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19 Husbands Who Can't Pull It Together

Ah, husbands.

Gotta love 'em, gotta try not to kill them sometimes!

After all, they're amazingly talented at getting on our nerves!

Whether it's giving 10 percent effort to whatever chore they're doing or failing at simple tasks, some just can't pull it together!

Here are 19 hilarious examples of just that!

This husband who was asked to chill the champagne.

Certainly looks like this household won't be popping any champagne any time soon! It already "popped" when it completely exploded in the freezer after being left for too long!

This husband who had ONE job.

"Asked my husband to take a picture of us on our wedding night. This was his only picture," this Redditor wrote. Poor wife! Let's hope they hired a photographer.

This husband who only put memory foam on his side of the bed.

This is kind of like a wife who will only make up her side of the bed since she was tired of her husband not helping out.

He won't even be able to enjoy it since he'll be sleeping on the couch!

This husband who improvised.

"Sent my husband to buy a baby shower gift bag. Dammit," this wife wrote. He may have messed up, but we have to give him points for creativity! Technically, it is a birth day.

This husband who "made" a PB&J.

"Made" is a subjective term here since he's clearly not finished making it! He needs to spread out those clumps and make it look appealing.

It really makes you question what kind of childhood he had if he doesn't know how to make a PB&J.

This husband who did the shopping.

"Before my wife went out of town she asked me to buy new sheets, 'Nothing Gaudy,'" this husband wrote on Reddit. Yeah, can't imagine she'll be sleeping easy on those.

This husband who "swept" the bathroom floor.

We can see two things that belong in the trash here: that kitty litter and this woman's husband! He was the very definition of lazy by refusing to finish the job he had.

This husband who was asked to stir a drink.

"I asked my husband to stir my drink, aaaaand this is what he did," this wife tweeted Thank you. Exactly what I had in mind." Any thirst we had just disappeared. Let's hope her husband isn't a bartender.

This husband who loaded the dishwasher.

And we thought not sweeping the bathroom floor was bad! This is just a travesty. How are the plates on top going to get clean? Guess it's takeout for dinner? Husband is paying?

This husband who got crafty.

"Asked my husband to (hand) whip some heavy cream," this Redditor wrote. "Hear strange noises and walk in on this." To be fair, he is hand-whipping the cream and it'll be done quicker.

This husband who "took care" of the spider.

When this wife asked her husband to remove the spider, he thought he was so hilarious by doing this. Leaving a spider to stay in the home is grounds for divorce!

This husband who put these mugs in the dishwasher.

"I am constantly telling the husband he has to hand wash this set of mugs," this wife wrote on Instagram. "It’s crazy how one little letter can change the whole meaning.

This husband who attempted to make dinner.

"When you come home late from work and husband announces he might have had a little accident making dinner..." this wife wrote. Good luck getting that damage deposit back!

This husband who hung up a mirror for his wife.

He clearly forgot to take into account the fact that he's 6'2 and she's 5'1. How is she supposed to know she's got a bomb outfit out?!

This husband who was sent on a pad run.

"When the husband goes to buy you period products....and gets urine pads instead," this wife wrong on Instagram. It was the third time he's done this with the same brand! "I love him but bless his heart."

This husband who was asked to pick up Tynelol.

Was this the same husband who picked up urine pads instead of menstrual pads?! It must be since they both clearly can't either 1) read or b) pay attention!

This husband who was trying to strike a nerve.

"I asked my husband to grab me one of my meds and he just punched a pill out of the middle at random," this wife wrote on Reddit.

This husband who was asked to buy six potatoes.

This husband better be careful! This is kind of like the movie The Breakup where Jennifer Aniston's character asked Vince Vaugn's character for several lemons and he only got her one or two.

And finally, this husband who wanted to make dinner.

"My husband wanted to make dinner tonight in the crock pot," this Redditor wrote. Believe it or not, those used to be hot dogs! Was he trying to make frank and beans or sewage?