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13+ Pics That Don't Show Their True Power Until You Learn The Backstory

I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of weird internet stuff. Maybe it's because I started in the days of dial-up and got to watch the World Wide Web evolve in real-time.

It feels like a high-speed evolutionary experiment and there are so many odd dead ends and cul-de-sacs to explore. One of my favorite parts about it is how we get to see things we've never even thought to wonder about.

The world is weird, dudes, and with the internet, we get to see it all.

This otherworldly portal is actually a cracked egg shell.

Reddit | TheLucidMan

Redditor TheLucidMan explained:

I took this photo by placing a really strong light behind the cracked egg, I also had some light hitting the front so it wasn't fully dark on the surface. I promise I did not steal this egg from a dragon or some sort of fire creature.

There is a formation of standing stones in Lake Michigan.

Reddit | JM-Rie

Some people liken it to Stonehenge, but the stones are much smaller and arranged in a line. Research is in early stages, but it's thought to be a line of prehistoric markers for herding caribou.

The world's smallest snowman is adorable.

Reddit | Whoshabooboo

The platinum arms and nose are a bit classier than the usual sticks and carrot, aren't they? Also, a focused ion beam is a pretty crazy tool for the job.

This is a steel plate. Yes, really.

Reddit | ReformedCanine

An artist used different grinders and tools to create the wood grain effect and then added ton of beautiful, candy-red gloss.

Now, this is a time warp for me.

Reddit | MightBeSwim

This artist paints scenes from old Nintendo games and I immediately recognized this as being from MEGA MAN 2. It's a great recreation and a pretty cool hobby.

This albino squirrel is a fixture in its neighborhood.

Reddit | RebelHorns22

RebelHorns22 said that the person who owns the property has had to chase people out of the yard for trying to catch it for taxidermy.

The lowest density solid is 99.8% air and called aerogel.

Reddit | Hildakoshell

Aerogels can be made in different processes, but the end result is much the same.

It's almost weightless and has been given nicknames like "frozen smoke" for its eerie appearance. It has a ton of uses, but is most commonly seen in insulation.

This little blue jay hasn't finished losing his baby feathers.

Reddit | Hyper00hubert

It's kind of amazing how they go from fluffy, little, grey dudes to bright, blue gentlemen ready to look fancy for the ladies.

Even with photographic proof, I question anyone who claims to have used up all four colors of a BiC multi-pen.

Reddit | SwampieRyan

That's not how this works. You either give up by the time green is the only option left or you've long-since broken the thing by trying to press down more than one color at once.

This is the Sky Ladder, an art piece by Cai Guo-Qiang.

Reddit | piefordays

The Chinese artist dedicated the piece to his grandmother and created it in secret in a small fishing village.

A ladder covered in fireworks was raised by a balloon before the explosions were set off. As they spread, it was like the light rose to the heavens.

This alleyway requires traffic lights due to how narrow it is.

Reddit | alinac16

It can be found on Kampa Island in Prague and if you wish to take the shortcut, you need to press the button and wait for the light to change. Since it's mostly used by tourists, the sign is in English first.

You may think this is a close up of a geode or something, but it's not.

Reddit | Phaedrus999

This is actually a photo released by NASA of a landslide occurring in Cerberus Fossae, which is an area on Mars. Absolutely beautiful.

This bamboo in Colombia is HUGE.

Reddit | fakenewsisfake

Originally, the photo was taken without a person and he realized how little the scale translated, so fakenewsisfake had his friend take the photo with him standing next to it.

You can see Saturn and its rings easily in the night sky.

Reddit | ajamesmccarthy

Or in this case, at 7 AM before they fully fade away.

Most people know that you can pick out Mars and Venus in the night sky, but Saturn feels impossible. But even a basic kids' telescope kit can reveal how clear it really is.

This is a giant potato that is also an Airbnb.

Otto Kitsinger/AP Images for Idaho Potato Commission

I doubt it surprises you to learn that it's in Idaho. While the potato itself is fake, the listing isn't. For $200 per might, you too can say that you've slept in a giant potato.

When horses travel by plane, this is what it's like.

Reddit | LightOfAntara

The horses are usually lightly sedated to help keep them from panicking in the giant, rumbling, tin can that their humans just trapped them in. There are usually vets on board too, in case of issues.

I think we've just explained why the "world turtle" myth is so common.

Reddit | m4nuchz

This guy came out of hibernation with a thick layer of soil and a mini ecosystem growing on his back. Just add a few elephants and it would be straight up Discworld.

There's a dog food seller that surprises people with artwork.

Reddit | haras8534

When this person's food bags arrived damaged, Chewy sent replacements, but the customer service person said "Iā€™d love to see a picture of your furbabies," and so they attached a couple to the email.

Chewy is also known for sending flowers when someone needs to cancel a food subscription after the pet passes away.

This blank column is more powerful than you may realize.

Reddit | TrueBirch

This is where The Washington Post usually printed columns by writer Jamal Khashoggi. When he disappeared, they left the area blank to raise awareness.

It was later discovered that Khashoggi had been killed when visiting the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul.

This brightly-colored birthday card holds a lot of meaning for the recipient.

Reddit | canofpotatoes

That's because they created the artwork in MS Paint on their very first computer. Twenty-two years later, their Dad surprised them with it printed on this card.

You might think this is faked, but these coins are actually balanced.

Reddit | potatomeister13

The coins from bottom to top are: a Kenyan shilling, a Canadian penny, and a Euro cent.

