15 Pics That Prove Doing The Laundry Is The Worst Chore Ever

One of the household chores I dread is definitely doing the laundry. It's even worse because we don't have the facilities at our house, so we have to use a public laundromat. I'm eagerly waiting for the days when I finally have it on-site.

But regardless of where you do your laundry, everyone can still have a bad day. These folks did and lived to tell the tale.

1. This Big Mess

You should always read the label before putting anything in the washing machine. But what happens when you do, and bad things still happen to you? Well, case in point here. Needless to say, this pillow didn't make it.

2. This Stressful Incident

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Life is pretty stressful these days. We can all agree with that. So an anti-stress pillow could come in handy, no? However, I don't think this person expected this to happen in the washing machine. I'm stressed just looking at this mess.

3. This Act Of Rebellion

Can you imagine this scenario? You're in the middle of doing laundry when all of a sudden, the knob that turns the dryer on just shatters. And since this is an old machine from the '80s, there's no fixing that. Wow!

4. This Lip Balm Mishap

Ladies, make sure you always check your pockets before you toss something into the laundry. This lady forgot, and now her lip balm looks like this. How in the heck didn't she notice something as big as that? Ha, ha!

5. This Earbud Accident

Here's a good reason why you should never put your earbuds in any pockets. Chances are you might forget about them. This person did, and they accidentally went for a wash. Do you think they still work?

6. This Sad Discovery

It must be hard to realize you left your earbuds in your pocket, and now the washing machine is on. There's nothing you can do but to watch the poor earbuds go for yet another spin. Am I right?

7. This Friendly Reminder

This poor man accidentally washed his wife's new camera in the washing machine. Don't ask me how it happened — I have no idea. But now he's been banned from doing laundry for life and has to read reminders like these, ha, ha!

8. This Odd Occurrence

Can somebody explain to me please how this could happen to a white shirt in the laundry? I'm quite baffled, really. What could they have thrown in there accidentally to cause something like this? I need to know.

9. This Laundromat Hell

I, too, would be royally peeved if a spool of yarn got into my laundry. I especially feel this person's pain because they're stuck at the laundromat trying to untangle this real mess here. Awe, that's going to take a while.

10. This Bad Start To The Day

This person went on a grocery run to get some laundry supplies. They were happily home and ready to tackle some dirty clothes when they discovered this. It's safe to say their laundry is just going to have to wait.

11. This Sneaky Surprise

Word to the wise, try not to put your sneakers in the dryer. This person found out the hard way that those two just don't mix. Oh my goodness. I shouldn't be laughing, but I just can't help it.

12. This Stupid Mistake

No, this isn't some money laundering scheme. This is just plain, old stupidity. How can somebody not realize they had so much cash in their pockets before throwing their clothes in the laundry? I think I would have definitely noticed.

13. This Big Oopsie

Who else loves to shop at Costco to stock up on all their laundry essentials? I hear you loud and clear. And so does this lady, as she just got the Costco-sized laundry detergent jug yesterday. Oh my!

14. This Unfortunate Series Of Events

I honestly don't know what exactly happened here. But if I were to take a guess, I would say somebody was heavy-handed with how they handled their detergent. I don't think it will be that much fun cleaning that up, eh?

15. This Dryer Sheet Incident

This man came home only to find out what a giant fiasco laundry day was for his wife. As it turns out, she tossed a pile of laundry into the dryer along with a brand new box of 500 dryer sheets. Yikes!

Oh no! These pictures are the epitome of a bad laundry day, huh?

Even though I've had my own share of accidents, I'm thankful none of them were as awful as these. How about you? What was your worst laundry mishap? I bet we would all like to know.