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19 Posts Proving Kids Have No Concept Of Age (And Make Us Feel Old)

Oh, kids!

We already know that they say the darndest things, including statements at their parents' expense!

Because if anyone can make parents feel bad, it's their kids. They're also exceptionally good at making us feel old!

Whether that's aging us by 40 years or mistaking us for being alive when the dinosaurs were, here are 19 posts proving that kids love to make us feel old.

The floppy iPad.

Oh, boy. Starting off with a real facepalm!

Kids today didn't have to deal with newspaper ink smudging their fingers. Instead, they're too busy playing Candy Crush on this iPad mini, courtesy of Mom and Dad.

The record player.

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"Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with my kid and Mickey just called a record player an ancient machine," this mom wrote on Twitter.

"From now on I’m going to tweet in hieroglyphics." So this is where kids are losing concept of age. From a backstabbing mouse!

The "old" lady.

Kids are the best ego-busters of society! If you want to feel down in the dumps about your appearance, what you're wearing, etc, just ask a kid. Unfortunately for this 29-year-old, she never asked for a midlife crisis.

The PVR.

"I asked my 5 yr old if she wanted to tape a TV show. She looked confused, then went to a drawer and brought me Scotch tape. I'm obsolete," this mom wrote. If only taping a show were that easy!

The war hero.

Unsplash | Ayo Ogunseinde

"My stepson kept asking me super detailed questions about World War 2 battles (casualties, equipment, etc) and getting mad when I didn't know the answers off the top of my head," this dad tweeted. "I asked why he was so upset and he said 'Weren't you there?' I'm 36."

The blockbuster.

It's actually sad that kids today won't experience what it was like going to Blockbuster on a Friday night. The aisles filled with endless films, the candy you'd beg your parents to buy. Now, kids just log onto Netflix for the latest flick.

The coaster.

"The senior thesis I spent 5 months writing is on a floppy disk that my 6-year-old is currently using as a coaster," this exasperated mom tweeted. "I can’t believe she finally remembered to use a coaster!!!"

The VCR.

Unsplash | Ben White

"I just lost an hour of my life explaining to my daughter why phones used to have cords," this mom tweeted, "If I have to explain VCR's, I might lose a 2nd hour."

The disciple.

Yikes, that one's gotta hurt! We bet this dad is praying to God for the strength to deal with this insult. That, or wishing for some Botox or anti-aging skincare cream for his birthday.

The VHS.

"Husband found VHS copy Blade Runner. Told teen 'tracking' means it's looking for a better picture. She looked at tv & asked Did it find one?" this mom tweeted. They're just lucky they didn't have to rewind the VHS!

The color quandry.

Unsplash | Dario

"My niece asked my mom how old she was when color was invented," this aunt tweeted.

"My mom had no clue what she was talking about and then figured out that my niece thought the world was B&W until color was invented."

The teacher.

We're totally on the teacher's side on this one! She looks like their sister! We're really going to need to steal her anti-aging secrets. Those teens should be doing that too or at least getting their eyes checked.

The babysitter.

"I was babysitting and the little girl asked me how old I was. I said, '24' and she said, 'AND YOU’RE NOT MARRIED YET???'" this woman tweeted. Cool it, kid! We get enough pressure to repopulate from our parents.

The boomer.

Poor guy! Unless he has a 401k and complains about millennials ruining the housing market, he's not a boomer.

This just goes to show that you shouldn't compliment kids. You never know what's going to come out of their mouths.

The husband/dad.

Unsplash | Kyle Glenn

"My wife taught preschool at our temple and I stopped by midday once for a funeral, but stuck my head in the classroom for a few minutes," this husband tweeted.

"When I left, one of the kids asked my wife 'Karen, did your Dad have to go back to work?'

The 21-year-old grandma.

"I taught 5-6yr olds but the one that stood out was when a student told me it was her grandma's birthday," this woman tweeted. "I asked her how old her grandma was and she said really old, she's 21."

The gray hair.

Given this logic, we have even more to fear the day we finally get our first gray hair. It means that we're going to die soon! Or maybe they just mean dye our hair soon?

The dinosaur killer.

"My 4yo son approached me with a very solemn expression. 'Dad, why did you let the dinosaurs die?'" this dad tweeted. Oh, kids! But seriously: why did he let the dinosaurs die? We could be riding a T-Rex into work right now!

The cane.

Unsplash | Ramin Talebi

"My niece and nephew were looking at my Christmas decorations and pretending that the big candy cane lawn stakes were actual canes," this aunt tweeted. "Holding onto them and saying 'oooo look I’m 40 years old.'"