, from people who mocked their pets in quite savage ways to individuals who didn't know what a "purse holder" was meant to look like, here are 30 funny individuals who see the world as just one big ol' playground.

"Found at my local 'mall sword store.'"

I wonder how many times the people who work in this store have seen individuals cut themselves on these decorative swords before they had to put this sign up. Also, if I worked in a store, I wouldn't want strangers coming and and swinging swords around.

"I sexually identify as Danish..."

Do you think that this means that you are exclusively attracted to Danish people, or is this more about being attracted to Danish pastries. I have known a lot of people to be very passionate about Danish pastries in the past!

"My local ice cream shop deafinitely nailed it hear with ear-y accuracy."

Wow, they really went all out with this little joke. Way to go by reminding everyone with tinnitus about the subtle whistling sound in their ears. Damn it!


Albert looks like he has no regrets in regards to his renegade behaviour. Also, Albert is just one of the best names for a dog that I have ever heard. Riley is pretty good, but it's not a patch on Albert.

"I ordered some yarn and as I joke I put 'please draw a dragon and a tortoise breakdancing.' They delivered."

I think that they did a really good job, so I wouldn't be so hard on yourself whoever you are!

"A few years ago a buddy and I had 300 pens made that said this. Gave them away everywhere. We still find them now and again."

Well, if that is not going to make you want to wash your hands, then I really don't know what will.

"My roommates went away..."

The use of the phrases "morning" and "un-morning" is absolutely fantastic, and is only bettered by "sun time" and "no sun time." I am also a big fan of the little sad faces on the cartoon cats!

"Post No Signs!"

They are just doing what the sign says. You have to be really clear and specific when you put up a warning sign like this, as people will take any chance they can to take the piss!

"Is This Art?"

So if you were ever wondering where all of the world's missing odd socks end up, it is in the trunk of this guy's car. If you pop open this boot you will be drowned in an ocean of odd socks!

"Still the best way to feed squirrels — especially on Halloween."

That new Scream remake is looking pretty nuts. I think that it was a bold move to cast a squirrel as Ghostface, but it could really bring a new direction to the franchise.

"I saw this piece of rock art in my massage therapist's bathroom. Should I be worried?"

How did no one in the therapist's office look as this and think, maybe we should put this somewhere a little less in plain sight?

"Ordered extra mayo at McDonald's, they went a little overboard with it though..."

How could anyone think that this is an appropriate amount of mayonnaise to put onto a burger? I mean, you may as well just drink a pint of mayonnaise at this point!

"No. Not that one."

This Betty White was actually a chicken that got ran over by a tractor according to one person. Although, I'm not sure I believe them. I mean, who in their right mind would call a chicken Betty?

It's Good To See That He Is Not Letting It Get Him Down!

That is definitely not a tattoo that everyone could pull off! The tattoo itself is actually a Shell Silverstein poem, but I don't think it was written to be used so literally.

"PSA for all the ladies out there..."

I mean, I am sure that this is capable of physically holding a purse, but the fact that it is a urinal does kind of make it a bad idea. I dread to think how many people came out of this toilet with their purses stinking of urine before someone put that sign up.

It's A Classic...

The person who posted this explained:

"My buddy is a Dodgers fan. I'm a Giants fan. We had a friendly $20 bet on who would win the NLDS. Here is the $20 I will be giving him Monday."

"Happy Halloween..."

Christ, my cat is bad enough at jumping with two eyes, I dread to think how much she would injure herself with an even worse sense of depth perception! The pumpkin version of this cat also looks a lot more happy than the real one, or is that just me?

"Taco Bell doing the most..."

Am I the only one who is more amazed by the fact that Taco Bell does a breakfast menu? What does it entail? Is it just a bacon and egg taco? How have I never known this?!

That Dog Looks As Though It Has Seen Some Things...

Most dogs like to keep an eye on their human while their human poops, as they like to make sure the defecator is safe. However, this dog looks as though it has had enough of whatever is going on in that cubicle!

"Bread got squished on the way home from the store. Now we are having Garlic Ghosts."

They have inadvertently created the perfect halloween snack! I love these little garlic ghosts, and they would be the perfect thing to have to deter any lingering vampires who won't leave at the end of your halloween party.

"I had to take a second look."

Font choice is very important. Sure, it can seem like a very boring task, but I bet that if you ask the person who owns this truck if they could change this font then they would scream "Yes!"

"This gift could make Christmas interesting."

I think that I might buy myself one of these for Christmas and write the nametag in my parent's handwriting. And yes, I will be discussing this idea with my therapist, don't you worry about that!

"My dad said people at work wouldn't stop using his personal cup, so this was his solution."

The only worry here is that someone else who has oral herpes might think that it is okay to drink out of this cup, then before you know if you've all got oral herpes.

"How was your delivery? It was AARGHYGAHGAHAHAHAGRRRRRR!"

It is good to see that the stereotype of dogs hating delivery workers is still thriving! I can imagine that the person who dropped off this package will see this dog in their nightmares.

"Student: You made it hard so I'm gonna make it hard to check..."

"I had professors that would fail you if you used anything other than pencil or black pen because they didn't want to look at it. I don't think they'd want to look at this either," added another person.

"Why you can't trust the public to select names…"

It is a pretty great choice of name sure, but it is nothing on Boaty McBoatface. This is much more of a mouthful than Boaty McBoatface as well, that name just rolls right off the tongue.

"'Ello, I wish to register a complaint."

I do not know a lot about fish, but I think that I know enough about them to know that this one is definitely dead. You never know though, it could just be really good at playing dead.

Tell Us How You Really Feel!

But, how will they see it if they are in front of you? Or is it a case of you just have to undertake them, pull out in front of them, and then show them your angry sticker that way?

"I don't know what I did wrong but my parfait is not amused. At all."

It is probably just a little bummed out that it is about to be devoured first thing in the morning. Also, is it just me that thinks it looks a little bit like the Joker?

They Speak Only The Truth...

So that is where all of the promises made by politicians go! I always just assumed that they evaporated upon contact with air and floated up to join the atmosphere. This seems much more realistic though.

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