20 Creations That Sure Are, Well, Creative

We live in a world that's becoming increasingly full of cheap, generic, mass-produced objects. With this in mind, it's always nice to see something unique and handcrafted, something that someone has put some time and creativity into.

I'm not prepared to give anything here my stamp of approval, but I'm willing to acknowledge that absolutely everything is unusually, weirdly, creative.

"These ceramic vegetable-themed skulls I saw in an arcade."

Reddit | bruceyj

I'm not sure if there's much intersection between people who love skull aesthetics and people who love vegetable aesthetics, but regardless, these things still exist.

"Gold furniture made with real weapons."

Reddit | AmJusAskin

This kind of looks like the furniture you'd see in the living room of an over-the-top Bond villain.

"Anyone have any idea what was in the back of this pickup truck?"

Reddit | rkytch

At first I thought this was just a metal dragon, but now I'm not so sure. Why are there so many legs?

"DI-why tire repair."

Reddit | Kajetan_Kontek

Tires can be scraped and punctured and still remain usable with a bit of TLC, but this is really pushing the functionality of zip ties to their limit.

"This baby’s a steal at only $250."

Reddit | jewm4ngi

I sincerely hope that this abomination of a coffee table doesn't cost $250. I mean, the jeans don't even look clean.

"This chair on Facebook marketplace."

Reddit | Mystic-Twilight

The description for this item implies that succulent chairs like this are a normal thing, while this one steps it up a notch.

"Buff Baby Yoda cake."

Reddit | anxxkidd

I have no idea who came up with the idea for this cake, but I'm absolutely certain that I would not want to hang out with them.

"Yup. One even has a filling."

Reddit | C_Centaur_

These nails look so convincingly tooth-like that I'm pretty sure they could actually be used to chew up food.

"Great car if you need to vent after a long day."

Reddit | goatviewdotcom

This is a great deal. After all, as the seller points out, there's a lot of value in those Home Depot vents.

"Wicker basket toilet."

Reddit | DrewChrist87

I'm pretty sure no one would actually try to use this as a toilet, but the possibility horrifies me nonetheless.

"Magical shoe design."

Reddit | sharatyg

Were these actually designed this way, or did someone just get a little too wild with a roll of aluminum foil?

"Spotted this on Facebook."

Reddit | zoyaa5

I guess Scooby Doo is okay, but I've never met a real die-hard fan. Judging by this tattoo, though, they do exist.

"Blursed underwear."

Reddit | Rinariri

The shape of McDonald's cups lends itself decently well to the bra, but I don't know if the paper bag is going to hold up.

"I upgraded my 14 inch laptop to a 17 inch!"

Reddit | GrandPotatoWedge

I know smaller screens can get cramped, but there's a better way forward than this. Like, external monitors are a thing that exists.

"I made a sheath for a single pepperoni."

Reddit | SneakySnakies

Don't stress yourself out by asking why someone would do this. Just take a deep breath and accept that the world is a chaotic, random place.


Reddit | ninja22002

I admire the chutzpah here. In one horrible shoe, someone has combined two of the most infamous shoe designs of the past few decades: Crocs and Heelys.

"If I was ever in a drag show these would be my go-to."

I'm not someone who wears shoes like this, but I have to agree with OP. In my ideal world, everything would be Jurassic Park-themed.

"Starry Night by Van Gogh rendered as an artwork with fur."

Reddit | DeadArtist617

I can actually respect this one. The swirly, swoopy shapes of Starry Night actually lend themselves well to being rendered in fur.

"Is this a theme?"

Reddit | Skweebinstein

This just looks like someone dragged a body down the stairs, then sprinkled a bunch of white paint on the crime scene to try to make things look natural.

"This one is also literal."

I like Flamin' Hot Cheetos as much as the next person. That means that if I owned this, I'd constantly be disappointed by the fact that it doesn't actually contain Cheetos.