20 Weirdos Who Saw Their Opportunity And Grabbed It With Both Hands

What do you do when you're presented with a golden opportunity? I would hope that "grab that sucker with both hands and don't let go" would be a top answer.

Let's take a look at some of the heroes who know exactly what to do when given an opportunity.

"I love big shrooms, I cannot lie."

Reddit | ThatManIsLying

This is a strong start, as the subject of this photo is literally grabbing that bootylicious mushroom with both hands. I hope he has some mushroom-intensive recipes ready to go, because that's a seriously big shroom.


Reddit | iolllloi

I don't know if there's a ton of crossover between metal enthusiasts and boating enthusiasts, but as slim as that Venn diagram overlap may be, we seem to be looking at a prime example of it with this photo.

"I asked for an ice cream cone in a cup."

Reddit | DarknessCt

I like to think that it might have been cathartic for this fast food employee to make up an ice cream cone, then unceremoniously smush it into a cup. I mean, it's what the customer asked for.

"A teacher instructed us to make a 'Characteristics of Life Poster.' I thought I’d be funny and turn this in😉"

Reddit | corncob32123

This made me laugh. I'll bet it made the teacher laugh, too. I wonder if this student laughed when they received a "characteristics of failing" report card.


Reddit | lincolnblake

We've all had pets like Albert here, pets who rarely hear their own name without emphasis or expletives attached to it. I'm sure Albert's a very good boy when he isn't doing all of his standard bad boy stuff.

"I mean, he did change the sign!"

I like how this person put a lot of letters on the first couple of lines before realizing that there was still a lot of sign left to go and trying to space things out.

"I was told to stack these by the door. So I did."

Reddit | Maqwheel

This is fun, because the gust of air from the next person who opens the door is sure to result in a collapsing pile of cushions. Well done.

"Gas company wants 3.95 to pay a .58 cent bill online."

Reddit | jpatton03

It never occurred to me that you could just mail out your random spare change to pay bills. I mean, I don't think I'll ever do it, but it's nice to know.

"The One Where Monica Pulls a Funny Face During Phoebe's Wedding."

Reddit | Mat145

I wonder if the puzzle manufacturer had it in for Monica or whether this is just a gloriously happy accident. In any event, I like this better than any actual Friends episode.

"Megaphone manufacturer makes the product exactly as requested."

Reddit | nascentia

This might not be the megaphone they had in mind, but it's a megaphone nonetheless. Besides, it's kinda-sorta personalized for everyone — just picture your own name where it says 'Name.'

"Name this plant."

Reddit | _teadog

It isn't often that you get a chance to name a whole plant, so when given the opportunity, you absolutely need to shoot your shot. I think this shrub is totally a George, for what it's worth.

"This sign at a nearby restaurant."

Reddit | actnicer

I'd imagine this regulation was put in place so drivers wouldn't be distracted by a constantly changing sign. Now they'll just be distracted by this manager's vendetta against the strict rules of Plainfield Township.

"Thanks for your compliance."

Reddit | SquireX

This is a rookie mistake. If you don't want people to erase what's on the board, you need to draw a big circle around the whole thing, including the 'do not erase' instruction. If you don't do this, it can be risky.

"Pub in the UK seeing its opportunity."

Reddit | Ju5tSomeb0dyEls3

Occasionally, there's a perceived reason for panic purchases. Somehow, these never include a stop at your local pub. Clearly, the boss here is trying to start a new trend, and I applaud them for their efforts.

"That time my daughter got her face painted (by an actual adult) at summer camp. She was very offended that I couldn’t tell she was Elsa from Frozen."

Reddit | hail_mary_jane

I'd like to think that this was done by someone who'd never painted a face before, but was dying to try.

"My 4yo and I did each others makeup and he drew something on my chest that makes me worried for my soul."

At some point, every parent will seriously question whether their child is truly the spawn of the devil or not.

"I asked my husband to stop eating all my ice cream in the middle of the night. Well, he didn't eat ALL of it."

Reddit | TealHousewife

Considering her husband technically complied with her request, I think she really has nobody to blame but herself.

"My Dad 'fixed' my lawnmower."

Reddit | RphilRT

Maybe it isn't fixed in the traditional sense, but then again, a wheel's a wheel, right? I'd like to see this thing in action, because it looks like this fix might actually work out in the end.

"I was walking home from school then I came upon this sign."

Reddit | BaronIceStorm

After seeing a few of these signs, I'm starting to wonder whether they're telling the whole story. Perhaps the actual boss is planning these in order to make their business look fun-loving and carefree.

"These Hondas really do last forever - a new milestone!"

Reddit | dascobaz

Occasionally, your car's odometer will give you funny numbers to look at — that is, of course, until it rolls over to the next mile and the opportunity is lost. It's nice to see that some of these moments are actually captured.

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