20 Pics That Show Things We Totally Didn't Think Were Possible

The older I get, the more I realize that there aren't that many things in this world that are truly impossible. More often than not, things happen that we wouldn't really expect to happen.

But anything is possible, really. These pictures really show that. They may not make a lot of sense, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy them.

"Mushroom harvest in my village."

Wow, who knew you could grow this many mushrooms. Like, on purpose. This seems like it would be enough to last a lot of people for quite a few dinners. It's kind of making me hungry all of a sudden...

"My Hotel’s Sun Canopy is connected to a wind meter, which automatically causes it to retract when the wind speed becomes too high."

Man, technology is so amazing. Even something so simple can be such a spectacle. And this is the kind of idea that you just don't see every day. In fact, it's kind of perfect.

"My Parents Have a 35 Year Old Flyswatter."

I was... not alive when this movie came out, but I really appreciate the marketing. In a way, it kind of reminds me of when the Shrek movies were releasing and they made all those promotional green things.

"This perfectly shaped ice cream."

I can't even begin to tell you how satisfying this is. It's so smooth and it's literally the perfect shape. I didn't even know something so magical could be in the realm of possibilities. And yet, I'm so glad this beautiful sight exists for us to see.

"Asked mother-in-law for a toothpick, she handed me this Ansett Airlines packet (Ansett went bankrupt in 2002)."

I guess it never hurts to be prepared for any occasion. But clearly people don't ask each other for toothpicks all that often, since this person received one that belonged to an airline that hasn't existed for nearly two decades now.

"Soooo my friend likes to paint rocks and this is their desk with some of their painted rocks."

I tried to paint a rock once. Didn't look too good. But I'm glad painting rocks is an actual art form that some people can really pull off.

Seriously though, these rocks are amazing! Who knew you could do so much with plain old rocks?

"This abnormally long curly fry."

Yep, that is one incredibly long curly fry. It would almost be a shame to eat it. No, this thing should be encased in glass and put on display at an art museum. Everyone deserves to see this long curly fry.

I guess pictures work too, though.

"The way my bean sprouts let me know they were ready."

I didn't know you could just grow bean sprouts in containers in your kitchen. That's actually kind of incredible! There's no shortage to the kinds of things you can cook with bean sprouts.

And since these ones are clearly ripe(?), they better be eaten soon.

"A few days ago I saw a snake while gardening, today it left me a souvenir."

Yeah, this would probably make me a little uncomfortable, but at least it's just skin and not the snake itself.

Still, I couldn't imagine finding snakeskin in my yard. In a park, sure. But at my own home? No thanks.

"School Bus Pickup Truck full of Tobacco."

This is honestly such a strange assortment of things. It's a truck made out of a bus, and it's carrying more tobacco than any transport should. Everything is so odd, and it doesn't look like we'll be getting very many answers to our questions.

"Little guy decided he wanted to chill today."

I'm kind of jealous of people who have birds land on them. They must be special, like some kind of chosen bird whisperer. How else can you get birds to hang out on your hand for a bit, in any case?

"My beer can has a best after date."

Now this is a new one. We always hear best before, but what about best after. For something like beer, which is a fermented drink, it probably tastes better after a certain amount of time has passed. Even if you get too impatient to keep it in the fridge.

"I found a black acorn by my house today."

I... didn't know acorns came in black. and you can tell that this one is naturally that color; it doesn't look like it'd been burned by a fire or anything.

Do you think squirrels would like this one more or less than the others? To be honest, they probably don't care.

"I was collaging old magazines and I came across an ad for canned yogurt."

I don't think I've ever seen canned yogurt before in my life. This seems really unnecessary. What, you're going to have a bunch of weird yogurt cans sitting around in your fridge? Yeah, didn't think so. I wouldn't want that either.

"I flossed off a piece of my tooth."

Yikes. The fact that this tooth piece came off so easily is probably a sign this person should visit their dentist. Or at the very least, brush your teeth more often. Something's going on here, and whatever it is, it can't be all that good.

"This gourd from our pumpkin patch variety bag looks like a swan."

I get that gourds and squashes can come in all sorts of different shapes, but this is a little ridiculous. This looks just like a swan, neck and all.

In a way, the gourd is actually kind of majestic.

"A city made of toothpicks."

This is honestly so gorgeous! It looks like it's been modeled after famous cities from around the world, too. And that makes it so much cooler!

I can't even begin to imagine how long a project like this would take. And to think, it's made of toothpicks.

"My wife’s engagement ring cut the top damn near perfectly off a glass when she was washing it."

I mean, they do say that diamonds are sharp enough to cut glass. I can only imagine that this woman will take her ring off next time she washes dishes.

And uh, hopefully they throw that glass out.

"These construction workers painted their own McDonald’s logo."

I didn't think any fast food place would stay open during construction. This McDonald's facade has definitely seen better days. But I do appreciate the workers' effort to keep the sign up to the best of their ability. So nice!

"One of my chickens laid a spherical egg."

I don't know a whole lot about the egg laying process, but I do know what an egg-shape is. And this sphere is not what an egg shape looks like.

I'm sure it's still good, though. Even if it is super round and a little small.

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