13 Rooms That Finally Got The Clean-Up They Deserved

Who here is a clean freak? I have to admit that I am. There's something so satisfying about getting through tough grime. Or is that just me?

If you love cleanliness as much as I do, I'm pretty sure you'll get a kick out of these amazing pictures here. I think these folks deserve a round of applause. Don't you agree?

1. This Bedroom

If you've ever neglected your bedroom for longer than a week, you'll appreciate this clean-up job here. This person had a tough time for two months and finally mustered up the courage to tackle this mess. Bravo!

2. This Half Pantry/Half Cleaning Closet

Honestly, I wish I had a little nook like this to keep all my cleaning supplies. Isn't this such a great idea? I bet the person who organized this feels pretty good about themselves now.

3. This Bathroom Clean-Up

Do yourself a favor and take a few minutes every day to tidy up your bathroom. It's going to make such a huge difference in the morning getting ready without all the mess around you. Am I right?

4. This Play Area Overhaul

This mom knew she had to take care of her kiddos play area, so she went to town, hee-hee. I bet looking at what she accomplished here she feels a big sigh of relief. Wouldn't you?

5. This Garage Makeover

Honestly, I have to admit our garage is a total mess. I would give anything for somebody to come and clean it up to look like this. One can dream. Am I right? I'm so impressed by this.

6. This Living Room Mess

I don't know how somebody can stand living in a mess like this. Is it just me, or would this drive you up the wall, too? I bet they're happy to have guests come over now.

7. These Plant Babies

OMG, I so envy this person here. This is the kind of plant baby set-up I would love to have in my home one day. I think my plants would grow a lot better if I did this, too.

8. This Kitchen Set-Up

Since we have a very small kitchen, I can understand the pain of having clutter around you. I'm constantly thinking of ways to reduce it in our tiny space. So I can tell this person worked super hard on cleaning this kitchen.

9. This Under-The-Sink Area

I don't know about you, but I always dread cleaning out the under-the-sink area. I pretty much have to go through it every six months, or it starts to get out of hand. What about you?

10. This Messy Living Room

I think it's fair to say that even the dog got tired of looking at this mess. I can assume that now both his owner and the doggo are happy as clams in their new clean space. Good for them.

11. This Over-The-Door Storage

If you're like this person and don't have too much closet space, you can still do something about it. They used the over-the-door shoe storage to tidy up all their linens and towels. It looks pretty good. Doesn't it?

12. This Living Room Clean-Up

Whoa! Can you imagine yourself living in disarray like this? Oh, I don't think so. I'm very glad to see this living room brought to an actual liveable situation here. That must've taken a while, eh?

13. These Color-Coordinated Books

Seriously? All I can say when I look at this bookshelf is — wow! I'm definitely jealous of the sheer volume of all of these and the fact they're color-coordinated. Are you digging this or not?

I hope you enjoyed these cleaning job pictures here as much as I did.

Perhaps it will inspire you to tackle one of the messes in your home. Let me ask you: what area gives you the most trouble? I absolutely can't stand the mess in the kitchen and the bathroom, that's for sure.