30 Fascinating Pictures That Are Also A Little Weird

You know when you see something that's kind of weird, but also kind of fascinating at the same time? You know, something that you just can't stop staring at, even though it's just about the oddest thing you've seen all day?

Well, that's what's going on with these pictures. They're interesting, that's for sure. But they're also pretty questionable to say the least.

This streetlight that's deep in thought.

Thanks to Pixar and their little lamp mascot, I can't help but think that all lamps kind of look like little robot people. Including street lamps, of course.

The arms really aren't helping here. It's making the illusion look a little too real if you ask me.

This light mayo that got a little lighter.

I'm not really sure why Hellman's felt the need to scrape an extra calorie off every tablespoon. Like, would that make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things? Would people actually care that much?

Considering the fact that the rest of the nutrition is the same, it's pretty confusing.

"My dog underwent surgery and now the fur on that spot is growing back in a different color."

I'd say this is the equivalent of a scar on a human, but dogs also have skin, so that wouldn't make sense. It's pretty interesting, though; and now the owners of this brave dog have an interesting story to tell.

The way you can tell people have been using this tennis court pretty often.

With the amount of tennis balls that are stuck in between those fences, you'd think someone would've come by and knocked them all down. Maybe it's too much of a hassle? Maybe no one really cares that much? Who's to say.

You think these parcels have enough stamps on them?

I wonder why anyone would go through all the trouble to put this many stamps on these parcels. Like, after a certain amount, they don't actually matter. It's pretty much a waste of stamps at this point. So weird, and yet so interesting.

This seagull carrying a set of fake teeth...

Is it someone's missing denture? Is it part of a set of fake teeth from a party store? We'll probably never know. Just like we'll never know how this seagull ended up with it. Some things you just have to sit back and accept...

Don't worry, this apple is, in fact, an apple.

Should we be concerned by the fact that this apple has a label that says it's 100% pure apple? Because that seems like the kind of thing someone would say if they're trying to convince you a fake apple is real. Which is just a bit concerning.

"A peach grew infused to branch on my peach tree."

I've seen fruit grow though fences, inside fences, and even inside random enclosures. But I've never seen one grow infused to a branch before. This is, like, a whole new level of weird, even for a fruit tree. It's naturally unnatural.

An orange with another orange peel inside of it.

I think there was a glitch with this orange. It ended up growing a second peel around its first peel. I'm really curious now; is the orange just an endless set of peels inside other peels, or is there some actual fruit in there?

All the footprints on the back windshield of this dusty SUV.

From the looks of it, one or more racoons were hanging out on this vehicle. And I don't know about you, but I kind of hate this. If a raccoon is going to be on the roof of my car at any point, I would never want to know about it.

This super big ketchup packet.

At this point, you might as well buy a bottle of ketchup. This packet is wayyy too big, and it's honestly kind of weird. Ketchup packets aren't supposed to get this big.

Like, when it's nearly the third of the size of your hand, it's too much ketchup.

"Jenny’s number on my dash on my old truck."

I mean, what are the odds that your mileage would ever be exactly 867530.9? That's such a specific number.

I bet the person who posted this couldn't help but break out into song while driving, though. I know that I would be.

"I found one of those magic grow animals from the 2000s that had continued to expand since my childhood."

Oh man, I remember these things! I could never figure out how they worked when I was a kid. But, uh, looks like this one kept growing, bigger than any of us would've expected. So weird.

"This USB connector can switch between type A and micro B."

On one hand, this makes a lot of sense. There are so many outlet combinations for different tasks, but sometimes you don't want to have to keep switching between different cords.

On the other hand, though... this thing looks really weird.

The characters from King of the Hill hanging out on this fence.

In a lot of ways, this looks pretty natural. I can almost hear all of the characters going "...yep" through my computer screen.

Though, to be honest, I can't see too many people actually wanting something like this decorating their fence.

"These cobblestones have been exposed so long they have lines painted on them."

I guess no one bothered to pave over these cobblestones in a long time. In fact, they just left it as part of the regular road, paint and all.

I guess if it ain't that broken, don't fix it.

The way this single stalk of corn is growing in someone's yard.

My guess is that a bird dropped a seed and it ended up growing into a corn stalk. But the real question is, why did they just leave it in the yard like that? Did they want to grow a single ear of corn? So random.

You just know these Skittles have been sitting in that vending machine for a long time.

Skittles don't lose their color after a few weeks. It's probably been months - or even years - since someone last put fresh candy in this vending machine. At this point, don't buy any of it. It probably won't be that good.

"I saw a replica of the Ghost Busters [*sic*] car outside of my house."

I have to admit, as much as I wouldn't want to be seen driving around town in this car, it's super cool. I bet it cost a lot to both get this old car, and deck it out to look just like the movie.

This gate that's decorated with spider web designs.

This kind of decor doesn't seem like the kind of thing you could pull off at every house. But to each their own, I guess, since it doesn't look like it's coming down anytime soon.

Although... it is kind of cool. Just a bit.

This big old wasps' nest built on top of a window.

This is pure nightmare fuel. As cool as it might be for some to see the inside of a hive like this, it would just be way too close for comfort. It's on a window, after all, and that would make it easy for the wasps to get in.

"Butterfly shaped tomato grown from 100+ year old heirloom seeds."

It's funny, tomatoes sometimes make random shapes, like when two of them merge together, or one has a weird shape sticking out of it, or something. But this one looks way too much like a butterfly to ignore. It's actually really pretty! Even if it is a little weird.

"Looks a bit too much like Petri dishes... to be drink coasters from department store..."

Yeah, I'd have to pass on these. A good set of coasters is hard to come by, especially since some of them look like they're culturing bacteria. Which is probably the last thing you want on something that holds your beverages.

"Saw a bowl full of cereal next to a car one afternoon."

Yeah, there's no good explanation for this. Even if someone just forgot their cereal bowl, how would they forget it like that? It just doesn't make any sense.

So of course, you can't help but stare at it. So weird, yet so fascinating.

"Taking the old hearse for a little bit of shopping at Costco."

When you look at a hearse, you can't help but think about funeral homes, and, well, funerals. But some people actually drive them around. Like, on purpose. Not for funerals, even.

It's always kind of cool when you spot one in the wild, even if they're so weird.

"This is a sentcil [*sic*] for painting pedestrian crossings."

Have you ever wondered how they stamp those perfectly straight lines on roads and crosswalks? It looks like this device is one of the things they use to do that. And it may not seem like the kind of thing you'd see every day, it sure is fascinating.

This tree where only a single part of it has begun to change color.

Trees starting to look a little yellow or orange at this point in the year isn't uncommon. But for these leaves to be completely red is pretty odd. The fact that it's only this part of the tree that's changed color is even odder.

"This knife I bought comes with a tiny knife."

Knives can be used for all sorts of useful things, like cooking and outdoor surviving (as long as you use it safely). But that little knife? Not sure what it's for. It's strangely cute, even if it's a little, well, strange.

"Antlion larvae have set up defenses around my house."

I've never seen antlion larvae habitats before, so this is really cool! But it's also super weird, and honestly kind of gross. Just knowing that there are bugs in each of those holes would be enough to make me want to put that house up for sale.

"This Mountain Dew that came in a clear bottle."

This seems wrong. Mountain Dew bottles are always green. Always.

This clear bottle is really throwing me off. On one hand, I now know what Mountain Dew's actual color is. But on the other hand, I almost wish that I didn't.