20 Pics To Inspire Your Creativity To Newer And Weirder Heights

It is incredibly freeing, and sometimes practical, to let yourself be as creative as possible from time to time. However, some people's creativity takes them to some mighty strange places!

From people who made edible hair to individuals who did truly unsettling things with their extracted teeth, here are 20 pics to inspire your creativity to newer and weirder heights!

"A pregnancy test initial..."

The little "Scorpio" text is the icing on the cake. I am sure that this person is very pleased with it, but it will never cease to amaze me what people do with resin these days.

"Is that a Pokémon card dress?"

I am assuming that she photocopied all of those cards before making this dress? If those are real cards then I can imagine there will be some miffed nerds out there. Still, pretty great work either way!

"Crepe barbie..."

"I don't know about you, but I think that she looks a little... Crepe-y!"

"I don't know why, Dave, but that is it. I want a divorce."

"Is it because I'm a crepe, I'm a weirdo?"

"No, Dave, it's because I hate you."

"Yes, let's make tasty food as ugly and unappetising as possible."

I am sure that they taste great. And, in fairness, I would definitely eat them if they were on a table at a party. Although, knowing my luck, I would get too drunk and eat an actual cigarette butt by accident.

"Plushie suit..."

This took some dedication, but it does kind of look like he is a Buffalo-Bill-type, wearing the corpses of his fluffy victims in order to achieve his final form. I bet that it is pretty hot to wear this as well.

"This dumb & dumber tattoo is possibly the worst thing I have ever seen."

I wouldn't go so far as to say that it is the worst thing that I have ever seen. I mean, it's well done, but by God the design itself is just...well, why?

"My bike and the open road..."

This looks as though it was designed by a team of kids trying to make the "raddest" caravan. One other person also pointed out that, "This is how my toddler would imagine a cool-looking school bus."

"This is the carpeted guitar my friend and I made, here is 'Guitarpet.'"

This is absolutely hideous and I want one immediately. I do not know what inspired this creation but it is honestly one of the weirdest and best things I have seen for a long time.

"My Precious!"

Where do you even begin with this one? That is one massive tattoo that they have right here, there will be no way that they can cover that up. Well, no easy way of covering it up that is!

"Don't you just wanna kiss it?"

I cannot decide whether I think that this looks more like a painted-up tractor or a nightmarish mechanical fish woman? I suppose it is that uncertainty that only adds to how terrifying this thing is though.

"This Chalk Art."

I would love to be able to see such potential in everyday objects like this! The fact that there are talented people out there just going around doing this sort of thing makes life worth living even more!

Innovative Take On A Spare Tyre!

"Pfft, are you still filling your tyres up with air like a loser, Steve?"

"Yes... Why, what are you filling your tyres up with, Dave?"

"Well, Coca Cola of course! This is the future, never had a sweeter ride in my life...literally!"

"When you can't bring your actual dog with you to the store."

One person with a particularly strange mind posited: "Twist ending: it's hollow and your dog fits inside." I can only hope that this is not a skin suit for dogs, for so many reasons.

"This day of the dead costume."

That is some pretty incredible work actually. I wonder if they smoked all of those cigs to make this costume? Or maybe all of those packets are still full and they just spend their day offering them out?

"The washing machine lid is fixed!"

And yes, a lot of other people were also creeped out by how flesh-colored that plunger is. It is also a weirdly small plunger if you look at the size of it in comparison to this guy's hands!

"My local ice cream shop values exceptional workers."

I can only assume that this ice cream parlour has a whole team of dads working on their signs. They just spend all day working out the best, and worst, puns of all time.

"My mom 'marbleized' her extracted tooth..."

Yes, yes she did do that. The question as to why she did that is still very much open-ended though. Maybe she could put it onto a chain and turn it into a necklace?

"It ain't stupid if it works..."

A person with a similar plan added: "We had the AC go out in sweltering heat at the office cube farm. They wouldn't let anyone go home. I did something similar with ice, a fan and a towel. It worked great until someone saw my contraption and spread the news. All ice in the building was consumed within 15 minutes."

"Clearly your ability to recognize real art decreases as your wealth goes up."

The fact that this car exists in real life and not in a video-game is insane. It also seems as though it would be pretty difficult to see out of the rear view mirror.

"Edible hair brush with crispy hair on top."

The fact that the selling point she is going with is, "Those hairs really crunch!" is massively upsetting. Although, the technical skill that is required to make this is undoubtable. Impressive, but creepy.

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