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32 People Whose Day Started Out On The Wrong Foot

You know what's a bummer? The fact that bad days are just a part of life. Still, no matter how badly things are going, they're always even worse for someone else. No matter how frustrating or bad our morning, afternoon or night seems, someone is always dealing with something ten times worse.

I know this isn't the greatest way to live our lives, but sometimes when you spill your coffee, thinking about the fact that there is someone else who didn't have time to get coffee this morning makes it feel just a little bit better.

Since we can't do much to help these poor souls having bad days, we might as well just point and laugh. The next time things aren't going your way, just be thankful that you're not one of these people who've had way, way better days.

1. This person who just wanted to practice good oral hygiene. 

Reddit | CappaWasDetated

This is why you don't leave the diaper rash cream next to the toothpaste. Or why you triple check what you're cleaning your teeth with.

2. This little girl. 

Twitter | @miasimper101

All she wanted was a nap and some fresh air and what did she get? Spit-covered sunflower shells all over her face thanks to her hungry driver.

3. This poor student who got their days horribly, horribly mixed up.

Twitter | @thediegofranco

The only thing worse than having to take a final is forgetting that you have to take a final.

4. Anyone who doesn't triple check what's at the bottom of their coffee cup.

Twitter | @annacatkopsky

What's worse than finishing your coffee? Finishing your coffee and learning that you're going to be a father, only to find out it's a mistake.

5. Anyone who should have checked twice before backing out of their parking space.

Reddit | jtallieu

Best case, nothing happens. Worst case? You fall down a hill, hit another vehicle, and get your car stuck.

6. Any parent who gets a note like this when they pick up their child.

Reddit | [deleted]

Pro-tip: Don't actually check the backpack. Throw it out and put your kid up for adoption ASAP.

7. These sleuthy FBI agents who almost thought of everything. 

Tumblr | donthatethegeek

I mean, sure they forgot to cover the top of the truck, but what are the odds of anyone seeing the giant "FBI" letters?

8. This caffeine-deprived driver who is going to have a very cold, very sticky ride to work.

Imgur | BraunKartoffel

Sitting in traffic just got a whole lot more uncomfortable. Looks like the perfect excuse to call in sick!

9. All of us when we forget to triple check which bathroom we're going in.

Twitter | @bbypeachess

Double points if you take a selfie. Triple points if that selfie is photobombed by some rando just trying to wash his hands.

10. The poor, hungry soul who didn't deserve this.

Reddit | [deleted]

Just when you thought carbs and meat could fix everything, your hopes, dreams, and dinner come crashing to the floor. Talk about a tragedy.

11. This girl who needs a new dentist like, yesterday.

Twitter | @sarbeaaaar

Looks like it's time to grab a passport, pack your bags, and create a new life somewhere that dentists don't exist.

12. Everyone who falls for the tiny furniture trap when doing some casual online shopping.

Twitter | @itssavannahxox

What is this?! An office chair for ants? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SIT IN THIS?

13. This DIYer who should have just hired a painter. 

Reddit | FrontTub

Even though they really love this bright shade of yellow, they probably loved it a little more before it exploded all over their car.

14. These poor appliance-owners who got played by the very best. |

The first rule of selling your washer and dryer? Don't let the person wash and ditch. It's just sales 101.

15. These folks who got the hood of their car stolen. Just the hood of their car. 

Reddit | Ner0sis

Hey, it could be worse. It could have been the whole car. Silver lining, right?

16. And this is why I don't play sports!

Imgur | SlagathorDeb

Well, that and the fact that I'm completely out of shape for someone my age. I could try exercise, but better not risk it.

17. Anyone who manages to ruin both their iron and their dessert in one fell swoop.

Twitter | @goth_cakes

Talk about a sticky situation. Still, at least it's the perfect excuse for having wrinkled clothes, right?

18. Is the other end still attached to the toilet paper roll or something?

Reddit | callmemom

If he makes it to the front of the plane like this, that might the record for the longest TP tail. Hey, it's not like there aren't dumber records in the book.

19. Come on, gurl, no need to get your ta-tas in a twist!

Reddit | tisallfair

Look, I'm no wiz in the kitchen either, but I've never had appliances straight-up attack me. That's crazy!

20. Taking the bus and walking everywhere is annoying on the best of days, but when the weather is bad? There's just no helping us. We're all doomed, just like this poor sap.

Reddit | TheBritishGeek1

21. I know it's a noble goal to leave nobody behind, but sadly, that's not how it works with vending machines.

Reddit | all-irrelephant

It turns out that sending in a courageous team of snacks after a trapped one only makes the trap bigger.

22. This is why I don't ever go into the office early or try to be helpful. It's because it always blows up in someone's face. 

Reddit | dream_monkey

Quite literally, in this case.

23. Oh great, this will make the morning commute more interesting in a really bad way.  

Reddit | bmacmachine

And the worst part? It's stuck in the ignition, so they can't even use it as an excuse not to go to work.

24. Honestly, I don't even know how this could happen. But, clearly it's a thing that happens. 

Reddit | beernerd

I bet that this person didn't pay at the pump...or look in their side view mirror.

25. There are so many reasons why Tinder is terrifying, but this one takes the cake.

Twitter | @hxelprincess

I now have to add "accidental incest" to my list of things I do not want to happen while trying to put myself out there.

26. Ooh, I see an unpleasant 10 minutes of gagging over a toilet in this guy's future. 

Instagram |  kalesalad

But now that we know how much bacon grease looks like cinnamon roll frosting, this roommate's noble sacrifice will not be in vain.

27. Gah! She's making a valiant effort to smile, but I'd be hard-pressed to name something that looks more uncomfortable than that.

Instagram | @ bastardonthebeat

If that happened to me I'd literally be freaking out.

28. Well, there goes my dinner. 

Reddit | Occultus_Cormag

I'm not that into salads in the first place, but this just breaks my heart. SALADS ARE EXPENSIVE!!! And in this economy, this would just ruin my whole day.

29. The downfalls to being a fidgeter or a nervous person are all the things you do to cope, usually without paying attention.  

Twitter | @autumnbblack

I once accidentally drew a bunch of terrible, terrible stars on my brand new jeans.

30. This woman is actually my hero. Pizza is totally an appropriate meal for breakfast and this lady is obviously living her best life.

Twitter | @JamesAALongman

She will not be tamed! But then again, why would we ever want to?

31. I had no idea that fresh concrete would be that deep. This person has a whole new reason to hate road construction.

Reddit | Reddit

Though, I can't imagine that anyone could hate it more than I already do.

32. I don't know how this woman is out and about. If this were me, I would be lying in a tub of aloe in the dark wondering why I ever thought the summer could be fun. 

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