30 Pics With Backstories We Couldn't Help But Smile At

A picture with a backstory is nice, but what makes it even nicer is when that picture comes with a really cute or funny backstory. Not everything needs to be dramatic, or beautiful, or sad.

Sometimes, it's just nice to see good things. That's something we could use more of in this world, after all. And this list is nothing but good vibes and fun stories.

"My nana has been using the same deck of cards for 10 years and they’ve all grooved to her hand placement during shuffling."

You can tell those cards have been loved over the years. You can also tell that this woman is probably one good card player. I don't think I'd want to go up against her!

"We parked next to someone who'd hit a deer and left this helpful message."

Hitting a deer may not be a happy thing to do, but it's nice to know that the buck didn't even get hurt from the collision. And honestly, it's kind of funny how the owners left a message for anyone wondering why the car had a dent on it.

"1964 tick tock clock thats been played with, my father, me and now finally my daughter!"

This is a big reason why I've kept a lot of my childhood toys; they brought me joy at one point in my life, and it would be nice if they could bring a future child of me just as much joy.

"My fiance's grandfather in his family's 300 year old garden in Hiroshima, Japan."

Apparently, this garden is in the outskirts of Hiroshima, which is why it doesn't look like it was affected by WWII. And honestly, it must be nice to have such a beautiful natural space that's been around for so long.

"My wife took a lil nap and one of our dogs and cats jumped in to snuggle with her. They’re too sweet."

This is honestly such a cute picture! If your pets follow you around because they like you, then they jump on the bed for a nap because they love you. And that's the kind of love that makes being a pet owner worth it.

"Solar powered lasers are installed in the Saudi desert to guide the lost to water sources."

Not only is this a cool idea, but it's really thoughtful, too. I may not see myself ever willingly entering a desert, but this will be really good for any traveler who finds themselves in need of a little guidance.

"This shirt my son got it the mail today. He’s obsessed with fans. I cried laughing."

See, this is the kind of hilarious thing I love to see. Fans may be a bit of an unconventional thing to be obsessed with, but you can't deny that the pun game on this shirt is strong.

"Disney World turns 50 today, this sweater was bought for $7 at the park in 1971 and never opened."

I can't believe that Disney World is 50 years old! And you just know you can't even buy a keychain there for $7, let alone a t-shirt.

I bet it would go for a fortune nowadays, especially since it's never been worn.

"Are rage comics still a thing? I made this left handed mug for my brother 10 years ago. He's right handed."

Ah, this takes me back to one of the internet's weirdest phases. Still, I love the fact that this trollface mug was only made to troll the recipient. A true internet veteran, this one.

"My daily used flip flops broke today after 12 years of use and 15+ visited countries."

I can only imagine the stories this pair of flip flops would tell if they could speak. After all, they've lasted so long and have visited so many places. They practically deserve their own passports at this point in time.

"We bought a box of Lucky Charms, and it has almost all marshmallows!"

This is, like, the best thing that could happen to anyone. The marshmallows are arguably the best part of Lucky Charms, so having this much of them must make you extra lucky or something. So awesome!

"Morning sunlight going through my aquarium glass created this tiny rainbow on my wall."

There's no reason for this little rainbow to exist, and yet it does. Sure, this may not be the most incredible thing to happen in the world. But there's something about it that seems really special. Just a special little rainbow.

"The deserted train I take to work, cause everyone works in the big city whereas I work in a little village."

Depending on how you look at this one, it could either be kind of creepy, or really cool. I think it's cool; who wouldn't want to have an entire train to themselves, after all.

"This local restaurant near me used mashed potatoes instead of ice cream in the menu photo."

I don't know about you, but this is making me crack up. Like, it makes sense; it's just for show, and it probably isn't meant to be eaten. Plus, mashed potatoes won't melt the way ice cream will. But it's still hilarious.

"I moved out to a farm to get some privacy…"

You can never really get the amount of privacy you want, can you? On the plus side, if you have animals following you around everywhere, they probably like you (or they're just hungry, but hey, what's the difference?).

