20 People Who Are Definitely Having A Worse Day Than We Are

Did your day start off on the wrong foot? Maybe you slept through an alarm, spilled your morning coffee, or stubbed your toe on the way out of the bathroom?

I'm sorry if that happened, but I promise you there's some good news! Once you read this list, you'll be grateful that your days aren't as bad as the ones featured here.

"This is how my morning started."

Well, if you wanted to sit in the passenger seat, you should have called shotgun before she did. It's not her fault you were slow on the draw. Now get in the back seat, you'll be dropped off first so it's not a big deal.

"Bought chocolates for my wife and when she opened it someone had taken a bite before sealing the package."

I don't want to say that I get it because doing this sort of thing is always terrible, however, when working in a chocolate store, it's gotta be pretty tough to not want to take a bite out of every product you sell.

"Bread from Whole Foods... more like Hole Foods."

The uploader of this photo is trying to steal my job, it seems. If I can't make a terrible joke or observation because I got beat out already by the title, when what even am I? What am I meant to provide?

"I moved my arm a bit too much during my blood donation last week."

Just a little bit? Only a tiny bit there? Are you sure you didn't hop out of your chair and start breakdancing for the whole clinic to see? With a bruise like that, you could tell people a tree fell on you and they'd believe it.

"My Cook Out milkshake came with a massive hole in it."

Pictured here is the latest method restaurants are using to give you less milkshake per milkshake. It's truly diabolical. Once it's made, they just scoop out a huge chunk of it. Just get right up in there with a spoon and remove at least a quarter. Just because they want to. It's sick.

"After 16 consecutive hours of work I come home to find this..."

The owner of this car returned later to confirm that nothing was stolen, which actually makes this worse. It was wholly pointless, nothing to chase, just a shattered window left and an extra layer of exhaustion added to their day.

"I ordered this with my gf and got scammed.. I was supposed to get a bigger portion but got the same with a bigger packaging."

I, too, am always tempted by the upsize options when ordering delivery. It's usually only a dollar more, and that doesn't seem like much, right?

Well, that's how they get you. It may only cost one dollar, but what about the mental cost? Especially when they pull something like this?

"My dad left his window down in his truck while he stepped away for a few minutes and a feral cat got in and ate all of his tacos."

In a comment containing more details, the poster said their dad thought the situation was hilarious, and actually left the rest of his tacos outside so the cat could come back for them after it ran away, which is a lot of kindness to show a no-good thief.

"Portable battery fell and broke my ceramic lakers basketball piggy bank that I've been using since I was 10."

This could be read as a positive sign! It's time to cash out and use all those savings to treat yourself. Glue that bank back together and start saving all over again! Shoot for longer this time, don't break it open until you're 70!

"Parents spilt paint in there car."

Based on the markings here, it looks like they tried to clean some of it by...wiping? That as an instinctual response makes sense, but maybe they didn't think about the consequence of rubbing the paint into the car even more.

"After a 20+ year relationship and a rough breakup, my ex-partner dropped off her keys to the house today in this bag."

Beyond the initial sadness of the story, the other tragic part here is that we, the audience, have no idea what type of tone this was meant with. It can either be a cruel final dig on the way out, or some genuine well wishes. I'll go with the latter.

"ATM decided to shut down with my card locked inside."

"ATMs usually give you money, but today, I take. I take it all. I take your money, I take the next customer's money, it's all mine. I will eat your card and your account and still charge you a service fee!"

"So how is your morning going?"

It's going alright so far, but I bet you're feeling a little salty, huh?

Sorry, that one was truly bad. It's not even true. You wouldn't be feeling a little salty, you'd be feeling so salty your body's water content could rival the Red Sea.

"It was a bit windy today."

I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that gazebo is not supposed to be oriented that way? The person gardening in the back seems totally unfazed though, so maybe I'm wrong and this is just a unique conversation piece.

"I wanted to sit down and take a break…"

The funniest part about this photo is that you seemingly wanted to sit in a sad little chair pressed into a corner as a 'break'. You deserve more than that, alright buddy? Go for a walk, buy yourself a drink, let yourself relax a little.

Really, right there?

Another tale explained by the uploader, "This time of year the beach is almost empty. To the right and to the left of us is available. This lady walks around us and plops herself down taking away our unobstructed view of the ocean."

"[Bus] wheel came off at quarter past eight in the morning, [how's] your morning so far?"

The amount of things that can just randomly go wrong with a vehicle is astronomically high. How can tires just fall off? Surely there should be a way to prevent that from ever happening, right? If not we should get on it quickly.

"Never thought it’ll happen to me. 6 hours flight, touched me 3 times."

None of us want to believe it could happen to us, but it can. Every flight you take, there's a chance of encountering someone's toes touching your skin. Yes, it's horrific, but it's best to be prepared ahead of time. Start practicing those stern, shaming glances right away.

Leaving a nice surprise.

As explained by the uploader of the photo, "Wife and I came home from shopping on Saturday to discover that ATT&T fiber contractors hit our water main while running new lines in our neighborhood, and just left. They packed up their trucks and went to the next street over leaving a 30 foot geyser in our front yard."

"Customer accidentally dropped a pound of screws into a box of nails."

This is like the needle in the haystack situation but so, so much worse. Now it's all pokey and cold. I was going to say it's way less fun, too, but I don't think crawling through hay is that fun either. They both suck.

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