Three-man chess boards are totally overwhelming.

Reddit | kpek14

I appreciate chess, but have never been good at the long-term planning required. Three-man-chess uses the same pieces and same moves, but in a completely different way.

This is the inside of an Ikea KALLAX shelf.

Reddit | Dancingasteroid

While this may shock you in how weak it looks, the design is actually genius. The honeycomb layout is incredibly strong, allowing the shelf to hold plenty of weight while remaining lightweight (and inexpensive).

This is anti-Nixon propaganda from 1974.

Reddit | maverxpf9

During the 1970's Nixon's administration made a number of changes to how the American economy worked and it was really controversial. The American dollar is said to have lost as much as a third of its value by 1980.

Vehicles are getting more and more adept at making sure you buckle up.

Reddit | FeGoinHeem

Like this truck that won't let you listen to the radio until you've put your seatbelt on. Of course, there are ways to trick it or turn the feature off, but for most people, just doing the safe thing is easiest.

If you take apart a can of shave gel, this is what you find inside.

Reddit | ned883

This is actually a genius design, as it uses the air pressure created when the product is put in the can to create the spray when the nozzle is pressed. This means that no aerosols are needed and you get more shave gel in the same package.

This is from a German mess kit in WWII.

Reddit | southernfriedfossils

The fork and spoon are kept together in a compact tool. This particular one was damaged by shrapnel and found buried near a battle site.

During a period of censorship in Brazil, an artist protested the government using coke bottles.

Reddit | DoWidzenya

As this Reddit post explains,

"An artist began writing protest messages on Coke bottles and returning them to the factory. The text was white so nobody noticed anything until they filled the bottle. This one teaches you how to make a Molotov."

Double-exposures are always neat, but this one has a twist.

Reddit | galfriday612

The separate images were actually taken a year apart, giving it an eerie timey whimey effect. Obviously, this kid loves his wheelie toys.

Apparently, square toilets exist. Thanks, I hate it.

Reddit | galfriday612

While body types vary too much for a standard toilet shape to work perfectly for every person ā€” a lot are too tall for me ā€” I think we can all agree that no one will ever find this a comfortable place to poop.

How much heat does it take to cook a fully raw steak?

Reddit | tugboattomp

A postal worker once left a steak on the dashboard inside of their work van to showcase the "inhumane" conditions they and their fellow postmen are forced to suffer through during extreme heat.

The fact that the steak actually became fully cooked is shocking.

From doodles to decorating.

Reddit | rossi1146

This 9-year-old boy was always getting in trouble for doodling during class. However, it was those doodles that landed him a job decorating the interior walls of a local restaurant.

Iceland’s Silfra fissure gives divers the incredible opportunity to touch two continents.

Reddit | aids_free_sine_69

The point of entry for this lake is a crack directly dividing North America and Europe.

This couple planted over 2 million trees in what was once a barren wasteland.

Reddit | TheKillerRabbit1

Now, 18 years later, the pair can look out at the lush forest they labored to create and know they did something incredible.

This incredibly intricate sculpture was created by only one person for a reason.

Reddit | cestrumnocturnum

As the Reddit post explains,

"This 18th century sculpture called Disillusion, which includes an intricate net carved from a single block of marble, was created by Francesco Queirolo without assistance, since no apprentice would touch it for fear of the delicate net crumbling in their hands. It took him seven years."

There's a super sweet reason why these sacks of wheat all have patterns on them.

Reddit | RefrigeratedJay

During the late 1930s, Kansas Wheat found out women were using their sacks to make clothing for their children. When they learned this, they started making their sacks out of flowery fabric. The Kansas Wheat label would eventually wash out.

These little crabs have their own bridge for a very special reason.

Reddit | Kevinowdziej

Australia's Christmas Island features an exclusive crab bridge so that these little creatures won't be crushed by cars during their mass migration. How thoughtful!

Ruth Coker Burks was known as the "cemetery angel" in Arkansas during the 1980s.

Reddit | JustSomeGuyIDK

In the middle of the AIDS epidemic, Ruth personally buried and gave funerals to more than 40 gay men who had died from the disease, and whose families refused to claim the bodies.

Why would there ever be an entire room filled with Santa Claus-looking men?

Reddit | AlexSylvian

Well, this picture happens to show a group of men studying to become mall Santas in Noerr Programs Santa University. Taking the course involves four days of intensive training, an extensive background check, and several rounds of interviews.

I'm sure they also learn how to perfect their "ho ho ho's."

It's difficult to see, but this is what the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral looks like right now.

Reddit | Loulan

As tragic as this sight is, it's still fascinating to see how well the brick and stone withstood the devastating fire. The roof burned but the central structure is still standing strong. Incredible.

This strange, uninhabited rock actually holds quite the interesting story.

Reddit | noctobo

As explained in the Reddit post,

"Hans Island is disputed territory between Canada and Denmark. The militaries of both countries periodically visit to remove the other guy's flag and leave a bottle of Danish schnapps or Canadian whiskey."

Now that's peaceful fighting.

Instagram photos are often staged, but we don't often think of those impacted.

Reddit | PMmeifyourepooping

It's bad enough that this person is faking a cookbook-reading pic, but according to the staff member that snapped the proof, the girl walked away without picking up any of the books she'd piled so photogenically around her.

Perfect split.

Reddit | trekker75

Opinions differ about whether this was caused by lightening or just heart rot, but either way, it looks eerily like the vein system of a pair of lungs.

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