"Glanced down and noticed the M&M's I'd been eating had sorted themselves nicely."

Maybe this isn't the most spectacular thing in the world, but I still really appreciate it. Since so many of us eat our M&M's by color, it almost feels like the candy decided to do the job of sorting itself.

"I saved $5000 in ones."

I mean, good for this person for saving so much money. But at the same time... is there any reason why it has to be in small bills? Maybe to make it look like there's more money there than there actually is? Still, it's pretty cool.

"My dad bought a '74 Beetle a few years ago, and it still has the school parking pass from 1976 on the bumper from the original owner."

I love the fact that this nearly 50-year-old car has so much history to it. Not just because it's such an old car, but because it still has remnants of the original owner's life. That makes it so much more special.

"A 16-year-old newspaper. I saved it for my son because it has his graduating class listed on the front page."

I didn't know newspapers ever printed the names of a graduating class on their front pages. It must've been some local paper. Still, it's nice that a whole community got to celebrate the achievements of an entire class.

"A clock maker made me a precision spinning top inspired by Everton toffees and Victorian lamp posts."

I feel like this is the kind of thing you'd have a pretty hard time finding. Like, I'm sure that clock making (and spinning top making) is a pretty rare craft in this day and age. I'm so glad that amazing pieces like this can still be made, though.

"A guy jumps out of the jankiest of janky trucks when crossing the Canadian border to open the rear for inspection. Never judge a book by its cover."

I'm sure that border patrol has the wildest stories of things people have tried to smuggle to and from Canada. But this one at least has a pretty nice ending. Nothing suspicious, just an expensive car.

"Arizona Iced Tea being sold for $0.89 at Amazon Fresh."

Although the cans literally have 99 cents stamped on them, I'm actually pretty sure I've never seen a can of Arizona Iced Tea go for that price. At least in this case, though, it's ten cents cheaper. That's a price I can live with.

"Our Star Wars themed LEGO wedding card box. Made by my LEGO obsessed husband."

See, this is an idea I can get behind. The husband loves LEGO so much, he found a way to incorporate it into his wedding. It honestly doesn't get any more wholesome than this.

And it looks like the LEGO people had a nice wedding, too!

"I lead a hand bell ensemble. This is the highest bell we use, next to the lowest bell."

The smaller bell is the higher pitched one, while the larger one is lower pitched. It's so amazing how their size can change their pitch so drastically. Every other bell will be in between these two sizes.

"We have a tree on our porch and the Amazon driver left our packages under the tree."

This is actually kind of wholesome. It's really getting me in a festive mood. Now I want to put a little tree on my front porch and see if Amazon delivery people will put my packages under it (even though the holidays are still a ways away).

"Went viral on Twitter & sold over $1100 worth of art prints in 24 hours."

This is the exact kind of thing I hope happens to every artist. There are so many talented people out there who deserve our attention, and as much business as they can handle.

If this guy keeps it up, he may need to hire an assistant!

"This tree spike was melted in a forest fire, and then the tree became part of the front desk at my work."

There's something really comforting about this. Like, weirdly so. The melted spike is part of the desk in almost a circle of life kind of way (even though metal isn't alive). It's funny how life can be so cyclical.

"My wife has been working on her night photography, I am really proud of this one."

I love seeing people showing off their partners' achievements. This person is clearly very proud of his wife, and I honestly can't get enough of it. Let's all show off how awesome our partners are, like all the time.

"The very same table we bought used is on Murder in Amish Country!"

Every once in a while, I notice someone on TV who's wearing something that I own. But I've never seen someone own a piece of furniture that I also own (not even my IKEA bookshelves). This must be a pretty special coincidence!

"Netflix says, 'Don't give up on your dreams...'"

It might be a bit strange coming from one of the world's biggest companies, but this is strangely inspirational. I guess we all have to start somewhere, even if we don't always reach the same kind of financial success as Netflix.

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